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Beverly Hills Doctors Who Specialize in Low T Treatment

Beverly Hills Doctors Who Specialize In Low Testosterone Treatment

At first you wondered why this is happening to you especially when you have made the effort to stay reasonably healthy and in shape. Yet when a testosterone deficiency can no longer be denied because of symptoms that have become more chronic, wouldn’t it be a relief to discover that it’s easy for you to get help from Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment? Medical help that is easy to immediately access is what patients are relieved to find at Kingsberg Medical, where we understand that adults undergoing medical problems don’t need logistical ones interfering with or even preventing their treatment.

Sometimes we tell themselves (or others) that we don’t have time to do something when what we honestly mean is that it’s not important enough for us to make the time. Yet on other occasions, not having enough time really is the problem.

At Kingsberg Medical, we could see no reason for anyone to have to wait an unreasonable amount of time to be able to see Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment – and not making people wait is ultimately what inspired us to pioneer our nationwide process for providing accessible hormone replacement therapy programs to all adults who qualified for them medically.

Beverly Hills Doctors Who Specialize in Low T Treatment know that it is a simple medical problem to remedy, so that made us think why should getting treated for it need to become a complicated situation? Now it isn’t – because Kingsberg Medical knows that the best solutions to life’s unanticipated problems are often the simplest ones. 

Finding Good Hormone Therapy Doctors in Beverly Hills CA

Do you know people who always tend to make mountains out of molehills and manage to drive themselves and everyone around them crazy in the process?

What do they really accomplish by unnecessarily overcomplicating everything?

They might spend months just trying to figure which of the Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment they should attempt to make an appointment with. You are about to find out why it only takes up a few minutes of your time to commence the Kingsberg Medical treatment procedures for men with Low T.

Our process utilizes the digital reach of the Internet to facilitate our immediate responsiveness to potential HRT patients so there is never any waiting period to hear back from us. We provide something that has become too rare in US healthcare – open lines of communication with our patients throughout their entire treatment protocol.

It begins from when we schedule your testosterone blood test (at a Beverly Hills testing facility); follows as our HRT specialists review your medical history along with the results of your physical exam (also performed for you locally); continues with your diagnosis and treatment recommendations; and extends even after you have completed your course of therapy.

Our Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment and HRT advisors are continually available to our patients – a simple yet brilliant concept, wouldn’t you agree?

Miscommunications are responsible for causing some of the most stress-inducing circumstances in healthcare today; and at Kingsberg Medical, we believe in the value of having open and honest ongoing dialogues between patients and providers. Getting Low T therapy seems simpler already, doesn’t it?

Doctors Who Prescribe Testosterone Therapy Injections

To uncomplicate the topic of testosterone replacement therapy even further, let’s talk about the two main types of delivery systems that our Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment will typically prescribe for our patients: self-administered injections and topically applied creams or gels (transdermal).

Both delivery systems offer what some patients will view as advantages and disadvantages; if a Low T patient, for example, simply cannot abide the idea of a administering a weekly injection then a transdermal testosterone delivery system will be prescribed by one of Kingsberg Medical’s experienced Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment.

The delivery systems used for injections, which used to be administered only by the prescribing doctors or someone in their office, have come so far in terms of ease of use that many patients prefer them. One small injection every week or two and they’re done. In using transdermal medications for Low T, care must be taken to avoid transference to others; but the patients who use this form find this to pretty easy to handle by showering before intimacy and keeping a t-shirt on after applying their treatment.

Our doctors prescribe the injections more frequently than the transdermal form because our testosterone deficiency patients generally prefer this method. However, we are always open to discussing each patient’s personal preference and how to best accommodate it.

Even patients who loathe the idea of needles are happily surprised at just how quick, convenient and relatively painless today’s testosterone treatments are for them to inject at home. Patches and pellets, which each present their own pros and cons, are not prescribed our current treatment protocols.   

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Our Doctors Know the Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

We have heard more than once from men who tried to discuss Low T therapy with their own doctors and felt that they had been subjected to a personal judgment rather than a professional judgment in response. Some tell us that they reported their symptoms to their regular physicians only to have them basically brushed off. Your experience with our Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment will be one that is totally different from that.

Our doctors are trained to recognize the symptoms of testosterone deficiency and understand that they can and typically will fluctuate from patient to patient. What we don’t really understand is why some providers almost seem to want to talk their patients out of their symptoms of Low T by either minimizing them or proclaiming that all adults lose vitality and slow down with age.

A simple and standard testosterone blood test, which is typically going to be performed in the morning when testosterone levels tend to be at their highest point of the day, allows doctors to use their professional medical judgment, and not their personal judgments about what to expect from aging, in recognizing and clinically diagnosing low testosterone.

When your hormone disorder has been diagnosed and your treatment prescribed by Kingsberg Medical’s Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment, it is because both your symptoms and your blood test results clearly indicate a disadvantageous condition of deficiency.

It is that simple.

We never prescribe any of our hormone replacement programs to patients unless a clinically substantiated medical need exists. We believe this is how responsible – and responsive – medical treatment should always be delivered. If you agree, call Kingsberg Medical to discuss your Low T testing and treatment options in Beverly Hills CA.