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Treatment for Low Testosterone

Treatment for Low Testosterone

Why do so many adults in California turn to Kingsberg Medical to get treatment for low testosterone? There are a number of reasons why this nationally based clinic is chosen to help raise decreasing hormone levels. The first is reputation – many people who come to us for help have been referred to us by family members, friends, or co-workers who have already experienced tremendous results from their hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The next reason is convenience. Many adults today have little to no free time to waste sitting around in doctor’s waiting rooms. Busy schedules prohibit trying to squeeze in one more appointment. Our phone consultation protocol makes speaking with a clinical advisor easy to accomplish when some free time is at hand. Affordability is next on the list. We offer competitive pricing on the highest quality pharmaceutical hormone replacement available today. Those who need treatment for low testosterone do not want to have to go out of their way to find the best care. They also do not want to have to turn to black market options to get the best price. By avoiding unnecessary office visits, we are able to maintain low prices while continuing to provide the highest quality care and customer service to our clients nationwide. We work closely with local labs throughout the US to ensure that meticulous blood analysis provides accurate reports in terms of hormone levels that are tested. This allows our doctors the ability to make an accurate diagnosis for each individual no matter where he or she resides. From metropolitan cities to rural towns and villages, therapy is available to put an end to Low T.

What is the Treatment for Low Testosterone?

What is the treatment for low testosterone? The majority of men with this hormone deficiency will be prescribed injections whereas women are traditionally given a specially compounded cream in the dosage they need. If this comes as a bit of a surprise, realize that testosterone is important for males and females alike. In fact, many women are now turning to the safety and efficacy of this hormone in place of the more risky estrogen that was routinely prescribed in the past. Doctors will test for this type of chemical deficiency by running specific blood panels that check a number of different hormone levels to ensure that the right therapy is being prescribed. From the Oregon border in the north, all the way down to San Diego, adults who ask what is the treatment for low testosterone are finding that receiving the right therapy for their needs is easier than they ever imagined. Experienced doctors and clinical advisors are working together to ensure that each individual is thoroughly tested so that no stone is left unturned when making this type of diagnosis. In many instances, the symptoms of Low T and growth hormone deficiency can overlap, leaving confusion as to what the cause of any undesirable effects may be. There are other conditions, as well, that could be overlooked or mistaken in this case. That is why blood analysis is crucial to making the right diagnosis and decision for treatment.

How to Get the Best Treatment for Low Testosterone

There is one important thing to remember when searching the internet to learn how to get the best treatment for low testosterone in California. That is the necessity of working with a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. An online search can easily yield a number of results that will not accomplish the goal of restoring healthfulness and well-being with safe bioidentical hormone therapy. There exists still to this day those who believe that testosterone can be used to increase muscle size and strength for athletic or bodybuilding purposes. Numerous websites can be found that speak to that subject. That is not what is wanted by a person who is dealing with the effects of Low T, nor is it legal. This is a medical condition and must be treated in that manner. By searching for how to get the best treatment for low testosterone, one must be diligent when reviewing the results that appear on the computer screen. Any mention of the word steroid must be immediately ruled out, as that is not what this therapy is all about. Websites that discuss bodybuilding as their primary focus also should be disregarded. The goal is to find a legitimate hormone replacement clinic with doctors who focus their practice on helping people come out of the cognitive haze that can accompany decreasing chemical levels. Foggy mental functions, low energy, fatigue, poor endurance, and physical changes including muscle loss, weight gain, and decreased bone density are all aspects of this medical condition. As such, they must be treated accordingly by a knowledgeable doctor.

Where to Get Treatment for Low Testosterone in California

That leads to the discussion of where to get treatment for low testosterone in California. There are two main options when engaging in this type of search. These are locally based clinics with regular office hours and nationally based hormone replacement centers such as Kingsberg Medical that do not require continual follow-up appointments in person. Both options require complete blood tests to be provided. Physical examinations are also a requirement in all cases. The difference here is that the doctor at the local clinic will want to run his or her own exam even if one was recently done with a family physician. This can increase the cost of therapy. National HRT centers will use those findings for their review. People who have not had a recent physical will be able to visit their own doctor for this purpose, or a referral to a local clinic can be provided at the client’s discretion. Learning where to get treatment for low testosterone in California is not a difficult feat. The main question to answer is whether or not the ability to take time out of one’s schedule for follow-up appointments is something that can fit a person’s lifestyle. Our medical advisors conduct all consultations and follow-ups over the telephone at times that are convenient for our clients. Not only does this save valuable time, it also saves the added expense associated with local clinics and office visits. Another reason why many people like dealing with our center is the fact that they can refer their friends and family members in other states to us, as well. That is how many people right here in California also find their way to us for hormone replacement therapy.

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How to Get Prescription for Low Testosterone Treatment

Discovering how to get prescription for low testosterone treatment is the same for a person living in La Jolla as it is for someone living in Fresno. Each person will have an initial consultation with a medical advisor who has years of experience dealing with hormone replacement. During this phone call, all present symptoms will be discussed. This will also enable the advisor to determine if there are any warning signs of other conditions that might require further testing. Any pressing medical concerns should also be mentioned. Of course, this will also be covered in detail on the health history questionnaire that will be completed via a secure internet link. Learning how to get prescription for low testosterone treatment is easy with the right search results, which is precisely what led right here to this page. During this first consultation, the advisor will also ascertain which lab will be the most convenient to use for testing. An appointment will be prearranged for the blood sampling to take place. This will eliminate a long wait to be seen. The testing is traditionally scheduled for first thing in the morning, as that is when testosterone levels are at their highest point of the day. It is necessary to fast after midnight in order to ensure an accurate reading. Only water may be consumed until after the blood sample is taken. Most people make it to work on time without any problem after their test.

Doctors Prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How do nationally based doctors prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to people in other states? The same requirements are in place for all physicians who provide this type of treatment. Mandatory blood tests are required for all people who believe that they might be suffering from the effects of a hormonal imbalance. Any family or general practitioner is capable of providing a physical examination and forwarding the results directly to our clinic for further review along with the blood test report. The health questionnaire that is completed provides the rest of the necessary information. The medical advisors explain all aspects of the treatment protocol to each individual and careful go over the resulting diagnosis if one is made by the specialist. When doctors prescribe testosterone replacement therapy, they have already ascertained by careful and complete review that the person in question is suffering the ill effects of Low T. The dosage that is ordered is in the precise amount that is needed by the body to restore the necessary balance. What is the right level that the physician aims to reach? Typically, that would be the mid-range of how the level was when a person was in his or her twenties. During that time of life, hormone levels are naturally at their peak, providing the body with the vitality and well-being that it needs for optimum functioning to occur. Providing that basis again allows for improved overall healthfulness and increased energy.

What are the Options for Low Testosterone Treatment?

What are the options for low testosterone treatment in California? Due to the higher level of this hormone that can be found in their bodies, men will be best served with bioidentical testosterone injections. Depending upon the severity of the deficiency, shots may be required every seven to fourteen days. Under no circumstances should any changes ever be made without the express direction of the prescribing physician. If there is ever any uncertainty about the results that are being achieved, or any adverse effects (which will not occur if dealing with a specialist in this field), an immediate phone call should be made to the clinic to discuss any concerns. In some cases, dosages or frequency of injection administration may be altered to provide added benefits. What are the options for low testosterone treatment for women? Menopause is the time when a woman is most likely to begin to feel the effects of a drop in testosterone production. Because her levels are naturally much lower than that of her male counterpart, her need for replacement is also lower, yet still crucial. That is why a bioidentical cream is the best choice in this instance. Unlike estrogen which requires a large area of the arm for use, testosterone cream is only applied to a very small area. This makes it safer to use around children who could inadvertently come into contact with the estrogen treated arm. It also provides excellent results without the risks associated with estrogen therapy.

Is Low Testosterone Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Is low testosterone treatment covered by insurance in California? It is not so much the state in which one lives, but the insurance policy and carrier one has. At our clinic, we do not believe that outside sources should dictate what form of therapy is best for an individual. That is each person’s inherent right to decide for themselves with the guidance of their physician. Many policy providers focus their coverage on tried and true treatments that serve to relieve some symptoms rather than correct the entire situation. Even among individual companies, different types of policies will offer different levels of care. It would be virtually impossible for our staff to have a clear answer for every type of coverage. That is why it is always recommended that our clients call their own companies to ask is low testosterone treatment covered by insurance. That is the best way to get the most up-to-date answers as to what is and isn’t included on the policy. For those who find that their testosterone therapy is subject to inclusion, we will provide the necessary paperwork to submit for reimbursement. Those who do not have insurance coverage will find that this treatment is extremely affordable. Our commitment to low prices and high-quality care is second to none. Feel free to contact one of our clinical advisors to speak about the personal aspects of this therapy. We are available during regular business hours.

Low Testosterone Therapy Risks and Benefits

When discussing low testosterone therapy risks and benefits, there is a clear difference between the two. For the most part, the only risks are for those who embark upon this path without any doctor supervision or testing. It is impossible to self-diagnose Low T or any other hormonal imbalance. Blood analysis is required without any doubt. Receiving the proper dosage is also crucial to avoid any adverse reactions or side effects. This is also a way to ensure that the body does not sense an overage of any particular hormone. That could cause further decrease as production could be halted if too much of any one chemical is found in the bloodstream. When examining low testosterone therapy risks and benefits, it is clear that the positive results go much further than most people can possibly imagine. Increased energy, improved lean muscle mass, stronger bones, weight loss, better memory, and yes, a heightened sex life are all on the positive end of the spectrum. Add to this deeper sleep, lower cholesterol, improved heart health, and a decrease in the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and osteoporosis and that is certainly something worth taking action for when a deficiency is present. In other words, go through the proper medical channels to receive medication and reap the rewards waiting at the other side.

Cost of Testosterone Treatment at Kingsberg Medical

As previously mentioned, the cost of testosterone treatment at Kingsberg Medical is extremely affordable. There are many options to discuss with an advisor once the doctor has prescribed a course of action based upon careful review of all medical results. The goal of our entire professional staff is to provide the best possible treatment at all times while maintaining low-cost options. We do not believe in sacrificing quality for price. Each person deserves to receive the best care possible, no matter what their budget. In order to discover how much therapy will be, the necessary tests must first be performed. The first step is taking action and making the initial call. That is the start of discovering the affordable cost of testosterone treatment at Kingsberg Medical, the nation’s premier hormone replacement clinic.