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Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

The majority of adults in California are no different from anyone else in the US when it comes to hearing about hormone therapy. Most females know of at least one woman who has engaged in some type of replacement treatment such as this at some point in her life. In most cases, this has been through the use of estrogen and/or progestin. Many men know people who have received testosterone injections. Lately, the type of HRT – hormone replacement therapy getting the most notice across the board in members of both genders is HGH – human growth hormones. There is much more to these types of treatment than most people are aware of on the surface. Benefits and side effects must be understood completely before engaging in any type of chemical replacement. The goal of hormone therapy is to restore balance to any of a number of different substances in the body that have decreased over time. This can be caused by illness, injury, genetics, lifestyle habits, and even simply the passing of time. Two main periods where this can occur is andropause in men and menopause in women. Both of these changes take place during the time of middle age, traditionally between the ages of 40 and 55 for the majority of the population. Understanding how these changes affect the body, and the roles these chemical messengers play, is crucial to ensuring a healthy future. Once diagnosed by a blood test, correcting an imbalance in the production of any of these substances is easy to accomplish. Specific blood analysis is used to determine what shortages in production have occurred.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are widespread benefits of hormone replacement therapy for members of both sexes. This goes well beyond relief from the typical hot flashes and night sweats that accompany menopause. There is also much more to testosterone treatments then restoring proper erectile functions in men. Symptoms of many types of chemical deficiencies include weight gain, memory concerns, loss of lean muscle mass, decreases in bone density, depression, and even changes in hair texture and growth. These can be scary side effects of hormone deficiency as the ramifications for future health issues are severe. Weight gain can lead to obesity which increases the risk of diabetes, heart concerns, and other associated problems. The many benefits of hormone replacement therapy help put fears of memory concerns leading to dementia to rest as the brain relies upon signals from chemicals such as GH – growth hormone – for proper functioning to occur. In fact, all the symptoms listed above could fit into most of the shortages listed on this page. That is why blood testing is used by doctors who specialize in HRT to accurately determine what is occurring in the body, and what type of treatment is called for to correct any imbalance that is present. In some cases, multiple protocols may be prescribed when the production problem spans multiple issues.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

There is sometimes confusion as to what is bioidentical hormone therapy. Many products claim that because they are “natural” they are identical to what is routinely created in the body. This is not the case. A medication that is referred to as bio-identical means that it is identical in its molecular structure to the corresponding chemical that is produced by the body. What this accomplishes is to allow it to be utilized immediately upon administration as it is undistinguishable from the substance it is replicating. For example, if a person is shown by way of blood testing to be deficient in growth hormone (also known as somatotropin), being provided with HGH human growth hormone (referred to as somatropin) would raise the level of this chemical naturally and efficiently. Discovering what is bioidentical hormone therapy and what is not is part of the process of receiving the right type of treatment for one’s needs. Throughout California, people are learning that there are safe alternatives to dealing with the effects of changing chemical levels in their bodies. Many women shy away from receiving prescriptions for estrogen due to the risks that can accompany this specific medical protocol. It is understandable that a woman would want to reduce the risk of blood clots and heart disease rather than increase them. That is why alternatives such as growth hormone and testosterone are viable options.

Growth Hormone Therapy

One of the most spoken about ways of rejuvenating the body today is with growth hormone therapy. HRT doctors will only prescribe this for those who are diagnosed with a true deficiency in this vital chemical. When the supply of somatotropin in the body decreases to the point where symptoms begin to appear, that is the time to take some form of action. In the beginning early stages, a person can try lifestyle changes that include daily high-intensity exercise, healthy nutrition, eight hours of sound sleep each night, and reducing stress. If these changes do not work to increase GH levels and reverse the symptoms that have begun, the best answer is to begin treatment with doctor prescribed growth hormone therapy. Daily HGH injections will safely raise the level of this chemical in the body, enabling all the functions that it controls to receive the signals necessary for proper performance. As with other types of deficiencies, low GH levels can be due to environmental, lifestyle, genetic, health-related, or unknown issues. There is a widespread understanding in the medical community that many of these chemicals begin to decrease after a person has turned thirty. It is if and when the decline becomes so great as to cause undesirable symptoms that action should be taken to restore the necessary balance to allow the body to function in a way that provides the opportunity to carry out all of one’s activities in a proper manner. That is where trained practitioners are crucial for receiving the proper care.

Growth Hormone Therapy for Adults

The purpose of growth hormone therapy for adults is entirely different from why this same type of treatment is prescribed for children. During puberty and adolescence, doctors may order this medication to enable a youngster who is not achieving the level of growth that they should the ability to reach their proper adult height. Once a person reaches maturity, usually somewhere in their early twenties, the role of this crucial chemical focuses on maintaining structural integrity and other vital bodily functions. This is accomplished by receptor cells, located in many different areas, receiving the signals from GH to carry out their functions. If there has been a decrease in production of this necessary substance, then the signals received will not provide adequate input. Providing growth hormone therapy for adults enables all the receptor cells to receive the signals they require to maintain a level of performance that is critical for the body’s overall health and well-being. For example, there are receptors in the areas of memory and learning in the brain that must receive the proper supply of this chemical messenger. In the case of a deficiency, a person may find it hard to recall stored facts from their memory. It will also seem difficult to process and retain newly acquired information. Focus and concentration will also begin to suffer. This is just one small, but serious reason as to why treatment is required when a GH deficiency is present.

Where is Hormone Replacement Therapy Used?

It doesn’t matter if a person lives in Oakland CA or Santa Monica CA, treatment is available that can have life-altering effects. Where is hormone replacement therapy used the most in California? It probably seems natural that the answer would be the Los Angeles area since the amount of people living in this region that appear in the public eye is in plentiful supply. Yes, there are numerous public figures that grace the big and little screens on a regular basis that receive this treatment. There are also teachers, doctors, accountants, construction workers, nurses, sales clerks, office workers, stay-at-home parents, and others that contact our HRT doctors for help restoring a necessary balance to their bodies by way of the right type of treatment that is prescribed for their personal needs. There is no monopoly on looking and feeling one’s best that is relegated to one industry, so when asking, where is hormone replacement therapy used, the answer is everywhere. If a person seems to look younger than they have in the past, do not automatically assume they have received Botox injections or plastic surgery. While this may be the case, if it also seems as though the energy level has improved, and he or she is talking about everything that is now being accomplished chances are some type of HRT is in effect. It may seem presumptuous to ask them what they have done. The better route to use is to speak about one’s own symptoms and ask if they have any advice or suggestions. This may provide the desired answers that will offer insight into this subject.

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What Kind of Doctor Specializes in Hormone Therapy?

If there is any concern that certain specific changes are taking place that point to some type of a chemical deficiency, it is crucial to find the right practitioner to diagnose and treat this condition. What kind of doctor specializes in hormone therapy for adults? Many physicians have focused their careers on dealing with this area of medicine. As the Baby Boomer generation gets older, many are finding that the longitude of today’s life span means that it is more important than ever to maintain a high level of productivity than ever before. People are putting off retirement until later in life. Some due to financial need and others due to the desire to remain productive. The need to retain cognitive function as well as energy is high. HRT specialists understand the changes that can take place in the body as a person ages. These practitioners are well equipped to test for and treat different types of chemical deficiencies and imbalances. The answer to what kind of doctor specializes in hormone therapy is any provider who has made this scope of practice their specialty. Some have come from internal medicine, others from the fields of gynecology or endocrinology. Previous background has little bearing on the fact that today, each of these physicians has devoted their training and careers to helping people lead productive and exciting lives at any age. Years of training and research enables them to provide top notch treatment to those in need of restoring hormonal balance and vitality to their lives. These doctors can be found in local offices and nationally based clinics such as Kingsberg Medical.

Where to Get Hormone Replacement Therapy

Deciding where to get hormone replacement therapy is a big step. Each person has their own beliefs about what type of care is best suited to their needs. That is why a little research is necessary before embarking down this road to a better future. Some people are the touchy feely type. They are most comfortable walking into a doctor’s office to speak in person with an expert for guidance. They do not have issues with taking time off of work or away from the family to come in for regular appointments. For them, finding the right local clinic requires research into how long the practice has focused on HRT, and if that is the doctor’s sole scope of practice. It is always best to find a physician who makes this area of medicine his overall focus. Speaking with an advisor over the phone and asking some basic questions will provide an overview as to how clients are treated and how much time is devoted to each individual. Others who are looking for where to get hormone replacement therapy in California want a different approach to their treatment. They do not want to have to be inconvenienced by regular office appointments. Their lives are too busy to be spent wasted in waiting rooms. Privacy is important, and the confidentiality and convenience offered by a nationally based clinic that conducts all consultations over the telephone is a better choice. In cases such as this, calling and speaking with a medical advisor with years of experience in the field of HRT will provide answers to questions without the need for feeling rushed. These consultations can be arranged at convenient times for each person.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics

There are hormone replacement therapy clinics throughout California and the entire US. Finding the right one is crucial to receiving the best care possible. There are many reasons why people turn to Kingsberg Medical as their choice for testing, diagnosis, and treatment. The first is convenience – by eliminating the need for regular office visits a person can receive the care they need without any intrusion into their busy schedule. The second factor is cost – telephone consultations do not carry the price tag that office visits hold. This saves quite a bit of money over the course of the treatment period. The third reason our clients come to us is the high level of care and customer service that we provide. Because there is no one waiting to be seen in the next room, our medical advisors can take their time with each person to discuss personal needs and concerns. No one ever has to feel rushed that he or she has used up the allotment of time assigned to them. Our hormone replacement therapy clinics are also popular because of the wide selection of pharmaceutical options we provide. Our doctors only prescribe the finest brands of HGH and other types of HRT. All medications are shipped directly to the individual from licensed US pharmacies. There is no risk of receiving products that are dangerous or counterfeit, as when purchasing medications online from unreliable sources. Finally – the wide selection of brands and delivery styles enables us to keep this treatment affordable for our clients. Many people who come to us for help are referred by others who have already seen first-hand the benefits they desire.

How Much Does Hormone Therapy Cost?

Since price was just mentioned, how much does hormone therapy cost? This is not a question that can be answered with a number at this time. There are many reasons as to why no one answer will suffice. First of all, there are a number of different types of HRT, and the only way to know which one or ones are required is by reviewing the results of blood testing to determine what type of deficiency is present in the body. Secondly, the level of deficiency must be ascertained in order to determine the dosage that is required to restore the crucial balance to the body. Finally, the precise brand and style of delivery must be determined before the question of how much does hormone therapy cost can be answered. Take testosterone treatment, for example. Most men who are in need of this type of protocol will receive it in an injectable form whereas women will usually be prescribed a cream. Obviously, the prices will be different for each. The goal at our clinic is to provide each person with the proper care and treatment at affordable prices without sacrificing care or service. Expert guidance is provided every step of the way. Complete instructions for the self-administration of all treatments is always provided, and our advisors are available to speak with each individual while they are beginning their therapy for the first time.

How to Get Hormone Therapy Prescribed

Anyone who is ready to learn how to get hormone therapy prescribed in California simply has to pick up the phone and make a call. All questions will be answered in a manner that is clear and understandable. Chemical decreases can have serious consequences if left untreated. Mood and demeanor can be affected in adverse ways. Many people report poor outlook on life or depression in these situations. Decreased bone density can lead to osteoporosis and increased risk of fractures in later years. This can reduce a person’s mobility permanently in many cases. If the receptor cells in the brain do not receive the signals they require, cognitive impairment can lead to some forms of dementia. Weight gain, hair loss, and sagging skin are all possible changes that can affect how a person sees themselves, increasing the risk of depression. Learning how to get hormone therapy prescribed to combat these problems, as well as low libido, poor immune system functions, and more is crucial to ensuring a happy and healthy future. It is hard to keep a smile on one’s face when joint pains and stiffness limit activities. Poor performance on the job due to lack of focus and low stamina can put employment and livelihood at risk. It is never too late to take action, no matter how old a person may be. If concerns are present, call today. Help is right here at Kingsberg Medical.

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