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HGH – Human Growth Hormone


Every day, more people want the facts about HGH. Human growth hormone may go down as one of the most important discoveries that have come to light over the past two decades. Centuries have passed without so much as a hint to the location of the mythical fountain of youth. Explorers have spent lifetimes searching for a way to stop the aging process. Can HGH do that? Sadly, the answer is still no; mankind has yet to discover a way to halt time where it stands. That does not mean, however, that there is not a way to look and feel years younger than one’s chronological age. Part of the problem adults in this century face is the fact that the current lifespan today is over thirty years longer than what was expected in the early 1900’s. What this means for today’s adults is that the body needs to hold up and perform well for decades longer than it did when our great grandparents were our age. The secret to accomplishing that might lie in HGH – human growth hormone. This biologically identical medication is used to restore balance when one of the most crucial substances produced in the body, growth hormone (GH), begins to decline in production and secretion. The two main times in life when this can be detrimental is puberty – when a child has difficulty reaching optimal height due to some form of short stature, and at some point beyond the age of thirty when the body begins to decrease chemical production. While this decline only affects some people, it can have widespread ramifications if not treated. Children will not reach their proper height, and adults may see a sharp change in many of their natural bodily functions and performances. Blood analysis is used to determine this deficiency in all cases.

What Does HGH Do?

Residents in California are no different from those who reside in other parts of the country. It is easy enough to assume that there is a monopoly on wanting to look one’s best in the bright lights of Hollywood, but people everywhere else also ask what does HGH do on a regular basis. That is because every person has the right to look and feel the best they can at all times. Aside from regulating growth of bones, muscles, and sex organs during adolescence and puberty, growth hormone also regulates metabolic functions, immunity, aids in cognitive functions such as learning and memory, maintains cardiac integrity, and keeps skin looking young. These are just a fraction of the many ways GH benefits the body. Those who experience a drastic decrease in production of this chemical will notice many different signs of this shortage. That is the point when some type of action must be taken, and for most people, that action will be to get doctor prescribed human growth hormone injections. What does HGH do once it has been prescribed? The purpose of receiving this medication is to fill the void between what the body is producing and what it needs for optimum daily performance in all areas. Once the level has been raised through the use of bioavailable supplementation, metabolic processes will improve, enabling the body to convert any consumed food into fuel ready to be used. It will also allow for the conversion of stored fat into additional fuel which will allow a person to lose unwanted weight without dieting. Accompanying this process will be an increase in energy and stamina. Continue reading to receive more information about the astonishing benefits that can be received.

Injectable HGH Therapy

Up and down the coast of California, both middle ages adults and senior citizens are discovering that there is a way to enjoy productive days and exciting nights after their bodies have already begun the process of slowing down. The answer can be found with injectable HGH therapy. From eyesight to cellulite, bone density to immunity, the body relies upon a healthy supply of growth hormone for all these areas, and more. A quick anatomy refresher reminds that the liver waits to receive this powerful chemical messenger to let it know how much Insulin Growth Factor 1 to secrete each day. If the signals received are low, then this crucial organ will decrease production of IGF-1. Now the body is deficient in two vital hormones that work together to regulate the renewal process involved in reproduction of new cells. Continuing with the anatomy refresher – muscles, bones, skin, hair, nails, and internal organs are all recipients of these tiny building blocks of life on a regular basis. If the supply decreases, some form of atrophy will occur in all areas. Organs will shrink and their ability to perform their jobs as well as they should will decline, muscle tone will decrease, bones will become increasingly susceptible to breakage, skin will lose collagen causing wrinkles and sagging, hair will thin and possibly decrease, and nails will become brittle. The benefits of injectable HGH therapy provide for a renewed supply of cells to be produced, allowing the areas in need to become stronger again. Any symptoms that had been present will start to reverse – hence the changes in physical performance and appearance. In addition, other areas that rely upon growth hormone will also experience a renewal. Cognitive functioning is one of the most crucial changes for most people as they age. The thought of losing one’s memory to dementia is scary, indeed. The brain houses numerous receptor cells for GH, and if they are not in receipt of an adequate supply of this pivotal chemical, breakdown in the areas of memory and learning retention will be noticeable.

Benefits of HGH for Men

While many of the results achieved by human growth hormone therapy will be noticeable to both males and females, there are some benefits of HGH for men that are worth mentioning separately. Perhaps one of the biggest concerns faced is in the area of sexual performance. Although a man is said to reach his peak during his twenties, there does not need to be a downward slide that occurs in this area. Many gentlemen are able to perform well throughout their lifetimes, even up into their nineties. Sex in assisted living homes has created a situation of elderly people being treated for STD’s. Of course, careful intercourse should always be remembered, even after the point where pregnancy is not a concern. Problems in this area can range from decreased arousal to loss of the morning erection all the way up to erectile dysfunction and inability to maintain an erection or reach climax. Part of the benefits of HGH for men restores sexual ability and pleasure. There is no cause to reach for Viagra or other types of aid when all areas of the body are working efficiently. Another area of concern for many males is loss of muscle mass and tone with age. When working out no longer produces the same physical results, other problems may be present, such as decreased growth hormone secretion. If other signs are also present, receiving therapy for this condition will allow for the well-toned and chiseled physique that was once present to return. This is why so many California males are seeking out guidance and treatment in this area.

Benefits of HGH for Women

Not to leave out the other half of the population, the benefits of HGH for women are definitely worth reporting, as well. There are certainly a number of reasons why females turn to hormone replacement specialists for help. At the top of the list, one will often find menopause as being a major cause for concern. This is probably due to the wide scope of symptoms that accompany this change in life. Complaints of weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, memory loss, night sweats, hair loss, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, anxiety, and frequent urination are common. Estrogen therapy, long prescribed by gynecologists for the treatment of this condition, is not without a number of serious risks. Testing the blood for growth hormone and testosterone deficiencies often produces other avenues of treatment that can put an end to these symptoms, allowing a woman to lead a happier and healthier existence than what has become the norm since menopause arrived on the scene. Among the many other benefits of HGH for women that are desired, one will find a reduction of the appearance of cellulite. This is, in part, due to the same increase in collagen production that will firm the skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hair will begin to grow in thicker, and many members of both genders have reported a return of their natural hair color after approximately six months of HGH therapy. Nails will become stronger, and even eyesight will improve a bit. Since females are more prone to developing osteoporosis, the strengthening of bones is extremely beneficial for future safety and well-being. Overall, the entire body will become stronger and healthier as a result of receiving human growth hormone injections.

Where to Get HGH

It has become a greatly simplified process to find out where to Get HGH in California. There are different options available for people whether they live as far south as San Diego or as far north as Sacramento. Local clinics can be found for people who do not mind spending hours of time out of their busy day for continued appointments. Of course, most people can certainly find better things to fill their time with than sitting around a waiting room. These are the people who traditionally take to the internet in hopes of finding a better way to get the treatment that they need. Unfortunately, just reading about growth hormone deficiency does not mean that one has this condition. Blood testing must be performed to determine the cause of any symptoms that are present. Finding the right clinic online takes a bit of research to ensure that a doctor who specializes in this area of medicine is on staff and available to prescribe and supervise the proper therapy. Discovering where to Get HGH is the most important step a person will take in this entire process. It is always advised to contact a few clinics before making a decision as to which one will be the best option to suit individual needs. Put together a series of questions about treatment options, symptoms, benefits, and anything else that comes to mind. Ask the same questions to the personnel at each location to determine who is or is not knowledgeable on this subject, and where a connection might feel best. Since growth hormone deficiency in adults can have such widespread ramifications, many emotional changes may also be present. Connecting with a caring advisor who understands the changes one is going through will make all the difference in the outcome of the therapy.

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Doctors Specializing in Human Growth Hormone

One positive aspect about finding doctors specializing in human growth hormone therapy is that they have the necessary experience and know how to get directly to the root of the matter without a lot of unnecessary tests. What is required to diagnose and treat this condition is some specific blood tests and physical examination. Of course, the traditional medical history papers will also be completed, but in order to save time and make it easy, these documents can be accessed and completed online. When presenting a list of symptoms to a general physician, any number of conditions may come to mind. Some will require lengthy and expensive testing to determine the cause. A hormone replacement specialist will be able to zero in on certain aspects and signs that will point to some form of chemical imbalance or insufficiency. The benefit of working with doctors specializing in human growth hormone treatment is that they are best equipped to prescribe the proper dosage of medication the first time, eliminating the risk of unwanted or undesirable side effects. Careful calculations go into the process of determining dosage and treatment duration protocols. Working with an expert in the filed ensures accuracy and positive outcomes. Residents in Oakland CA and Anaheim CA can receive the same expert care without concern that someone else has a better expert close by. Nationally based clinics offer the same high-quality care to everyone, no matter where they reside in the US.

How to Get HGH Prescribed From a Doctor

The process involved with learning how to get HGH prescribed from a doctor is not a difficult one at all. One question to ask when calling each clinic is what steps they require in the diagnosis of this condition. There are three that must be followed. If any of the following are left out, then it is advised to move on to the next location.

  1. Blood analysis – the purpose of this step is to determine which, if any, chemicals (hormones) are deficient. Blood count, cholesterol, and other panels are also reviewed to ensure that there are no other problems that might be present that account for the symptoms being experienced.
  2. Physical examination – this is crucial to ensure that the client is in otherwise overall good health. Active cancer of any sort in the body is contraindicated for this treatment. Some information gathered during this exam will be used in the determination of the precise dosage to prescribe.
  3. Health history questionnaire – providing detailed information about past, and current medical conditions are vital in order to ensure that the proper and safe treatment is prescribed.

Finding out how to get HGH prescribed from a doctor means making a few phone calls to different hormone replacement clinics and seeing which one best suits individual needs and desires. How long will it take for the above items to be implemented? Blood analysis can be scheduled as early as the next day. Physical examination is usually recommended with one’s own health care practitioner, but if an appointment is not available for some time, local clinics can be recommended where the process can take place within a day or two. Completing the online medical records can happen at once. Getting the answers one needs is not a lengthy process at all.

Blood Test for HGH Levels

Perhaps nothing is as crucial in the diagnosis stage as the blood test for HGH levels. Doctors will order an analysis of Insulin Growth Factor 1, a crucial chemical that is secreted by the liver in response to the amount of growth hormone that organ receives. If the amount of GH reaching the liver is lower than required, the amount of IGF-1 (as it is also known) will be equally as low. The reason that GH itself is not tested is that once it enters the bloodstream, it moves rapidly to its various receptor cells throughout the body to provide signals for whatever actions are thereby associated with its presence. Once these signals are provided, growth hormone is no longer present in the blood. IGF-1, however, maintains a fairly constant level in the blood throughout the day. The blood test for HGH levels takes place before any food or drink is consumed in the morning. Clients are advised to fast from midnight forward of the night before, and only water is allowed if needed. This ensures that no sugar spikes due to food consumed interfere with the testing results. In addition, half of all GH that is released by the pituitary gland happens during deep wave sleep at night, allowing for Insulin Growth Factor 1 also to be released at the same level. Early morning testing is the best indicator as to where hormone production truly is at this time in one’s life.

Best Place to Buy HGH Injections

The best place to buy HGH injections is from a clinic that specializes in hormone replacement therapy. Doctors that are not experts in this field are less equipped to make the determination of what dosage an individual should receive. In the calculations of this amount are height, age, weight, gender, overall health, symptoms levels, and most importantly, the level of the chemical deficiency as shown in the blood test results. All of these factors will be analyzed to make this decision. Local clinics charge for each office visit, adding quite a hefty increase to the total cost and time required for this treatment. Nationally based clinics, such as Kingsberg Medical, provide all consultations by telephone, eliminating the time and cost involved with in office visits. Ultimately, the best place to buy HGH injections is a personal decision. Some people need the in person touch that they get from walking into a clinic and seeing the same advisor each time. Others prefer the confidentiality and convenience of a nationally based clinic, where they can get answers to any questions whenever they arise. Since there is no one sitting in the waiting room, our advisors can take their time with each person as needed. A relationship is developed based upon each person’s wants and desires. Expert treatment and supervision are always provided. Perhaps it is that level of care that is behind the high referral rate to our clinic. Our clients are happy to tell others about their results, and because we can help people across the US, it doesn’t matter where a person lives.

Where to Buy Injectable HGH Online

There are some warnings to be discussed when looking to find out where to buy injectable HGH online. Many companies look to reel in buyers with offerings of “cheap human growth hormones,” “low cost HGH injections,” or “no prescription required.” The word cheap often denotes poor quality, and that is not something a person should want when they are going to administer medication directly into their body. Low cost may mean that they are offering inferior brands or that the company is located in a foreign country, which leads into the lack of prescription requirement. US law clearly requires a doctor’s order for this medication. Circumventing the system means finding a company outside of the US that does not require this step. There is no guarantee that medication will be received, as it is subject to confiscation during shipment. Problems with quality are also an issue. When searching for where to buy injectable HGH online, it is crucial to avoid putting oneself in the position of receiving products that may be dangerous in any way. The goal of treatment is to improve overall health, not make it worse. In some cases, people who have attempted to go this route have received merchandise with fake labels, products that have been contaminated with bacteria or unknown substances, or even expired pharmaceuticals. No amount of savings in time or money is ever worth putting one’s well-being at risk. When dealing with a legitimate clinic in the US, none of these risks are present. Experienced doctors provide safe and effective therapy at affordable prices.

How Much Does HGH Cost?

That leads into the topic of how much does HGH cost. California was one of the breeding grounds for human growth hormone therapy for adults. In the beginning, famous names such as Suzanne Somers and Sylvester Stallone bragged about the results they received and the changes that benefitted their lives. A person does not have to be a movie star, or have that income to afford HGH injections these days. There are presently a number of world-renowned pharmaceutical companies producing this medication in a variety of different delivery options that are designed to fit most people’s budgets. This makes it just as easy for a high school teacher in Torrance CA to get the help he, or she needs to raise his or her hormone levels as the accountant in San Francisco. When asking how much does HGH cost in any of these cities, the answer will be the same – it depends upon the dosage that has been prescribed by the doctor, the duration of time required for the completion of the treatment, and the brand and delivery style chosen. At the lower cost end of the spectrum for all brands is the standard vial and syringe method of administering this medication. Bacteriostatic solution will be included in order to reconstitute the freeze-dried powder before use. Those wishing to pay a little more for added convenience will often choose the premixed and preloaded click style injector pens. Our advisors will discuss and offer all applicable options once the doctor has provided the precise dosage required.

What is HGH?

What is HGH? That is the question asked at the beginning of this page. Human growth hormone is the biologically identical version of one of the most valuable chemicals in the body in terms of jobs it carries out. Its purpose is to raise the level of this vital substance back to an ideal state so that all bodily functions that rely upon its secretion are able to perform at peak levels at all times. HGH fills the gap that occurs when secretion slows down to the point where certain symptoms become present. This is not the fountain of youth, and it will not turn back the clock (although it might feel that way). This is, however, a rejuvenating and revitalizing process that can have a profound impact on a person’s life. California residents have many options for treatment. Kingsberg Medical is happy to answer the question what is HGH, and provide the highest level of customer service and care that is available in the US. Our respected doctors are experts in the field of hormone replacement, and they work closely with each of our clinical advisors to ensure that each person receives the best possible support and guidance throughout the treatment process.

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