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Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth Hormone Therapy

Time does not stand still, and neither should any person who has fears or concerns about getting older. Today, growth hormone therapy is available in California, and throughout the US, to ensure that no one is left behind due to possible debilitating side effects stemming from a condition known as AGHD – adult growth hormone deficiency. Changes in chemical secretion in the body can occur at any time in one’s life, but this specific alteration corresponds to a decrease that may begin anytime from the age of thirty on up. For those who develop this condition, symptoms may appear gradually over a number of years, or even decades. They may be barely noticeable at first – maybe just a few grey hairs, 2 or 3 extra pounds around the middle, forgetting names or simple facts, or even noticing a decrease in the ability to see well while driving at night. Actually, there are a multitude of reasons why GH – growth hormone therapy is necessary and beneficial, and they may vary from person to person. What is known is that if left to continue over time, this chemical production decline will continue to worsen over the years, and that can result in some seriously debilitating problems. Healthy bone density relies upon an adequate supply of GH being secreted from the pituitary gland. If this does not occur as the years pass, the risk of a person developing osteoporosis is significantly increased. This can, in turn, lead to a higher risk of fractures as one ages. There are also a number of other substantial reasons why HGH human growth hormone injections are beneficial. Blood testing will be arranged for anyone who believes this may be an area of concern in his or her life.

Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency

Getting treatment for growth hormone deficiency in California is not difficult if the right physician has been contacted for help. It is essential to point out that the only adults who will be prescribed HGH therapy are those who receive blood tests that prove that the body is experiencing a shortage in the area of production of this crucial chemical messenger that plays such a significant role in many vital daily functions. This medication will not be given to athletes or bodybuilders who desire it for any type of physical or sports enhancement. This is not the purpose of this bioidentical pharmaceutical product, nor is it safe to use in these situations. There is a specific level that is natural for GH to be at in an adult’s body. Anything higher than that could result in undesirable side effects, or even put the pituitary gland at risk of ceasing or slowing down its own natural production of this chemical. Doctor prescribed treatment for growth hormone deficiency is a safe and effective method of returning the body to a state of optimum productivity and well-being. In addition to lowering the risk of osteoporosis, HGH injections also help to reboot, so to speak, the metabolism. GH plays a crucial role in how the body metabolizes fats, proteins, and carbohydrates – converting them into ready-to-use fuel. If this process is not functioning properly, as in the case of low growth hormone levels, the body will instead convert some of the food into fat. Less fuel means less energy available for immediate use. Increased fat means further weight gain and increased risk of developing conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Adults

It makes no difference at all if a person resides in Pasadena or Palo Alto; the ability to get human growth hormone therapy for adults is readily available. There are labs all across the country that an appointment for blood testing can be arranged at for any adult who may be at risk of this condition. As just mentioned, lack of energy is one of the key signals that something is amiss. Those who are diagnosed with GH deficiency often complain about having little to no stamina or endurance. Many do not sleep well at night. Mornings are often fueled by caffeinated beverages in hopes of being able to make it through the day. Cognitive impairment may take on many forms. In some cases, poor focus and concentration can make it difficult to carry out tasks at work. Since growth hormone receptors are also located in the areas relating to learning retention and memory recall, a shortage of supply may result in difficulty processing and retaining new information and remembering that which was previously stored. Getting human growth hormone therapy for adults enables these receptor cells to receive the proper amount of this chemical in order for improved cognitive brain functions to take place. Energy and endurance levels are also increased, improving work productivity and drive across the board. Of course, there is still so much more that HGH will accomplish in the body. The liver is another prime beneficiary of GH and once received, this organ goes to work secreting another important chemical – Insulin Growth Factor 1. The level of this substance is in direct response to how much growth hormone is secreted daily. These two vital substances work together to ensure that the body has an ample supply of new cells to replace all those that die off on a continual basis.

Indications for Growth Hormone Therapy

Cellular regeneration is one of the main indications for growth hormone therapy. These critical building blocks of life are needed by all the internal organs to ensure that they do not shrink as a person ages. This shrinkage causes decreased functions and performance. Collagen in the skin relies upon new cells to help protect against wrinkles, sagging, and cellulite. The hair needs cells to maintain texture and thickness. Muscles will lose their lean mass over time if GH levels are low. In other words, the entire body requires that the pituitary gland keep up its chemical production, otherwise bioidentical supplementation is required. There are still many other indications for growth hormone therapy here in California. Low libido is another sign that something is not right, and this can apply to both females and males, alike. Women may not notice a change until they reach menopause. Vaginal dryness is one of the biggest complaints a woman can have when it comes to losing the desire for intimacy. Painful intercourse makes this act no longer pleasurable for many women. Men, on the other hand, may find that a decrease in GH can also mean a decline in erectile functions. Desire and arousal are no longer at the height they were at when a man was younger. Endurance may wane, and even pleasure sensors may not receive adequate signals. Both genders report renewed passion and pleasure in their physical relationships as a result of HGH injections.

What Age to Start Growth Hormone Therapy

The question about what age to start growth hormone therapy is a relatively common one. Although this condition can begin as early as thirty years of age, the majority of people will not need to take any action at this time. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. Some people may not even actually notice that changes are occurring until well into their sixties. Although it is natural for the production of these chemicals to fluctuate considerably during the course of a person’s life, many individuals will never experience concerns in this area. The ones who do, however, may become scared about what their futures will hold if the physical decline continues without treatment. The best possible answer to what age to start growth hormone therapy is when changes occur that are having an adverse effect on any aspect of one’s life. This can be emotional due to the image looking back from the bathroom mirror. Hair loss, sagging skin, weight gain, and loss of a toned physique can bring about severe depression for some people. Fear over becoming an invalid due to fractures brought about by osteoporosis can keep a person locked in their home in later years. Concern about dementia for someone who keeps forgetting where his or her cell phone or keys have been placed can be frightening. If there are any symptoms of this condition present, this is the time to seek out answers from knowledgeable doctors and medical advisors in the field of hormone replacement therapy – HRT. These professionals can provide the necessary testing and guidance required to restore balance to a body that has begun to experience signs of change.

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Testing for Growth Hormone Deficiency

Receiving the necessary testing for growth hormone deficiency is no different if one lives in Chula Vista CA or Monterey CA. Doctors can order blood analysis at local laboratories throughout the country. The most important thing to remember is to stop consuming food or beverages other than water after midnight of the evening before the sampling is to be done. This allows for proper levels of various chemicals in the blood to be seen. Eating can change these levels, rendering the tests inaccurate and unusable. Early morning scheduling allows for quick processing at the lab, getting a person back to their daily schedule usually with little to no work time missed at all. Kingsberg Medical offers adults throughout California the opportunity to receive the highest quality care and service without a lot of hassle or time away from the job or family. Testing for growth hormone deficiency is an easy process. The only other requirements are a recent medical examination from a physician. Anyone who has visited their own family provider for this exam in recent months can have the results sent directly to our hormone replacement clinic. Others can schedule an appointment with their practitioner, or at a local clinic in town. In order to complete the process of convenience, all required health-related documents and questionnaires can be found online with a link provided by our advisors. This makes the completion of the documents easy to accomplish from home or work. No need to waste unnecessary time in a waiting room to complete these forms.

Doctors Who Can Prescribe Growth Hormone Therapy

Finding doctors who can prescribe growth hormone therapy is the most crucial step of all. This is not an area that should be attempted by medical providers who are not experienced in the fields of HRT. Correcting chemical deficiencies requires specialized knowledge and exact calculations. The last thing anyone wants is to find that additional problems are occurring because they were given too high a dose of medication for his or her body’s needs. This can have dangerous consequences rather than providing the incredible benefits that come from receiving HGH injections. This is a result-focused treatment that is given to people experiencing unwanted side effects of low GH levels. There are some different ways of finding the best doctors who can prescribe growth hormone therapy. Recommendations and referrals can come from other health care providers who are familiar with experts in this field. Friends and family members who have been prescribed this medical protocol are also excellent sources of reference. Online searches such as this can turn up a myriad of options. It is highly suggested that a list of questions be compiled to ask when calling each clinic. The way in which the questions are answered will provide a lot of information in regards to how the staff treats its clients. If the caller is not rushed, and the questions are answered in detail, that is a clinic to keep on the final list.

How Much Does Growth Hormone Therapy Cost?

One question that cannot be answered accurately during the initial telephone call is how much does growth hormone therapy cost. The reason for this is that there are a number of factors that go into this determination. If a clinician or advisor offers a set in stone price before any blood analysis has been performed, it is best to find another HRT center to speak with about this treatment. There are many different pieces of information required before a price can be offered. The first thing needed is the dosage of HGH that is prescribed by a doctor. That cannot be provided until all steps of testing have been completed. This dosage will determine which brands and delivery style systems can be utilized. Getting a straightforward answer to how much does growth hormone therapy cost cannot be provided until these factors are known. Each brand has a number of different types of delivery systems, each with their own prices. While it is possible to give an estimated amount with a wide price range from one end of the spectrum to the other, this is not always in the client’s best interest to do before any testing has been accomplished. The dosage and type of HGH injectable desired are the best indicators of what the ultimate cost of treatment will be. A clinic that offers a set price before any testing has been done is not offering their clients a choice in protocols to use.

Does Insurance Cover Growth Hormone Therapy?

Another question frequently asked by Californians is, does insurance cover growth hormone therapy for adults. At this period of time, the answer is that most providers do not offer this coverage on their policies. There is hope that, as more positive scientific research studies are published; these providers will see the benefits and savings of offering HGH injections as part of their regular service. The fact that future medical bills can be reduced is one reason why this would be advisable. Reducing the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia can significantly cut down on the money spent for medical care in the future. When a person wants to know does insurance cover growth hormone therapy, it is always recommended that the individual contact their provider directly to ascertain what coverage and treatments are available. Insurance companies are always reviewing what they offer, and this can change at any point during the year. Whether or not this option is available, it is still recommended that those who are diagnosed with AGHD still receive the necessary care to restore systemic balance – homeostasis – to their bodies. Doing so will provide a wide range of benefits that can be seen now and in the future as overall healthfulness and vitality improve. Options are available to help provide affordable treatment to those who can benefit from HGH injections.

Monthly Cost for Growth Hormone Therapy

What is the best way to keep the monthly cost for growth hormone therapy affordable in California? Is traveling to a major city the best option for someone who lives in a remote area of the state? First of all, there will be additional expenses involved in traveling to another city. The price of gas today is certainly not cheap, not to mention the time involved in this journey. Those who opt for the local clinic route will find that they are paying for office visits every time they enter the door of the hormone replacement center. This can become a very expensive ordeal. It does not matter if a person lives in Los Angeles or Laguna Nigel, they can still receive the same high level of service and care affordably and safely. The best way to keep the monthly cost for growth hormone therapy as low as possible is with a national clinic such as Kingsberg Medical. All consultations are held over the phone, eliminating the need for pricey and time-consuming office visits. The wide range of HGH injectables and brands offered also enables each individual to have a say in how much he or she will spend for the treatment. The convenience of bypassing the line at the local pharmacy is another plus as all medications and supplies are sent together in one package directly to the client’s home or office. The only requirement is that an adult is present to sign for the package. In just a short period of time, astonishing benefits can be on their way.

Pros and Cons of Growth Hormone Therapy

There are pros and cons of growth hormone therapy just as with any other type of medically based treatment. The first thing to remember is that when it comes to adults, HRT should only be used when medically necessary as shown by blood test results. Our doctors will not prescribe HGH injections for those under thirty, or for athletes or bodybuilders looking for ways to improve or enhance their performance. For those who are diagnosed with low levels of GH, treatment can provide loss of excess body fat, increased energy and endurance, improved cardiac and cognitive functions, thicker hair, increased lean muscle mass and bone density, firmer skin, improved libido, strengthen immune system functions, and much more. These are indeed benefits worth achieving. When examining the pros and cons of growth hormone therapy, specifically the cons, there is not really much to say. The only times that there are any risks are when the dosage prescribed is too high, and that can be avoided by working with a doctor who prescribes HGH injections as their primary scope of practice. The only other area of concern is when a person decides to buy these injectables illegally on the black market through websites of companies located in other countries. Doing so can be very dangerous for one’s health and well-being. Safe, affordable care is available throughout California to adults who believe they are dealing with a change in the amount of growth hormone their bodies are producing. One call can begin the testing process that will determine if this treatment is a way to restore balance and vitality.

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