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Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is no longer spoken about only in hushed tones in locker rooms. From corporate America to golf courses, busy executives, dads, and even retirees throughout California are discussing the pros and cons of this treatment. What has made this subject increasingly popular? For one thing, the mere fact that we are living longer as a general population means that the human body needs to stay in better physical shape for a much longer period of time. One hundred years ago, that was not the case. When the average life expectancy of a man hovered around fifty years, it really did not matter much if, at the age of forty, his body decreased the amount of testosterone it was producing to the point where certain signs were becoming noticeable. Today, however, a man who can expect to reach well into his eighties will have a long way to go once that decline begins. That is part of the reason why testosterone therapy is becoming so popular. Although some experts believe that a male’s production of testosterone will peak at the age of seventeen, this number can actually fluctuate considerably. It is widely accepted that, by the time a man reaches his thirtieth birthday, the production of testosterone will begin to decrease. Many males will not experience difficulties or changes associated with this hormonal decline, but there will certainly be some who will. For those whose bodies do not act favorably in this situation, unwanted side effects of Low T can cause widespread problems both physically and psychologically.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy for a person who is experiencing this decline? It is understandable to want to jump right into the conversation of what is in it for me. Most men, and yes, even women, who are dealing with Low T (the terminology given to the condition of low testosterone production) are probably tired of the changes taking place in their bodies. As a matter of fact, being tired is more than likely one of the symptoms being dealt with by both genders. Poor sleep, insomnia, and lack of energy are possible signs that testosterone levels are low. To that end, receiving the right type of treatment from a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement will enable deeper, more restful sleep, as well as increased energy. What are the benefits of testosterone therapy for men who seem to have lost the zest for life they once had? Living in California provides the opportunity for round the year outdoor sports and hobbies. Increasing stamina and endurance means that engaging in activities once loved will be easily possible again. The access to beaches such as Santa Monica and Big Sur means that surfing, water skiing, boating, and even windsurfing, are ready to be enjoyed. Those who prefer something a bit more rugged may once again engage in rock and mountain climbing, hiking, and exploring hidden trails throughout the Golden State. Before exploring the many positive results that one can expect to achieve, it might be helpful to learn a little more about this subject in the first place.

What is Testosterone Therapy?

To begin with, let’s explore what is testosterone therapy. It is the method employed to correct a deficiency in the body’s production of testosterone, a hormone that is found in every individual, both male and female. Of course, the concentration is much higher in men. There is a natural conversion process that occurs where some of the testosterone produced is converted into estrogen required by both genders. As with many other hormones, these levels can begin to decline by the time a person has entered their thirties. There is also no way of telling who will experience unwanted symptoms or side effects of these chemical drops, and an individual may find themselves dealing with one or more at any given time. The only way to know for sure if any chemical imbalances are present is with blood testing that is ordered by a doctor. When researching what is testosterone therapy, it is helpful to find a website on the internet that discusses this subject from a medical standpoint, and not one that focuses on bodybuilding and weight lifting. These are not the purposes of receiving this treatment. Low T is a serious condition that can contribute to obesity, heart problems, osteoporosis, sleeplessness, and even dementia. Depression and mood changes are also possible side effects that could occur. Many people do report that they are unhappy with the state of their life when a hormone imbalance such as this is present. That is why receiving the proper treatment is crucial to a positive outcome.

Indications for Testosterone Therapy

There are many indications for testosterone therapy, and doctors who are experienced hormone replacement specialists will not go solely off the blood test results. A man may have a blood level of less than 300 ng/dl, generally considered by the Endocrine Society as low, yet he may not have many or even any symptoms of Low T. Another man may actually find that at 400 ng/dl, his body is reacting in adverse ways. It is then up to the doctor to determine if his symptoms can be attributed to a possible decline in testosterone production. All of these factors will be assessed, and the findings of a physical examination will be used to rule out any other possible conditions before prescribing treatment. The indications for testosterone therapy may also include low sex drive, difficulties with arousal or performance, lack of pleasure, and erectile dysfunction. Weight gain, mood swings, poor cognitive abilities and focus, loss of lean muscle mass, confusion, decreased bone density, and even anemia. Some men say that they no longer feel like themselves. The goal of treatment is to raise the natural level of testosterone in the body back to where it was ten or fifteen years ago. Researchers believe that there are anywhere from 2 to 6 million men in the United States dealing with the signs and symptoms associated with Low T, yet most are undiagnosed. Only 5% of those affected are currently receiving treatment.

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How Much does Testosterone Therapy Cost?

Perhaps some people are worried about how much does testosterone therapy cost. This should not be a primary concern as treatment is increasingly affordable. It is also convenient, as each individual can administer this therapy in the comfort and privacy of his or her own home. While the majority of those being diagnosed are men, there are more women turning to doctors each day to find out if this safe and effective treatment is an option for them, as well. The actual price any person will pay is ultimately based upon the dosage and duration for this medication, as well as the type of treatment that is chosen. For the most part, men receive injections while women receive a convenient to use cream. Asking how much does testosterone therapy cost before all testing has been completed, and the results received cannot provide an accurate answer. There are too many variable in play at this time. Kingsberg Medical has always been committed to providing the lowest cost options possible without sacrificing service or quality. Once the completed tests and examinations have been reviewed, a definite answer can be provided to this question. The most important thing to remember is that testosterone is required by the body for the maintenance of overall healthfulness and vitality. If it is in short supply, symptoms may continue to worsen overtime, increasing the risk of developing other serious conditions.

Where to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy

California residents clearly want to know where to get testosterone replacement therapy safely and legally. They do not believe in taking chances with their health – the most valuable commodity any person can have. That is why they search to find reliable hormone replacement specialists is so important. Knowing that the doctor engaged in this practice has years of experience in this field is crucial to begin a trusting relationship that will end with receiving the best treatment and support possible. That is how positive results are achieved. The majority of general practitioners are not well-versed in this area of medicine. Most will often tell their patients that a specialist is the better choice. The best answer for those looking to restore hormonal balance by finding out where to get testosterone replacement therapy is right here, with doctors and clinical advisors whose only scope of practice is correcting and balancing these critical chemical levels. A person will find it very difficult to get through the day when these hormones are out of whack. Fatigue, depression, body aches, stiffness, inability to focus, and much more can interfere with work responsibilities, as well as home life demands. A person with young children at home does not have time to be tired or lethargic. A loving spouse does not want to hear complaints of headaches on a daily basis just in order to avoid facing the truth about sexual disinterest or inabilities. Those are the reasons to get experienced help.

Doctors Specializing in Testosterone Therapy

Reaching out to doctors specializing in testosterone therapy is the right choice for any man or woman dealing with undiagnosed changes in his or her body. Getting older does not have to be frightening if problems are caught when they appear. Even many years later, help is still available for those who did not realize what was happening earlier on in their lives. Finding the right specialist means working with someone who will follow-up to ensure that the proper benefits and results are being achieved once treatment for Low T begins. It also means that guidance and support will be provided starting with the very first telephone call and phone consultation. There is no need to spend countless hours and a lot of money on unnecessary office visits. It is, however, vital to hold these consultations with a clinical advisor to ensure that everything is proceeding as it should. By calling our doctors specializing in testosterone therapy, highly trained and experienced advisors will ensure that a complete understanding of the testing and treatment protocol is made clear. There are no smoke screens utilized when discussing this condition. Providing informative facts helps each person make the choice and decision that is right for his or her own personal needs. Low levels of testosterone require treatment if symptoms are present. That shows that the body is reacting to this shortage in a negative way. Bringing the body back into a state of balance allows for all affected areas to function properly.

How Long Does Testosterone Therapy Take to Work?

Time is of the essence in most everything in life, and that goes the same for receiving treatment. How long does testosterone therapy take to work once treatment begins? This is a generalized question that does not have a simple answer, partly due to the fact that there are a number of different benefits to receive, and partly due to the fact that each person’s body is unique. Just as no two people will experience the deficiency in quite the same way, their bodies will react just as individually, as well. For some, the results begin to appear almost immediately. These often include increased energy and better sleep. Improvements to mood are also noticeable early on for many people. That being said; some men and women may require a little more time before noticing any change. In some cases, dosages may have to be adjusted. When asking how long does testosterone therapy take to work, it is best to have a clear picture of what results are desired. Writing down a list of symptoms and their severity may help one notice as the benefits are being received. If insomnia is an issue, keeping track of how many hours of sleep are achieved each night may begin to show results. Men can easily keep track of the level of arousal, as well as performance and climax in the bedroom. Being able to maintain an erection for a longer period of time is certainly a positive sign. Weight loss and seeing an improved muscular tone is another way of telling that the treatment is working.

Does Insurance Cover Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

It is true that correcting Low T is a medical treatment. In that case, does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy? This is a question that must be asked directly of the carrier, as all policies are different. Even within the same company, there are usually various HMO and PPO plans that have various levels of coverage. That does not even address how companies may even make changes to what they will include during the course of the year. What can be shared is that treating low levels of testosterone with doctor prescribed therapy is affordable and safe. There is no reason to look to the black market for this type of purchase. If blood tests and symptoms point to a deficiency in the production of this crucial hormone for men as well as women, then an order for treatment will be provided. Asking does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy is certainly understandable, but not necessarily crucial to the receipt of this medication thanks to the affordable care provided here at Kingsberg Medical. Speaking directly with an advisor here at this clinic will bring clarity and informative answers that will help each person proceed down the path of revitalization that his or her body requires. With the majority of the population expecting to live well into their eighties or nineties, having abundant energy and good health has never been as important as it is today. This will go quite far in maintaining an active and enjoyable lifestyle at any age.

What is the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

Those who have asked what is the cost of testosterone therapy in the past report that it is inconsequential compared to the value they have received after beginning their treatment. This is partly due to the widespread benefits that they achieved. Throughout California, men, and even women over the age of thirty, whose bodies have begun to undergo changes are rediscovering the fire within themselves. It is this fire that fuels the daily and nightly passions that make living worthwhile. From participating in hobbies and sports to accomplishing new goals on the job, productivity and performance can reach new highs. Golf, basketball, tennis, swimming, skiing, and mountain climbing are all pastimes that can be enjoyed. What is the cost of testosterone therapy compared to a lifetime without pleasure? Hopes of traveling the world in retirement years can be fulfilled thanks to a new lease on life that occurs when people feel and even look their best. Fatigue can ruin jobs, relationships, and lives. Avoiding sexual relations with one’s spouse or partner due to any form of decreased arousal or performance/ability can send up warning flags and fears of an affair or lost interest in the relationship. This can lead to disharmony and even separation or divorce. Instead of standing by and watching a relationship of many years become ruined, taking a simple, affordable step to bring balance back into the body can make a huge difference.

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Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Therapy

The ability to get doctor prescribed testosterone therapy in California is changing the way people view the entire aging process. There is no longer a need to fear decreasing hormone levels if that should occur. Treatment is available that is affordable and safe. Experienced medical specialists are here to help those in need find the relief that will allow them to lead energized lives. Kingsberg Medical is a premier hormone replacement clinic offering testing and treatment options for residents in California and throughout the United States. This allows our clients the opportunity to refer their loved ones to us, as well, no matter where they reside. Whether the current concerns encompass sexual dysfunction of any kind, lack of energy, weight gain, mental confusion, loss of lean muscle tone, or even decreased bone density, we can help. Get the finest doctor prescribed testosterone therapy by contacting us by telephone or completing the short form above today. There is no need to put off seeking the answers that can transform the quality of life any longer. Treatment cannot begin until the call is made. We are here to provide the highest quality care, guidance, and customer support in replenishing dwindling hormone levels.