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Why are many medical experts here in California and throughout the world beginning to view testosterone as the darling of the hormone replacement industry? It turns out that many of the issues previously attributed to the natural aging process in some people can actually be traced back to Low T, the terminology used to describe the condition that occurs when testosterone levels are reduced in the body due to low production. Before getting overly excited, it is crucial to point out that everyone reading this page will not be a candidate for this treatment. Only those who are actually diagnosed with extremely low levels of this vital chemical, and who have accompanying symptoms will be candidates for this therapy. Although some individuals researching this topic may be certain that low testosterone production is to blame for the state they find their bodies in today, there may also be a number of other reasons or contributing factors that are behind the signs they are noticing. Lifestyle choices, illness, age, injuries, genetics, and other medications may all cause symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, memory loss, and decreased libido. When it comes to diagnosing conditions such as Low T or growth hormone deficiency, the doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will order detail blood tests that will show whether any of these crucial chemical levels have decreased in production to the point where adverse reactions are taking place.

Low Testosterone Deficiency Treatment

More people today are searching for information about low testosterone deficiency treatment in California than ever before. Part of the reason for that is the myriad of reports that are coming out about the health benefits of this therapy for both men and women. It is time to take this news out of locker rooms and gyms and into the open where those who are fed up with their lack of energy and other concerns can get the help they need to restore vitality into their lives. While it is certainly natural to expect that one’s energy level will change over the years, it is not normal to wake up exhausted and find it difficult to make it through the work day. That is a warning sign that something is wrong. If Low T is diagnosed, then low testosterone deficiency treatment will restore vitality and endurance to a body that has been dealing with lethargy for too long. Although no one is expected to run at the speed they did in their twenties when they are in their sixties, they also should not be moving at a snail’s pace this early in life. Fifty may have been the end of the line for most people one hundred years ago, but the life expectancy today has surpassed eighty, and many are easily making it well into their nineties and past one hundred years of age. That is why so many people still seem to have boundless energy in their sixties and even seventies. For some, it comes naturally as their bodies are not reacting to hormone deficiencies, but for those who are dealing with adverse effects, receiving the proper treatment can restore vitality in little to no time at all.

What Does Testosterone Do?

Many of our California callers ask what does testosterone do for the body other than regulating male sexuality. It is a misconception that this hormone has only this one function. While providing women and men alike with increased desire and pleasure for intimate relations is a crucial part of what this chemical regulates, there is much more happening in the body below the surface as a result of testosterone’s production. Red blood cells rely upon stimulus from this hormone in order to proliferate. They are crucial for the oxygenation process to take place. Bones will lose their density and support if Low T is present. This increases the risk of developing osteoporosis as the years go by. Muscle tone is also affected with this decrease. Overall changes to one’s physique include loss of lean muscle mass and increased fat retention, especially in the abdominal region. Most people are familiar with the dangers of belly fat and obesity. What does testosterone do in regards to mental health? This is a double-edged sword, as the changes here can have a detrimental effect on a person’s well-being and productivity. Often times, those diagnosed with this deficiency will state that they feel as though they are walking around in a fog. Fuzzy thinking and memory loss are often linked to Low T. The ability to concentrate for long periods of time is also reduced. The problems go much deeper on an emotional level. Depression, feelings of isolation, mood swings, and even aggression can accompany this condition. The inability to get a good night’s sleep is another serious concern, as sleep deprivation can also increase memory loss, poor cognitive functions, alertness, ability to operate machinery (including an automobile), sexual desire, drive and productivity, and interpersonal relationships with loved ones.

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What is Low Testosterone?

This all brings up the question what is low testosterone. Quite simply – Low T occurs when the body no longer produces the amount of this chemical that is needed to perform all required daily functions to their fullest extent. There is a natural surge of this hormone that occurs during adolescence and puberty. At that time, males will witness the development and maturation of their sex organs. For both genders, production of testosterone hits its all-time high either during this time or in one’s early twenties. Levels begin to stabilize at that point and hold relatively steady until the approaching decade when a person turns thirty. At this time, most people will begin to see a yearly decrease in the secretion of this chemical at a rate of about 1%. While that may not seem like a big deal at this point, imagine the change in another twenty years. What is low testosterone caused by? There is no definitive answer to this question. Pollution, like the smog found in areas such as Los Angeles, may play a role in much the same way eating foods laced with pesticides and other chemicals. Genetics may be a predictor of decreasing hormone levels. Lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet may also be joined by smoking and excessive drinking. Illness, injury, and medications may all contribute to this concern. While it is not always determined why or how Low T occurred in an individual, there is a way to provide targeted treatment to reverse the problem.  

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels?

What are normal testosterone levels considered to be for men and women? This is one of the most confusing things to explain to people since the variance here is actually quite broad. During their late teenage years, boys will range from 300 – 1200 ng/dl based upon recommendations from the Mayo Clinic. Different labs may have a slight variation in their levels. Once adulthood has been reached, the average male will more than likely fall within the 270 – 1070 ng/dl range. Many doctors who prescribe testosterone therapy will look at the symptoms a man reports as being a sign of a problem even if blood tests show a level around 400 ng/dl. Since the barometer of measurement is so vast, symptoms will play a role in the diagnosis of Low T. What are normal testosterone levels for a woman? From the age of 17 to 18, a teenage girl will have a range of 20 – 75 ng/dl, and that will taper off to 8 – 60 ng/dl after the age of 19. Over the years, the average female adult will find herself falling into the 15 – 70 ng/dl range. Again, symptoms will play a role in the diagnosis, especially for those at the lower end of the spectrum. Menopause many also signal this decline. After the age of thirty, men can expect a 1% decrease in production each year, although some may be higher or lower.

Testosterone Deficiency

The way to tell if there is an actual testosterone deficiency is by taking a look at the blood test results and comparing them to the symptoms that are present. Even if a person is not below the bottom number in the scale, he, or she may still be considered deficient if they are in the lower range and exhibiting the signs of a deficiency. Most doctors agree that those without any symptoms of Low T usually do not need to receive treatment, even if the blood test comes up at the bottom end of the spectrum. Each case will be reviewed on a person by person basis in order to ensure that the best decision is made to benefit overall well-being. Diagnosing testosterone deficiency takes a number of factors into consideration. That is due to the fact that the human body is a complex piece of machinery. The way in which changing hormone levels affects different people is unique. That is why some women suffer through hot flashes and night sweats while others have hardly any change whatsoever. Why does one person suffer from memory concerns and another remembers the smallest of facts without any issue at all? There is no way of telling in advance who is going to fall victim to changes that Low T can bring. The good news is that those who do have an excellent chance to reverse those signs with the proper treatment.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels

The important thing for those with a deficiency to do is learn how to increase testosterone levels. This involves finding a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. An HRT clinic is the best way to proceed since that is where expert care and knowledge can be found. The properly prescribed supplementation can make all the difference in the world to the body that is dealing with fatigue, muscle and bone loss, excess weight, memory concerns, and low libido. These are problems that can zap all the enjoyment out of life, especially when they cause one to give up the activities that are loved. Grumpiness, depression, and a bleak outlook often accompany these symptoms. By learning how to increase testosterone levels safely, and that is the key word, a person will be able to put all these concerns behind themselves. Life will once again be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible, and precious moments can be shared with loved ones. Imagine having the energy and stamina to participate in sports or physical activities that had long been forgotten due to a body that just couldn’t hold up anymore. What would that mean? Instead of sitting back and watching others have all the fun, it would now be possible to be right smack in the middle of all the action once again.

Treatment for Low Testosterone

Beginning treatment for low testosterone has often been compared to turning on a light that had burnt out years earlier. It is as if coming out of the dark into the sunshine brings new insight into the future. The fogginess that often accompanies poor focus and concentration is lifted as if a veil has been removed from one’s head. It may be hard to imagine this when dealing first hand with the effects of Low T, but try to recall how clear memory and focus were back in earlier days. Most people try to remember what their memory was like in their twenties, when recall came easily. Believe it or not, that is possible again when treatment for low testosterone is provided by a hormone replacement specialist, such as the ones right here at Kingsberg Medical. What do people in San Francisco have in common with those in San Diego other than oceanfront breezes and views? They have the ability to take control of their lives and destinies, and put an end to the sometimes debilitating effects that can arise when specific chemical levels such as this decrease to the point where normal bodily functions are compromised. There is no need to suffer in silence especially if answers regarding these symptoms have not been provided elsewhere. That is when finding the right specialist can help.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Getting the right testosterone replacement therapy for one’s needs is crucial to a positive outcome from this treatment. If a person begins to use a dosage that is too high for what they require, adverse side effects could occur. This could easily turn some off of this course of action if they are not receiving the guidance from professional hormone replacement specialists. A knowledgeable expert probably would not have prescribed too high a dosage in the first place, and if by some chance a negative reaction did occur, he or she would know precisely how to lower the amount received in order to put an end to the side effects and restore positive results. Conversely, when seeking out testosterone replacement therapy, if the amount of medication being self-administered is too low, a lack of results could also cause someone to cease his or her treatment before the proper benefits are achieved. Guidance here would provide for a safe increase in dosing in order to bring about the desired results. Only an experienced and knowledgeable physician can make these determinations. It is amazing to think that, in just a short period of time, all unwanted symptoms of Low T could be gone forever. What an incredible difference that could make in workplace productivity and family relationships. Just imagine what a restoration of libido could mean to a spouse or partner.

Testosterone Doctors and Clinics

Locating the best testosterone doctors and clinics in California does not have to be a mystery or a difficult feat to accomplish. It also does not mean spending hours of time sitting around in a waiting room hoping to be called before someone familiar walks in the door. Many people take this type of treatment personally and do not want to advertise to others, especially in the beginning, what they are doing. Once the results begin to be seen, most people are happy to share the reason why, but at the start of therapy, confidentiality is often requested that makes visiting a local clinic a scary situation for many individuals who value their privacy. Discovering that there are other options in regards to testosterone doctors and clinics throughout California is welcome news. This allows people to speak with experienced medical professionals from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Best of all, being able to complete any required medical documents while sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table through a secure link on this website is an added benefit. No more wondering about who may be looking over one’s shoulder to see what is being written down on a questionnaire. All of this information is now privately shared directly with the clinic’s hormone replacement specialists. It is no wonder that this has become the method of choice for those residing in Palos Verdes and Fresno.

Testosterone Prescribed By Doctors

Once testosterone prescribed by doctors is received, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. A person who has gained weight will be able to witness the shrinking of their waistline. This provides improved health and organ functioning as internal organs are no longer crowded by excess fat. The risk of developing obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease are all reduced. Muscle and bone aches and weakness will disappear, also reducing the risk of osteoporosis down the road. Stronger bones can withstand slips, falls, and accidents much better than weak bones. Well-developed muscles will help cushion and support the skeletal structure of the body. Flexibility and movement are improved, making it easier to participate in physical activities and exercise. Receiving testosterone prescribed by doctors also helps to restore a positive mood and outlook on life. It is understandable that the future would seem bleak to one who was no longer feeling like his or her old self. This will all change as bodily improvements begin to appear. The simple fact that better, more restful sleep will now be a part of life can help one wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. Stepping out of bed and realizing that joint pains and stiffness are gone is another way to start the day with a smile on one’s face. How different the world will look when seen through well-rested eyes.

Where to Buy Testosterone Injections

Of course, the first step is deciding where to buy testosterone injections. None of the positive benefits can be achieved until that step is taken. There are a few things to be wary of when beginning this journey. The first involves safety and legality. Testosterone and other forms of hormone replacement should always be prescribed by a doctor who is experienced in this field of medicine. These treatments should never be ordered off of websites that do not require a prescription. Not only is this an illegal action, it can end up hurting rather than improving one’s health. There is always a risk of counterfeit products when making an illegal purchase. It is one thing to take this risk when buying a purse or sunglasses, but it should never be done when getting medications. Learning where to buy testosterone injections safely is only part of the equation. Ensuring that the prescription is being filled at a licensed and regulated US pharmacy is the next crucial step. At Kingsberg Medical, all prescriptions are filled in this manner and shipped right to the client for added safety. A signature is even required at the time of delivery and must be done by an adult and not a child. This ensures that the medication is sent directly to the person whom it is intended for. Please remember to avoid all websites that focus solely on bodybuilding and steroid use. That is not the intended or legal use or purpose of hormone replacement therapy. This treatment is only for those with a true deficiency.

Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

How can a person buy testosterone cypionate for sale legally? Avoiding black market websites that do not require a prescription before shipping pharmaceutical products is the best way to ensure that only the purest and safest medication is being received. Testosterone cypionate is a long lasting pharmaceutical that remains freely suspended in a person’s system for seven days. During this time, the body is reaping the rewards in terms of energy improvement, better sleep, weight loss, bone strengthening, improved memory, increased lean muscle mass, and certainly, enhanced sexual desire and performance. A hormone replacement specialist will usually prescribe this medication to be administered once every seven days. Again, this is based upon a careful review of all blood testing results and physical examination findings. Getting testosterone cypionate for sale in this way means that an end to the undesirable symptoms of Low T is on the way. It won’t take long before changes are also noticeable to others. From a trimmer physique to improved mood and demeanor, the transformation will be evident within two months’ time. Some of the benefits will begin to be seen and felt within the first week. Throughout California, men and women are discovering new ways to restore balance and vitality to their lives. No matter the reason why decreased testosterone production has occurred, the simple truth is that when it is present, some type of action must be taken. For many people, that means seeking carefully prescribed hormone injections.

Depo Testosterone

Depo testosterone is produced by Pfizer pharmaceuticals and is the registered brand name of this medication. It is injected intra-muscularly into either the buttocks or thigh muscles. Once administered, homeostasis begins to take effect in the body. This is the act of providing balance so that the body can flourish. It is crucial to stay in touch with an advisor at the hormone replacement clinic throughout the course of treatment. This ensures that the proper and desired benefits are being achieved. This also helps prevent any unwanted side effects from creeping up unintended. Questions are encouraged and well-received, and the answers are always provided in an understandable format without a lot of confusing medical jargon that only doctors can understand. Whether a person decides to buy depo testosterone or wants to save money by receiving testosterone cypionate that is compounded in our pharmacy under the exact specification ordered by the doctor and based upon federal regulations, either choice will provide the desired results to the body. Knowing that treatment is this easy to receive once a clear diagnosis has been made by the doctor can go a long way in putting a person’s mind at ease about how his or her future will be. Fears of developing osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and obesity due to Low T can be put to rest. The future can be a much brighter place than previously thought.

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Testosterone Therapy

Receiving testosterone therapy does not mean a person will stop aging, nor does it mean that a seventy-year-old will look or feel twenty again. What it does mean is that natural improvements will take place as the body once again operates at its physical peak. Bones and muscles will strengthen, excess weight will begin to melt away, sleep will come naturally, and even cognitive functions will sharpen and improve. These are benefits worth having at any age. A sluggish or non-existent libido will disappear, and physical relations will once again be enjoyable for all concerned. Both men and women experience incredible benefits in this area. Testosterone therapy has long been used safely and effectively for those diagnosed with Low T. There are many benefits to brain and heart health, as well and psychological and emotional improvements. At Kingsberg Medical, we believe that each person has the fundamental right to have a say in their health care and their future. They have a right to be provided with medically necessary treatment that can improve the overall quality of life. Most importantly, this should take place in a caring and compassionate environment where customer service and affordability go hand in hand. That is what can be found right here at this clinic.