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Testosterone Therapy Benefits

Testosterone Therapy Benefits

It is not always easy to spot a person who is living a fuller life thanks to testosterone therapy benefits. They tend to blend in with everyone else in Southern or Northern California who can say that full participation in enjoyable activities adds pleasurable spice to daily life. This is thanks, in part to increased energy, stronger bones, improved mood, and yes, even a healthier sex life. That may not have always been the case, however, for an individual who dealt first hand with the adverse effects of Low T. It doesn’t matter if we are discussing males or females – members of both genders can be deficient in this crucial chemical. When this occurs, numerous changes can take place in the body. Some medical researchers claim that a male will reach his peak level of testosterone production at the age of 17, with it gradually tapering off after that. Others cite the age 30 as being the magic time when a man will begin to experience a yearly decrease of about 1% per year. For women, menopause traditionally signals this change. Thanks to receiving testosterone therapy benefits, the negative effects of this reduction will not have to create serious concerns. If every person does experience a hormonal decline, why doesn’t everyone need this treatment? Ah, the interesting facts of life! Each individual is unique, and the way in which his or her body will respond to changes that occur is also unique. Whereas one person may find that a gradual decline in testosterone production will bring about a number of discomforting symptoms, another with a serious shortage may not notice any changes at all. That is why it takes more than a blood test to determine who should receive treatment. Blood analysis, physical examination, health history, and full disclosure of symptoms will be used in the diagnosis process.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy for a man over thirty living in California? Why do some men seem to go through life without a care in the world? They have abundant energy, enjoy a robust schedule of activities, and always have a smile on their faces. Then there are those who walk around in a funk all the time, almost as if the weight of the world was on their shoulders. Lack of energy, depression, and even weight gain are evident. Without a clue to what is going on inside their bodies, many of these men may very well be suffering from Low T. When testosterone levels decline to the point where certain symptoms begin to appear, a male may have no control over what is happening to him physically, emotionally, and psychologically. That is why it is important to ask what are the benefits of testosterone therapy at this time. This is where magic can happen that can transform a person’s life. Imagine someone who is just shuffling along from day to day, trying hard just to make it until the work bell rings at 5 pm so that he can go home and collapse in a heap on the couch for the rest of the night. This is a pretty bleak picture, but one that millions of American males may be dealing with at this very moment. That is because researchers suspect that anywhere from 2 to 6 million men in this country are dealing with the effects of Low T without even realizing it. Some may attribute it to old age and others accept the fact that their bodies are reacting the same way their father’s did at the same point in life. What most of them do not yet know is the fact that there may be a way to put an end to this overwhelming fatigue and loss of strength that they are experiencing.

Low Testosterone Therapy Benefits for Men

Of course, there is much more to expect from low testosterone therapy benefits for men than just putting an end to the energy drain taking place. Take a look in the mirror at what may have happened to the once lean, trim, and well-toned physique. If Low T is present, chances are that well-chiseled muscles have given way to some excess flab. Six pack abs may look more like a six pack of donuts has come and stayed permanently. Is it any wonder that so many men report feelings of depression and unhappiness when they have reduced testosterone production? These types of changes can significantly affect a person’s overall mood and emotional wellbeing. If something is not broken, there is no need to fix it. The flip side of that points to the necessity of repairs for something that is broken in order for it to work effectively. In order for the body to work efficiently, it needs adequate levels of various hormones. Receiving treatment will result in low testosterone therapy benefits for men that help eliminate the mid-section bulge that may be a result of too many donuts, beers, chicken wings, and of course, decreased chemical production in the body that affects how well the metabolism burns through the food consumed. When the metabolic process is in full gear, all food consumed is converted to instant fuel. That keeps energy levels high and eliminates weight gain. The other factor here is that testosterone will also help to rebuild lost lean muscle mass, restoring a chiseled effect to the body. Improvements in appearance usually also signal improvements in mood and demeanor.

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Health Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Among the other health benefits of testosterone therapy that Californians are eager to hear about is cognitive improvements. It is often reported by those with Low T that the feeling of walking around in a daze, haze, or fog is commonplace. The brain does need to have a steady supply of a number of different hormones in order to function properly. Anything less can easily lead to bouts of forgetfulness, poor concentration, and reduced abilities to perform usually easy tasks. This can certainly be frightening for a person whose past recall was always up to speed. Grasping for words or facts can be quite disconcerting, especially when they do not come at all. The fear of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is understandable. No one wants to imagine that he or she might become a burden on others someday, not to mention the difficulty that can arise when it is impossible even to recognize those who are loved and cherished. Thanks to the many health benefits of testosterone therapy, stronger cognitive functions can begin almost right away. Increased clarity, focus, and memory all help make each day productive. This often helps to better the drive, and determination one has in all areas of his or even her life. Women have just as much of a risk when it comes to memory loss and poor concentration skills as a result of decreased testosterone secretion. It is crucial to catch these differences as soon as possible in order to receive the proper treatment at an early stage. Although it is never too late to start, as with most medications the earlier therapy begins, the better and quicker the results will be seen.

Benefits of Testosterone Treatment for Women

As surprising as this might sound, there are amazing benefits of testosterone treatment for women. From San Diego to Sacramento and parts near and wide, California women are learning there is another option they can turn to other than estrogen replacement when menopause begins to create havoc in their lives. Hot flashes, excess fat, and night sweats do not have to interfere with daily life. Poor sleep and memory loss are not acceptable for anyone, much less a woman who is going through her change of life. One of the biggest concerns, osteoporosis, does not have to be a fear anymore. Testosterone plays an important role in stimulating bone mineralization and decreasing resorption in order to maintain healthy and strong bones. This is only one small faction of the benefits of testosterone treatment for women. Improved sleep, energy, and mental functions are among the many results that will be achieved. A woman can expect to find relief from vaginal dryness and hot flashes. Her libido will be greatly improved, and sexual relations will take on a whole new level of enjoyment. Many women report that their hair appears to be growing in thicker, as well. Although a woman may be diagnosed with low estrogen levels, there is a natural conversion process that occurs where some testosterone is transformed by the body into estrogen in a safe manner. Best of all, the risks associated with hormone replacement such as blood clots, cancer, and heart disease are not present when treating Low T in this way.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Among some of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, we also find positive changes in muscle retention. The changes in one’s physique that occurs in a person with Low T goes well beyond the simple weight gain already discussed. Loss of lean muscle mass is also an important concern. Remember, it is this muscle that increases overall flexibility while at the same time offering support and cushioning for the skeletal structure of the body. Without this support, serious fractures as a result of falls are increased in possibility. Testosterone increases muscle protein synthesis, allowing the structure and tone to increase. While this process is occurring, lean body mass increases while excess fat decreases. Thanks to these benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, a person can expect to redevelop a well-chiseled appearance over a period of time. For a person who has always taken pride in his or her appearance, this is certainly a positive step to achieve. Looking good in a bathing suit or tank top helps to improve overall mental attitude. It is fairly common for those who are not happy with how they look to be depressed. It is just as expected for one who is delighted in their appearance to show it through their uplifted mood. Up and down the California coast, older adults are realizing that life does not stop after a certain age; it only gets better and better with each passing day.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Benefits and Risks

From time to time, we receive inquiries about both testosterone replacement therapy benefits and risks. As we have already covered some of the most prominent results that people will achieve, it is only natural also to take a look at any possible side effects that can come from receiving this treatment for Low T. One concern is prostate cancer. For the most part, that is unwarranted. There has been no link between receiving testosterone replacement and an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. As a matter of fact, men who have been diagnosed with this condition have also shown to be suffering from Low T, as well, suggesting that there may be a correlation between the risk of developing this cancer if one is dealing with low levels of testosterone. The only genuine concern in this area is for those who are currently being treated for this issue. They would not be considered candidates for Low T treatment until they have been cleared by their oncologist. While exploring testosterone replacement therapy benefits and risks, it is also necessary to point out that fears of increased anger and violence, undesirable hair growth, acne, and other issues have not been documented during research studies. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that testosterone therapy, like all other forms of hormone replacement, should only be used when doctor prescribed. This is not an area that can be self-diagnosed or treated. Ensuring that the proper type of treatment and the right dosage ordered is what is used is what will bring a good outcome from this doctor ordered protocol.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

How long does it take to feel the benefits of testosterone therapy? Who wouldn’t want to know when they will see results? That is human nature to have the desire to know when something is going to happen. Part of this is the anticipation of the forthcoming event, and part is due to the joy or pleasure that will be achieved when the desired effect takes place. Every person will respond to treatment uniquely, just as they respond to a drop in testosterone production in their own particular way. There is no way to predict with certainty when the results will appear. There are, however, generalizations that can be made that will allow for some idea to become apparent. In general, most people will begin to notice changes in 4 to 6 weeks. Improvements in the areas of sleep and libido are often noticed a little sooner than that. For a person hoping to receive those positive attributes of their treatment, the answer to how long does it take to feel the benefits of testosterone therapy will often bring satisfaction. Those wishing to lose weight, and see a significant change in their overall physique, will need to be patient as this treatment works its way through the body over time. Positive changes in mood and anxiety can usually be seen somewhere around the third week, and continuing to improve with the passing of time. It is imperative to understand that these results are the outcome of receiving doctor prescribed treatment that has been carefully and accurately diagnosed following blood testing and physical examination. Only then can it be determined if an individual can expect to achieve positive benefits from this therapy.

Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment

The one area that has not yet been discussed in detail is the benefits of low testosterone treatment for men with low libido. This can actually encompass many different areas. One man may suffer from a decline in arousal or sexual desire while another may be concerned about the loss of his morning erection. Some men may find that their erections are not as strong or long-lasting as they had been in the past. In some cases, complete erectile dysfunction may be present. Poor stamina can be another concern when Low T is present. This can make it difficult to provide a pleasurable experience for one’s partner. Problems in the area of climax and orgasm may also be present. These can all receive the benefits of low testosterone treatment. Thankfully, this is usually one of the first areas where a positive change is noted. While every issue will not be resolved right away, results will continue to be achieved as the course of therapy continues. A gradual increase in desire and arousal will become evident. Eventually, the morning erection will return. The ability to attain and sustain multiple erections during the course of a night will increase. Endurance will improve, increasing pleasure for both parties involved. Romantic feelings will return, bringing positive changes to relationships that may have suffered some rocky times.

Health Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

It is certainly clear that there are many health benefits of testosterone replacement therapy for men and women throughout California. That is why more and more people are requesting blood tests on a regular basis. Millions of men are walking around this country wondering why their bodies no longer respond the way they did in the past. They have concerns associated with developing heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, and other conditions that are absolutely undesirable. They look longingly at those who are still living active lives and wonder what they are doing wrong. In many cases, it is nothing they have done – only an adverse change in the body that has taken over control. That is where the health benefits of testosterone replacement therapy can make a difference. Receiving the ideal treatment will reverse the unwanted changes and return a person to a state of vitality and well-being. The doctors and professional staff at Kingsberg Medical are here to help everyone rediscover the fire that burns within. To learn more, or to begin the testing process, simply contact this clinic today.