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Testosterone Therapy for Women

Testosterone Therapy for Women

Women throughout California are seeking information about testosterone therapy for women. Is this the answer they have been searching for to combat the adverse effects associated with the onset of menopause? Could there really be help for those who have gone through the surgical removal of their ovaries? It is widely acknowledged that menopause creates many changes in a female’s body, including issues associated with sexuality. From vaginal dryness to night sweats and hot flashes, these problems can indeed leave a woman feeling undesirable. While estrogen replacement has been used for many decades to help with some of these symptoms, there are a number of serious risks associated with this type of treatment. Could testosterone therapy for women be the answer that will bring positive relief without the risks and dangers associated with estrogen? We will explore this topic in detail, providing the pros and cons of what is known at this time. Research, as with many other types of treatment, is still ongoing, yet results have been clearly shown to provide overwhelming benefits. To learn more about Low T in the female body, and how the right type of care can help, continue reading this page. The answers might bring quite a pleasant surprise that can have a positive change going forward into the future.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Women?

Is it possible to have a vibrant sexual life after menopause? What are the benefits of testosterone therapy for women? These are questions that today’s active female wants to be answered. No longer does the average woman view entering her fifties and sixties as a time of winding down. Quite to the contrary, many are just beginning to feel as though they are finally coming into their own persona. The time of rearing children is finished. Career satisfaction may be hitting an all-time high. Exciting plans for retirement are hopefully within sight for the future. With menopause comes the passing of fears of pregnancy. Sexuality can take on a whole new aspect – that is until vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, decreased desire, and reduced pleasure take over. This is not what was imagined for the future. So, what are the benefits of testosterone therapy for women dealing with these issues? This mighty hormone can boost libido and energy while ensuring that the clitoris and nipples maintain sensitivity to stimulation. Testosterone has also been shown to assist in preventing bone loss, reducing fat, and improving lean muscle mass. The author of “The Superhormone Promise,” Dr. William Regelson, M.D., argues that this is the missing link in hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Other testosterone benefits include relief from insomnia, irritability, bloating, depression, fatigue, forgetfulness, mental fogginess, and menstrual migraines (for those who still get their periods).

What is Testosterone Therapy for Women?

If this is sounding as though it is finally the answer that women in California, as well as the rest of the country,  have been searching for, that just might be because it is. What is testosterone therapy for women and how does it work? As with any other type of doctor ordered hormone replacement, the goal of treatment is to restore a proper balance to a particular chemical level that has decreased over time, whether due to natural, surgical, or other reasons. Although testosterone use in women is considered off-label, there are many excellent researchers who have found that the benefits of this form of HRT are important to be reported and duplicated. Whereas many men who are found to be dealing with Low T are prescribed injections due to the higher level of this chemical that their bodies naturally produce, women are provided with other options, including creams. What is testosterone therapy for women supposed to do for a female who has had her uterus and ovaries removed? In cases such as this, surgically induced menopause can be a serious condition. The younger a woman is when this occurs, the greater her chances of possibly developing osteoporosis in later years. That is due to the role testosterone plays in maintaining bone density, along with another crucial chemical – growth hormone. There are other pages on this website devoted to that substance. Many doctors will want to start a woman on estrogen immediately after surgery in order to prevent the body from entering into possibly debilitating symptoms of menopause. Due to the inherent risks of estrogen replacement, many females are wary of that treatment. Testosterone replacement has become a go to answer for many of these women.

Indications for Testosterone Therapy for Women

What are the indications for testosterone therapy for women? Even though estrogen has been shown as beneficial when it comes to easing hot flashes and improving vaginal dryness, it does not play a role in stimulating the libido or improving energy levels. It also increases the risk of developing blood clots, breast cancer, dementia, heart attacks, and stroke. It is hard to compare the benefits to the risks when the consequences can be so severe, and even life-threatening. That is why so many women are looking elsewhere for answers, and thanks to research and studies presented by doctors and medical centers nationwide and in other countries, there are finally other alternatives available for safe and effective treatment. Some of the indications for testosterone therapy for women include depression, hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, increased cellulite, insomnia, forgetfulness, decreased bone density, feelings of walking around in a fog, loss of lean muscle mass, anxiety, and incontinence. Many females report that they seem to have lost their drive or ambition, with some even finding it difficult to perform jobs they once enjoyed. These issues are common for women living in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles as well as those further out in cities such as Palm Springs. No one is immune to experiencing these changes based solely upon where she lives, nor should receiving treatment for Low T be easier or harder based upon locale.

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Where to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

That leads to where to get testosterone replacement therapy for women in California. Because this treatment is not generally prescribed by gynecologists or general practitioners, many women do not know where to turn to get the help they need, desire, and deserve. The most commonly prescribed form of hormone replacement for women is estrogen – which many do not even want to hear about for the dangers mentioned above. Some turn to homeopathic remedies they have read about or seen on television talk shows. In some cases, benefits have been achieved. For those who are still concerned about bone loss and fractures later in life, not to mention wanting to see passion and desire come back into their lives, finding out how to put an end to Low T is the best option they have for a brighter future. Learning where to get testosterone replacement therapy for women is not difficult. There are many options when it comes to accurate and safe hormone replacement other than estrogen. One of the most well-respected choices today is Kingsberg Medical.  From El Cajon in the southern end of the state all the way up to Crescent City not far from the Oregon border, women are discovering an easy way to get the desired relief and necessary treatment they need to restore balance and pleasure to their lives. Why settle for humdrum, for unease, or for discomfort when the answer is not only safe, easy, and effective, but right here at one’s fingertips.

Does Insurance Cover Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women?

Before going any further in the process, many women want to know does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy for women? This is a question that must be asked of the actual provider. Every contract is different. There are endless exclusion and coverages that vary from policy to policy. That makes it impossible to answer this question with any validity. What may be covered for one person may not be for another, even though they may be with the same carrier. On top of that situation, insurance companies are continuously reviewing and updating their coverages, so that what may or may not have been considered at the beginning of the calendar year may change before the year is up. Thankfully, the answer to does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy for women will not have much bearing upon their ability to receive treatment. This is not an expensive form of hormone replacement, even for those residing in cities such as San Francisco or Beverly Hills where the cost of living is higher than in other places in the country. As a matter of fact, in a number of situations, testosterone is considerably more affordable than many of the over-the-counter homeopathic supplements that many women try using before turning to prescription bioidentical therapies. It is good to know that there is relief from those pesky hot flashes that interfere with work productivity and daily life. Night sweats that create a puddle in the bed can finally be put to rest so that a restful night’s sleep is once again a possibility.

What is the Cost of Testosterone Therapy for Women?

The next obvious question is what is the cost of testosterone therapy for women in California? This is another question that does not have one definitive answer. The reason for that is due to the variances that come into the picture. Any type of hormone replacement is based upon individual needs. Blood testing is used by a specialist to determine which chemical levels are affected, and which ones require any type of treatment. That information is also used to calculate the dosage of the required medical protocol. Duration for the course of therapy is another key factor that will be used in figuring out the final answer to what is the cost of testosterone therapy for women based upon individual needs. There are also a number of different ways that this medication can be administered which will also play a role in the final price. A number of factors go into this decision, just as there are a number of reasons why so many women are seeking out this treatment. One thing about the female gender of the species – they are not afraid to seek out medical guidance the way some men shy away from doctors. The ability to embrace what is occurring, and seek out ways to restore well-being is what turns the future into a shining possibility rather than a bleak outlook. Increased vitality and passion can indeed make for a brighter future.

Doctors Specializing in Testosterone Therapy for Women

Locating doctors specializing in testosterone therapy for women is not as hard as many people think. The web search that led here is an excellent way to proceed. At Kingsberg Medical, our physicians know that many people do not have access to experienced hormone replacement professionals nearby. That is why our clinic makes treatment available to people in all fifty states. The best care is close at hand and merely a phone call or mouse click away. It is crucial that the prescribing doctor tailor the testosterone therapy to the individual woman, and not provide a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to correcting any chemical insufficiency. Not only would that be detrimental when it comes to achieving results, it cause unwanted side effects rather than positive benefits. At the other end of the spectrum is the incredible results that will be achieved when a woman receives a treatment plan developed solely for her personal needs. That is what will be provided by doctors specializing in testosterone therapy for women. By the time a woman reaches the age of forty, her body is producing about half the level of this vital hormone that it did when she was twenty. The way it will affect her is as personalized as the treatment process. Some females will find little change or effects while others may be prone to debilitating symptoms. These can take on both physical and psychological effects. Others do not notice any difference until some form of surgical intervention such as hysterectomy or oophorectomy (removal of ovaries) is involved. Either way, a hormone replacement specialist will be able to determine the best possible treatment for each individual.

How Long Does Testosterone Therapy Take to Work?

How long does testosterone therapy take to work for a woman who has been diagnosed with Low T? It may seem as though there are many questions that do not have clear answers, and this is one more of them. Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that, just like with the variance in dosages based upon personal needs, every woman’s body will respond in its own unique way and at its own pace. Although much of the basis for calculating dosages is scientific in nature, doctors will also use symptoms and their severity in the process. Occasionally, slight variances are needed in order to accomplish the desired goals without running the risk of adverse reactions. One person may start to notice some benefits within the first week, whereas another may require a few weeks to a few months to see a significant difference. That is why answering how long does testosterone therapy take to work is not a simple cut and dried process. There are also differences in how long each benefit will take to come into fruition. Energy and mood are typically the first things for most people to notice changing. Benefits such as increased or improved bone density naturally take a little longer, as this is something that will build up over time. Improvements to symptoms of menopause such as night sweats and hot flashes will traditionally also see results earlier on in the treatment cycle. As the body adjusts to an increase in this bioavailable hormone replacement, clarity, focus, increased sexual desire, and other wonderful results will be seen and felt.

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost?

A woman should never try to compare how much does testosterone therapy cost to that which a man will pay for his treatment. These are two entirely different protocols, as men will most likely be administering a much higher dosage in the form of an injection. Women naturally produce much lower amounts of testosterone in their bodies than do men. However, this hormone is equally as essential for both genders to maintain a pleasurable sex life, not to mention all the other crucial areas of one’s existence that this chemical plays a role in maintaining. Osteoporosis is one area of serious concern for people dealing with Low T. Recovering from a fracture can be quite an expensive prospect in terms of both time and money. That is why it is crucial to ensure that the body has an ample supply of this vital hormone to use at all times. A severe decrease in production can cause problems with focus, memory, weight, muscle tone, and energy in addition to ruining one’s libido. Just compare how much does testosterone therapy cost to the adverse changes in life, and it is clear that a small monetary outlay can bring tremendous rewards. If the physical benefits were not enough of a stimulus to propel an individual into taking action, the psychological and emotional responses certainly should be. Many women and men dealing with Low T have reported feelings of inadequacy, depression, anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. Testosterone treatment can turn those feelings around in a fairly short period of time. Positive outlook and improved mood can go a long distance to making each day seem better than the one before. Perhaps that is why so many women in California are seeking a new way of replenishing their dwindling hormone supplies.

Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Therapy for Women

One of the most crucial points to remember going forward is always to find a hormone replacement specialist in order to receive doctor prescribed testosterone therapy for women. This treatment should never be given where or when it is not needed. That is how harmful side effects can occur. Only those with a genuine need who are diagnosed with Low T should be provided with a script for this medication. Even then, the dosage needs to be carefully calculated in order to provide the body with the precise amount that it needs. Menopause, whether it comes about naturally or is caused by surgical intervention, is a condition that can bring undesirable symptoms into a woman’s life. Some may even find it difficult to carry on with their own regular day to day activities and family and work related responsibilities during this time. No woman should ever have to suffer without some form of help. For many, turning to doctor prescribed testosterone therapy for women is an obvious answer. There is hope of sleeping peacefully through the night without waking up in a pool of water due to another hot flash or night sweat. Vaginal dryness and decreased arousal can be a thing of the past as romance and intercourse become pleasurable once again. If the time has come to learn how testosterone replacement therapy can help, just contact the experts at Kingsberg Medical to get the answers and treatment needed.