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Doctors in Beverly Hills CA Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Doctors In Beverly Hills CA Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

What will you regret not doing in five or so years from now? If you belong to the 25% of US men over the age of 30 who has Low T, will you regret not having see one of the local HRT doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels?

If your Low T symptoms are troubling you now, they will most likely trouble you even more in a few years – because having a low testosterone problem is not a health circumstance that will magically fix itself.

While recent research has clearly suggested that one in four American men who are currently aged 30 and older have developed a testosterone deficiency, it also suggested that one in twenty of them are experiencing the clinical symptoms that long have been linked to this health problem. If you are part of that number, then you are already aware that having Low T can cause:

  • Troubling reductions in your sexual potency and frequency
  • Undesirable reductions in your strength and muscle mass
  • Loss of emotional steadiness and interrupted sleeping patterns
  • Increased difficulty losing unwanted fat

Kingsberg Medical’s doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels are very familiar with these and a number of other commonly experienced symptoms related to male hormone deficiency; so we fully appreciate the majorly disruptive effects they can have on an adult’s life. We also know that those effects can be dramatically minimized and often eliminated completely by increasing your body’s testosterone supply to a more clinically advantageous level.

If you do nothing now to correct your Low T and greatly reduce (quite possibly even totally eliminate) your current symptoms, will you wind up regretting it in a few years when your symptoms have intensified or become more frequent?

Our Doctors Are Not Immune to Testosterone Deficiency

No adult, male or female, is immune to developing hormone deficiency issues and yes, women can also develop this condition. Some of Kingsberg Medical’s locally available doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels are themselves patients using Low T therapy and some are also being treated for human growth hormone deficiency. Just because they happen to be doctors, it does not make them any less statistically susceptible than anyone else within the general US adult population to the development of a clinically significant hormonal imbalance.

However, all of Kingsberg Medical’s fine hormone replacement doctors are particularly sympathetic to adults suffering from health-damaging endocrine problems such as Low T and HGH deficiency because it is what they have chosen to concentrate their medical practice on. Our doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels are far more naturally attuned to understanding your symptoms and treating your specific hormone deficiency (or deficiencies) than those who have chosen to become general practitioners.

It’s our experience in this medical specialization that instills confidence in our patients – and our professional pledge to every patient we treat is to never disappoint or fail to support them in any way through either our words or our actions.

Many of our Beverly Hills testosterone therapy doctors have been in their shoes … and because of this, we uniquely understand those things that are most important to our patients. 

Using Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone Replacement

Some adults abandon their ideal life stories too soon, often when they realize that attaining the idealized versions of their lives that they has in mind during their twenties or early thirties is going to be harder to create than they had anticipated. However, if you surrender your life’s goals to Low T by not seeking medical help from doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels, you may be giving up more than your dreams.

Your adult health is more tied to sustaining your hormonal balance than you probably realized, especially during the time that you were blithely enjoying your earliest years of adulthood. Up until about the ages of 30 to 35, most adults are producing and living with a sufficient supply of both human growth hormone and testosterone, and the thought of that circumstance changing rarely if ever crosses their minds.

By the ages 40 to 45, not having adequate HGH levels to support cellular physiological repair is a common problem for many; and by 50 to 55, virtually every male is experiencing a slow but steady decline in testosterone levels.

Both of these clinical circumstances can be reversed through the therapy that is provided by our doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels. If you are 30 or older and have been experiencing any hormone deficiency symptoms whatsoever, having a blood test to determine the present status of your body’s growth hormone and testosterone levels is a prudent move. The earlier that our doctors are able to detect a treatable deficiency, then the faster using your prescribed treatment will be able to reverse it. Early detection is always your friend whenever a health problem of any type develops and this also applies to the detecting of problematic hormone imbalances.  

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Treating Your Low Testosterone Levels in Beverly Hills

Natural is a word that often comes to one’s mind when thinking about California; from its natural beauty to the “natural living” mindset of many of its inhabitants, people living in The Golden State are often associated with having embraced natural foods and remedies early and enthusiastically.

Our doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels are also strong proponents of living a healthy, natural lifestyle and our patients are always encouraged embrace a whole body approach to sustaining their health.

Yet healthy eating and the most naturally based of lifestyles cannot totally replenish an adult’s testosterone levels once their body’s production has dropped below the norm.

Will healthy habits foster an excellent and supportive physiological environment for any patient’s prescribed course of hormone replacement therapy?

Our doctors strongly believe that it will, which is why we provide nutritional and fitness guidance to our patients. However, even though oysters are chock full of the zinc needed for testosterone production … even though olive oil consumption has been linked by some studies to increased testosterone levels … and although salmon is one of only a few dietary sources for the Vitamin D that supports the male reproductive system and testosterone supply, our experienced doctors in Beverly Hills CA who treat low testosterone levels know that your food choices are not enough to replace all of the hormone production that your body has lost.

Kingsberg Medical’s Beverly Hills doctors and clinical advisors would be happy to discuss any of your concerns about your own hormonal balance over the phone and we can also set up any hormone deficiency testing that we think you should consider having performed based on your current symptomology. Simply call us at the toll-free number displayed on this page.