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Using Hormone Replacement Therapy in Beverly Hills CA

Hormone Replacement Therapy In Beverly Hills CA

Andropause; menopause; grumpy man syndrome; age-related growth hormone loss; these are just a few of the terms used to describe the circumstances under which adults can find themselves using hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA.

The terminology used for the conditions that cause people to experience hormone loss during middle age and later may deviate, but the name that describes their medical treatment does not. Hormone replacement therapy (or HRT) is the umbrella term used for the treatment of female estrogen loss; male testosterone loss; and both male and female growth hormone loss.

Yet the fact that it is an umbrella term is what contributes to plenty of confusion about the various forms of treatment that it covers. The two treatments that we’ll cover here, because of increased medical usage they have experienced in recent times and because our doctors at Kingsberg Medical routinely prescribe them for our patients, are human growth hormone (HGH) replacement therapy and testosterone replacement therapy.

So if you have been weighing the pros and cons of using hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA, this information is geared towards you.

Whether you currently have a clinical growth hormone or testosterone deficiency, our doctors believe that your best course of treatment will be using injectable bio-identical versions of the hormones your body is no longer capable of adequately producing. In replacing those hormones with biologically compatible lab-produced ones, the symptoms that you have acquired can be eliminated.

However, what people must understand is that hormone replacement therapy is a exact medical science and no one should ever attempt to do this on their own by obtaining and using lab-produced hormone medications illegally.   

Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Male testosterone deficiency will often go undetected for a long time in many men because it tends to advance insidiously; less frequently, some men will experience a sudden drop in testosterone levels that is similar to the dramatic drop in estrogen that many women experience during menopause.

Regardless of how it has developed or advanced, the hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA that our doctors prescribe is based on a solid foundation of the best and most effective treatment practices that have been endorsed by the US medical community.

Kingsberg Medical is also known as a respected nationwide provider of treatment for growth hormone deficiency and understands that this condition often develops parallel to Low T. So this explains why HRT doctors will often recommend testing for both, particularly when a patient’s symptomatic evidence suggests the possibility that there could be more than one type of hormone deficiency going on.

Andropause, which is sometimes called male menopause, can be exacerbated by HGH deficiency and vice versa; so it behooves patients to have dual or multiple hormone disorders detected in a timely manner when they are being considered as viable candidates for receiving medical hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA.  

The conditions of Low T and growth hormone deficiency can produce some symptoms that are quite similar, which is why precise testing methods performed on samples of your blood are critical to their specific detection by consummate HRT physicians.  

The Weight Loss/Hormone Replacement Therapy Connection

Hormones that have gone out of balance can cause people to gain weight by interfering with their optimal metabolic activity and by contributing to a state of chronic sluggishness that makes exercising regularly nearly impossible to manage. Yet while males and females both require testosterone, because men produce and require more of this hormone, its loss tends to provoke symptoms such as weight gain that are more severe in men than in women.

On the other hand, growth hormone loss tends to trigger weight gain in both adult females and males and by using medically administered hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA, many patients find that this problem (which is actually a symptom of deficiency) can be very successfully managed.

Patients also find that the sluggishness that has overtaken them steadily improves, giving them back the energy to become more active and fit. Improvements in mental attitude, which can be a major factor in successful weight loss, also materialize as the patient’s hormonal balance is steadily restored through using doctor-prescribed HRT.  Stress-related eating, which is caused by the biological release of the hormone called Cortisol, can also make the problem that many refer to as middle-aged spread, even worse.

Hormones definitely influence weight loss and gain; fortunately, in receiving hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA you may find that reaching and maintaining your ideal weight is even easier than you had hoped it would be (many patients do). So if you have given up on ever regaining the physique and weight you had years ago, don’t lose hope just yet.

It could be that HRT is what your body requires to provide you with the hormonal balance that can help you to get the excess weight off – and keep it off.

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Choosing Your Local Hormone Replacement Therapy Provider

This can also be a confusing issue for some people: How will they choose the local doctor or clinic that will provide their hormone therapy regimen? What criteria should they be using? If they don’t know someone who is personally using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy on Beverly Hills CA, where can they obtain an educated opinion or referral?

We propose that when people are not sure about the answers to questions like these, they should save time and avoid trouble by getting professional advice – and with Kingsberg Medical, all anyone has to do is simply to ask us for it.

Whether you decide to become a patient of ours or not, we are always pleased to explain anything you don’t understand about how HRT works; answer any questions you might have about our treatment procedures; and discuss or advise on any personal concerns of yours related to hormone replacement therapy. To say that we are committed to clearing up the confusion that prevents people from reaping the health benefits provided by hormonal balance would be accurate.

Yet it would also be accurate to say that Kingsberg Medical exemplifies what the best hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA should represent to adults who are struggling with HGH or testosterone deficiency. Our prescription HRT programs for adults who are 30 and older represent a professional and always compassionate approach to regaining your hormonal balance that is evident in the caring way that we treat each of our patients from day one.

We have simplified getting the information you need about HRT in the same way that we simplified getting the treatment you may need: By uncluttering the process with unnecessary complications. Call our direct toll-free line and you will discover the honesty, simplicity and goodness of correctly administered hormone replacement therapy. The real revelation you’ll make is that nothing could be simpler.