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How To Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy In Beverly Hills CA

Is the name of a favorite teacher or mentor, someone who had a real impact on the direction of your life, something that you will never forget? The ability to instruct and positively influence another person’s life is a gift that not all those who teach others possess; but you may discover that members of the Kingsberg Medical team have a talent for imparting information when you ask us how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA.

Like all memorable teachers, our clinical consultants possess a knack for explaining things in clear and relatable terms. They are able to call on their deep understanding of Low T and its proven treatment to talk to hundreds of adults every week and somehow provide each one of them with their undivided attention and assistance.

The TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) consultants and doctors at Kingsberg Medical all believe that it is our professional responsibility, as well as our privilege, to educate adults about the hormone deficiencies that many of them will be contending with as they continue to evolve into the more biologically mature versions of themselves. This, we believe, can best be accomplished with patience, clarity and compassion.

So if you have decided it’s time for you to learn how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA, you will find that Kingsberg Medical makes it infinitely easier than tackling a new language or mastering a new skill. The only learning tools you will need are these two: Being a good listener and jotting down any and all questions that you have about Low T and testosterone replacement in advance of contacting us. You can count on us to take it from there and teach you the fundamentals.

Are Any Risks Associated with Testosterone Replacement?

Good question. Memorable teachers always encourage their students to examine every aspect of any new subject they are studying. Wanting to know about any possible side effects or health risks that might be attached to using Low T therapy illustrates your understanding of the risk and reward concept, along with an interest that runs deeper than merely wanting to find out how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA.   

Yet in general, because testosterone therapy is considered to be safe by US medical standards, the risks are very low for patients who follow their doctors’ dosage orders exactly as prescribed. Adults who have breast cancer or prostate cancer are not safe candidates for this type of treatment, and males are generally encouraged to have a thorough screening for prostate cancer prior to undertaking a testosterone replacement program.

There are a few potential side effects that some but not all patients might experience temporarily, which include oily skin or acne; minor fluid retention; increased urination; and enlargement of breast tissue.

Note also that some laboratory abnormalities can occur as a result of using testosterone supplementation; these can include increases in your PSA and red blood cell count; changes in your lipid and cholesterol levels; and in younger men especially, a decreased sperm count. Knowing the potential related effects better prepares you for mastering how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA and this is what you’re about to learn next.

The Protocol for Using Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The recommendation of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists is for males who have both Low T symptoms and testosterone levels that are 200 ng/dL and lower to have hormone replacement therapy. This makes testing of a patient’s levels, both before and intermittently throughout treatment, an inherent component of how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA. We’ve already explained why a prostate exam, as part of an overall physical exam, is also included in the standard treatment protocol for testosterone deficiency patients.

When using a course of injectable testosterone treatments, patients do not have to be concerned with the skin-to-skin transference precautions that those using topical medications must follow; and with the new ease that the latest injectable delivery systems have introduced, the self-administering of any patient’s prescribed testosterone injections has become exceptionally convenient for them to manage.

However, before any of that occurs, the primary focus for all patients is finding a local medical provider of hormone replacement therapy that makes them feel confident and comfortable receiving treatment from. In learning how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA from Kingsberg Medical, you will be providing yourself with an excellent opportunity to see if we provide you with that sense of confidence and comfort before committing to treatment.

Overall, the goal of all TRT programs is to achieve and sustain beneficial serum testosterone levels using individualized courses of treatment that take into account each patient’s contributing factors such as their current age and physical condition. Achieving this goal requires adherence to your prescribed regimen and having the proper follow-up testing performed. Missing even a few treatments can lead to the development of sub-therapeutic testosterone levels.

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Getting the Best Results from Your Testosterone Therapy

The clinical benefits that doctor-prescribed TRT programs have been shown to provide can include the restoration of erectile function and libido; improved moods; and noticeably increased energy. It improves the body composition of most patients by increasing lean body mass while decreasing fat mass; increasing muscle strength; and potentially reducing bone fractures.

So if you have become even more interested in discovering how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA after having learned the basic facts that we’ve provided here, you can take your knowledge to the next level by contacting Kingsberg Medical for a personal hormone therapy phone consultation.

We will gladly take the time to explain our innovative and proprietary treatment process; you will never be rushed along before you have received easily understandable answers to your questions; and we will continue to be here and accompany you throughout your beneficial TRT regimen. Together we will keep track of your progress; monitor your improving testosterone levels; witness your palpable results; and share in your satisfaction with your enhanced state of health.

In teaching you how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills CA that will surpass your expectations, we at Kingsberg Medical hope that we have managed to make a lasting impression on you. We would be honored to be the name that you will be able to recall decades from now when you think back to the time that you decided you could not settle for having a Beverly Hills lifestyle that was forever going to be limited and in many ways diminished by your untreated testosterone deficiency.

In the future decades of your life, hopefully you’ll remember that you wanted more for yourself than that – and that Kingsberg Medical was there to show you how to accomplish that. The best teaching leaves behind lessons that last a lifetime as its legacy; and it would be our privilege to support your lasting legacy of vitality and strength.