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Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Test in Beverly Hills CA

Lab Test For Growth Hormone Deficiency In Beverly Hills CA

What is your stance on taking chances in life? Does worrying about regretting the choices you’ve made often prevent you from acting on the infinite number of opportunities we are all exposed to? You will have nothing to regret in choosing to get a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Beverly Hills CA because there are no risks involved.

Sometimes we simply have to go with our intuition when an opportunity presents itself; so perhaps your intuition has been strongly suggesting to you that something could be going on with your wellness.

  • You are always feeling tired;
  • your knees and other joints ache;
  • your weight has gone up;
  • your sex drive has gone way down; and
  • every time you pass a mirror, what you see reflected just makes you feel so old.

It sounds as though we are describing an adult who might be well into their seventh or eighth decade of living, doesn’t it? But some adults have felt like this just as they are entering middle age, or getting ready to finally retire, and by getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Beverly Hills CA they found out that a hormonal problem – one that could be treated by a doctor locally – was to blame.

What if your intuition is right and a growth hormone deficiency is responsible for your symptoms? What new opportunities do you have for getting it treated? Checking in for a growth hormone deficiency lab test in Beverly Hills CA is definitely the right move. One stands out and is just waiting for you to discover it and it is the opportunity for local HGH replacement therapy that Kingsberg Medical can offer to you right there in your Beverly Hills, California location. 

Only a Growth Hormone Blood Test Can Reveal Deficiency

Do you trust in your own abilities and believe that you are still capable of pushing yourself ahead to reach your goals? Whether they are professional goals; fitness goals; or any other kind of personal goals, having a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Beverly Hills CA could be your key to reaching them.

Intellectually, you might already possess everything that’s needed to move beyond yourself and go after what is most important to you. However, those symptoms associated with your lack of sufficient HGH (human growth hormone) production could be physiologically holding you back.


In many ways, actually; any adult who has passed the age of 30 and has been experiencing the deficiency-related health issues mentioned previously along with others, such as:

  • finding that it takes noticeably longer to heal and recover
  • experiencing depressive and anxious feelings more frequently
  • restlessly tossing and turning instead of sleeping through the night
  • and losing strength and stamina

 … is probably not going to feel capable of setting the world on fire with their passion for living.

Growth hormone deficiency does not resolve itself; but through using injectable HGH treatments, this disorder can be successfully resolved. In getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Beverly Hills CA, you will finally be able to know what has triggered your undesirable physiological and emotional changes – and with Kingsberg Medical’s professional assistance on your testing and treatment, you can change back into the more desirable version of yourself.

Human Growth Hormone Levels Can Be Tested Efficiently

Personal growth often doesn’t occur in spurts, in the way that your childhood and adolescent growth probably occurred; it tends to be gained in a process that moves slowly yet steadily. This is also how the loss of your growth hormone most likely occurred, gradually but steadily. But while your prescribed treatment will replace your HGH levels gradually, you will find that the process will go much faster than the loss did.

Getting your lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Beverly Hills CA is a process that also goes quickly. We will schedule an appointment for you to have your blood drawn at a testing lab that is located near you and the lab technician there will simply and efficiently draw a small vial of blood from you, much like any other blood testing that you have had performed on you in the past.

Your need for treatment will be clinically determined by these two primary factors: the results of your IGF-1 lab blood test plus the severity and frequency that characterizes your symptoms. Our specialists, because they have provided therapy for so many growth hormone deficient patients, have become very efficient and knowledgeable diagnosticians.

Unlike your PCP, who probably has very little experience with growth hormone disorders and/or the replacement therapy now being used to treat them, the doctors at Kingsberg Medical have high level of expertise in this area of medical practice.

So it follows that our treatment procedures are also based in efficiencies, because we understand that it if efficiency that provides true convenience and ease to our patients. You can contact us and request your lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Beverly Hills CA whenever you decide to and theoretically within days you could using HGH injections – because once you have received a prescription from our doctors for them, you can immediately order them online for fast delivery to you. It’s efficient and also very convenient for you to receive your hormone replacement therapy in Beverly Hills from Kingsberg Medical.

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Get Your Growth Hormone Lab Test from Kingsberg Medical

Have you ever risked being disloyal to your own personal standards? You might have settled for something second-rate when what you really wanted was something that was first-rate, or allowed someone to treat you with less respect than you know that you deserve.

Lowering your standards, even if it only occurs occasionally, usually does not result in making you feel very good about yourself; and that’s why, at Kingsberg Medical, we consistently uphold our very high standards in delivering growth hormone replacement therapy to our patients.

You’ll see it in the efficient and accommodating way that your lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Beverly Hills CA is handled for you by one of our clinical advisors; you’ll also see it in how efficiently and compassionately your HGH treatment is administered. Beyond that, at any time that you contact us, be it for information, advice or problem resolution, you’ll treated in accordance with the same exacting standards of care.

We do not want you to ever have to lower your standards for any reason, whether it’s the cost of treatment; the local unavailability of treatment; or the unknowns of treatment. We will give you the information you need; work with you on the cost; and unavailability will never be a reason for you to have to accept sub-standard care from any other source because Kingsberg Medical doctors and HGH treatment centers can be found everywhere in the US. In using us for your therapy, you risk absolutely nothing and stand to gain everything that’s essential to sustaining your health.