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Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctors in Fresno CA

Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctors in Fresno CA

Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, has experienced a surge in attention over the last 20 years, first because of the illegal use of high profile celebrities and professional athletes, and second as a result of a combination of the more recent findings of its benefits by low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA and the fact that the older generation now almost outranks the younger ones since the baby boomers have all turned 50.

When treatment options for low testosterone (low T) first became advertised publicly, the commercials were limited to late-night TV; now, they are advertised at any time of day both on the television and the radio stations, as well as the Internet. No matter the claims these advertise products make, it is important to understand why low testosterone replacement therapy doctors are the best for HRT.

Testosterone levels correlate with the overall health status of each individual and therefore should be evaluated according to that individual. Kingsberg Medical treats all of the patients uniquely on a case by case basis, designing each treatment program specifically for each patient.

The signs and symptoms that are suggestive of low-T and the blood tested serum levels are separate and equal indicators of low T and the potential necessity for treatment. The assumption of standardized range measurements could lead to unnecessary treatment of asymptomatic adults and possible under-treatment of those with signs and symptoms that are persistent.

Internet, radio, and television advertisements boldly suggest that their products are legitimate treatments for low T, and that since their product will work for everyone, that everyone is the same. Low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA know better; the chemical makeup of each individual is unique to that individual and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

What Are The Most Effective Testosterone Medications?

If everything on the Internet is to be believed, the following formulations can be used to treat low-T: intramuscular injections, transdermal patches, oral pills, tablets that dissolve under the lip, sticks (like deodorant), gels or creams, and implants.

Testosterone medication should be administered by injection or topical gels and creams. Oral formulations of testosterone should be avoided to prevent liver toxicity – this last fact should lead one to the correct assumption that none of the pills advertised on television contain any real testosterone and, therefore, are not a viable option for treatment.

The low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA at Kingsberg Medical only prescribe legitimate hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the administrative forms of injections, creams and gels. These are the most effective methods of administration with the least side effects, because the release of the medication is better controlled.

The medicinal implants do not have valid time release; the patient who receives this implant that is supposed to last 6 months will have absorbed all of the medication in it within the first 2 months; that is how long the implant takes to dissolve. He or she will end up with a spike in testosterone levels that cause the expected side effects from overuse during those first 2 months.

This type of treatment program should be prescribed and managed only by legitimate low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA and not just employees of so-called clinics.

The Goal Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Natural testosterone levels decline with aging, and can result in poor body and mind performance. TRT is the preferred method of low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA who know that the benefit of increasing the androgen levels back up to normal is the restoral of former ability, mental, physical and sexual.

There is no rigid normal range of measured levels; the dosage of medication in replacement therapy for full replenishment is determined by the patient’s age, weight, current physical condition, past history, symptomology, as well as the results of the biochemical evaluation (blood test).

TRT is full replenishment. Over-the-counter medications are merely stylized vitamins in a recipe that is intended to stimulate the body into producing more testosterone; this is not replenishment. These boosters have not been evaluated federally and no proof of efficacy; even if they were able to do what they said they did, they cannot force the body to produce the same amount of testosterone that therapy would call for.

Get into contact with the Kingsberg Medical low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA by calling our expert representatives and scheduling an appointment for the blood test and physical examination.

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What Are The Requirements To Get Into A TRT Program?

A doctor cannot consider putting a patient on any type of testosterone medication because of symptoms alone. A blood test that appears to show low levels in an asymptomatic patient is also not enough to allow treatment. Body chemistry for each person is different; what is clinically low for one individual may not be clinically low for another, and every person over the age of 30 is expected to be low somewhat because of natural decline.

The two factors required that authorize low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA to prescribe medication are the symptoms being experienced and a low blood count together.

Symptoms of low T may include a loss of muscle mass, osteoporotic bone fractures from loss of bone density, a decreased sex drive, chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety and mood swings, low red blood cell count, anemia, and sexual dysfunction. Despite the fact that these are all very common symptoms for this medical condition, they are also very common symptoms for other problems. Without the blood test revealing that testosterone levels are low, these symptoms could be indicative of other issues.

Low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Fresno CA need to be able to rule out any other possible conditions before prescribing testosterone medicine. What ultimately validates a diagnosis of low T is the patient’s positive response to treatment.

In the possible event that the patient does not respond well to treatment or symptoms are not being resolved, the physician may consider adjusting the dosage or dose duration. In some cases, the doctor may even cease treatment altogether and look for other symptom causes.

Whatever clinic is chosen for hormone replacement therapy, make sure that the treatment includes physician supervision throughout the length of treatment. This is the last means of ensuring a proper diagnosis, accurate dosage, and the prevention of the experience of side effects.