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Testosterone Therapy in Fresno CA Restores Vitality

Testosterone Therapy in Fresno CA

In men, the testosterone hormone is produced by the testicles and in women it is produced in the ovaries; a little more is produced by the adrenal glands in both genders. In youth, it is first responsible for proper development of the sexual characteristics and provides maintenance for sexual function, bone density, muscle mass and energy in adults.

As a person ages, their levels of this hormone begin declining. For some people this drop in levels is enough to affect how well the maintenance is performed and they develop a medical condition known as Low T, or hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is the term used to define a low serum testosterone level coupled with symptoms such as:

  • fatigue
  • loss of muscle mass and strength
  • increase of body fat
  • decreased bone density
  • depression
  • low energy
  • mood changes
  • impaired cognition
  • hair loss
  • mild cases of anemia
  • sexual issues that include loss of sexual interest, E.D, diminished sexual sensation and difficulty achieving orgasm.

What can help this condition is testosterone therapy in Fresno CA, when a doctor administers laboratory created hormones into the blood to replace the natural ones that are no longer available.

Potential benefits of replacement therapy can include increased bone mass, improved libido, and an improved sense of well-being. Testosterone has also been shown to improve the mood and energy of people with human immunodeficiency virus infection and certain chronic diseases.

As long as it is used as a restorative treatment, after blood levels have been measured that verify a deficient amount, testosterone therapy effectively restores vitality. It is key that this medical treatment only be used as a replacement, to supplement the hormonal production that has ceased; too much will cause side effects and then create a separate – and worse-medical condition.

The energy, sense of well-being, strengthening of bones, restoration of muscle bulk and return of sexual function that testosterone therapy in Fresno CA can give to an otherwise healthy but deficient adult can make a vast difference in their daily activities.

Hormone Replacement Centers are the Best for Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone treatment is not something one should attempt alone, or in a piece-meal fashion (i.e., getting tested at an independent laboratory and shopping around to another company to fill a prescription). Anyone interested in testosterone therapy in Fresno CA should seek the services of a comprehensive hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic, where all aspects of treatment are included to provide the best and safest treatment.

There’s no universally accepted definition of low T because of the multitude of factors that affect the lab evaluations and interpretations. Hormone replacement therapy centers provide consistency across the board. Independent, or third-party laboratories determine the diagnoses on the basis of the blood test alone, and this information is incomplete. Also, too, range levels that are considered normal for the different age groups vary from lab to lab. There are other factors that can have an effect on testosterone levels that the laboratory would have no knowledge of without being able to examine the patient in person and get their full medical history.

With the physicians firsthand knowledge of the patient and the patient’s medical history and his diagnosis and dosage recommendations, and then supervision of treatment there are less discrepancies and few questions.

The physician who prescribes testosterone therapy in Fresno CA supervises the patient during the course of treatment to monitor patient’s response to the medication (providing that all administration guidelines are followed properly); this provides an opportunity to reconfirm or negate a diagnosis, making it another important factor in treatment. If the patient’s response is not positive, or the desired results aren’t happening, the doctor has time to adjust the dosage or cease treatment before any negative side effects get out of hand.

How Do I Find Out the Truth About Testosterone?

There’s only one way to get the real facts about testosterone and TRT, and that is to speak to a physician specialist. The airwaves and bandwidths are filled with clever half-truths about hormone replacement therapy intended to create an atmosphere of misinterpretation and confusion.

Real testosterone therapy in Fresno CA can only be provided by a physician with a prescription after specific biochemical testing. Radio and television advertisements make it seem like a person who is not sexually active needs to take a testosterone pill to get back in the game. The clever twisting of words provides incomplete truths.

Testosterone does play a large role in sexual function; it is not the only role it plays. All sexual dysfunction is not caused by low-T, and if the cause is not an androgen deficiency, then TRT will not help it.

These advertisements for oral pills are not for real androgen replenishment. First of all, there is none of the hormone included in the makeup of those particular supplements. This hormone cannot be swallowed; to do so would be to cause hepatotoxicity, or liver damage.

Any person who is serious about taking real control of their own health would stay away from any product sold over-the-counter or on the Internet that is not prescribed by a physician, and ignore the claims these products make.

The only authority on testosterone therapy in Fresno CA is a legitimate hormone specialist; not the guy at the gym or the nutrition center. If your body is clinically deficient you are already suffering enough – too much to risk suffering more with ineffective or harmful products.

TRT is about chemical balance and restoration. Low T can be an unhappy occurrence, however it is easily corrected when it is done the right way.

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Kingsberg Medical Provides Real Hormone Replacement Therapy

Because the best provider of information and treatment of hormone therapy is a physician, the best place to find that physician is that a hormone replacement therapy center like Kingsberg Medical. We provide the highest purity testosterone and HGH medications to our patients. Our doctors are trained to know the difference between the two deficiencies as well as understand the correlation between them, including the shared set of symptoms.

Some people have inquired and were tested for testosterone therapy in Fresno CA and were found to be deficient in both testosterone and HGH. The synergistic relationship between the two hormones, and the fact that they work on some of the same functions but in different ways means that a stacked treatment of both hormones together can be extremely effective.

Call our clinic to inquire about testosterone therapy in Fresno CA. There is no obligation to the call, but it can provide you with information that may be helpful enough to put you at ease about the way you may be feeling and provide comfort in the knowledge that you can be helped.

Hormonal decline affects how well people age. There are many wonderful things still left to experience with each new year we are alive and we all have so much to look forward to. You owe it to yourself to manage your health and state of mind so you can enjoy all the time that you have coming to you.