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Where Can I Get A Blood Test For Testosterone In Fresno CA?

Where Can I Get A Blood Test For Testosterone in Fresno CA

Approximately 43% of women and 31% men will experience sexual dysfunction related to a testosterone deficiency. Since testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) uses prescription medication, a biochemical blood test is required first to determine eligibility.

By now you may be asking, where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA?

Individual laboratories that work separately from medical facilities advertise online their availability to provide a blood test for low testosterone (Low T), however significant intra-individual fluctuations in serum levels, the wide range of androgen levels in human samples, the biological variation of testosterone on end organs, and technical limitations of each laboratory lead to poor reliability of the interpretation blood test results.

These third-party evaluations based on rigid, general or standardized charts cannot dictate clinical decision-making or diagnosing. The clinical evaluation of low-T needs to be based on both the serum measurements and the presence of symptoms; third-party laboratories do not have the wherewithal or provide the services of hands-on evaluation and examination.

What this means is that if you are wondering, where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA, your best bet is always a doctor – even better: a physician at a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic like Kingsberg Medical.

As of yet, there is no indication for screening for hypogonadism in the general population. Blood tests are ordered in the presence of the basic symptoms of deficiency and after the exclusion of other possible causes. While fatigue, loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are common symptoms, they are nonspecific to Low T and laboratory verification of deficiency is required in addition to physical examination and a detailed history of the patient.

Do you want the right information to your question, where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA? Call us for answers.

How Is Low T Diagnosed?

A diagnosis of low T is made when a patient complains of symptoms that are often associated with low testosterone and a blood test verifies that the androgen levels are indeed low.

Because there is no generalized consensus on the definition of an androgen deficiency, the comprehensive services provided by physicians at hormone replacement clinics is invaluable. The doctors monitoring of the patient throughout the treatment program and the patient’s response to treatment is an integral part of therapy.

All of the information we provide our pages will never supersede anything a doctor tells you; when you call us and ask where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA, we will help schedule an appointment for you. We will answer all of your questions as best as we can and still ultimately refer you to the doctor. He will be the one translating the results of your testing, diagnosing your condition if you have one, and prescribing the specific dosage of medicine.

The reading of the blood test and diagnosis of low T should to be left to the experience and knowledge of the physician because there is no universally accepted threshold or measurement that determines hypogonadism in a general sense. Diagnosing is done on an individual basis, with each patient’s information evaluated individually.

Trials involving the use of TRT have consistently demonstrated improvements in the patient’s quality of life. Side effects of medication usually only occur with it is used in excessive doses.

Your no-obligation call to our facility and your question of where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA will get the process started for you; that’s where it all begins.

What are the benefits of TRT?

You may have heard of the many wondrous things that testosterone replacement therapy can provide.

Bone mineral density decreases as testosterone levels decrease; this can increase the risk of fractures. TRT helps the bones maintain their integrity and density, preventing the risk of osteoporotic fracture. Fractures are the leading causes of loss of independence in older adults. By asking where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA, you are putting yourself on the right track to preventing your own loss of mobility and independence.

Lean body mass can consistently increase with TRT, and the muscles maintain their bulk and strength.

Extreme mood changes, depression and stress are common symptoms of Low T, and HRT can improve psychological impairment.

Motivation and confidence are restored; patients consistently report a new and improved attitude and outlook

Of course, as everyone knows, testosterone is a key player in sexual function; the loss of it creates a mirror loss in the libido, and replacement therapy restores the sex drive. If more severe sexual dysfunction is a result of Low T, that will also be corrected by replenishment therapy.

Again, it all begins with one simple question: where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA?

We are here, waiting to answer your questions.

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Who Can Benefit From Testosterone Therapy?

It is here where all of the discrepancies regarding testosterone hit the proverbial wall: who can benefit from therapy?

Media advertisements imply that all adults are deficient in testosterone. This is another half-truth that sets up misinterpretation of what it means. Yes, all adults will be deficient, because age-related decline is a natural human occurrence. The strongest implication the media is that all adults need treatment – specifically with the product they are selling.

Asymptomatic adults will not require or be authorized treatment because what make the diagnoses is the deficient blood levels and the symptoms combined. Not everyone will suffer symptoms; therefore, not everyone requires treatment.

When you are ready to ask for real, where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA, speak to a doctor and stay away from commercials.

Media advertisements also push the hard sell on their products as if they would be able to correct deficiency. The only medication federally regulated and indicated for this type of treatment requires a prescription and will not be found in pill form.

The many Low T pills available over the counter are not created to be harmful; some of them may improve how you feel, albeit slightly.  Like vitamins, they may provide some relief, but they are not official testosterone replacement medicines.

When you are ready to ask where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fresno CA, we will be ready to answer them for you, and as soon as your test results are returned to the physician, you will be able to have a direct consultation with him regarding your options.