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How important is getting a blood test for Low T?

Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in Long Beach CA Patients of a low T program may underestimate the importance of thorough testing in order to get the correct diagnosis before therapy can begin. Getting a blood test for testosterone levels in Long Beach CA is the only way to get an accurate reading on how much of this vital chemical compound is in the body.

Along with a physical exam and a medical history, all this data will allow a physician to understand what is going on inside a person’s body, why they are experiencing symptoms and if low T is to blame. If so, a journey towards great health, strength and added quality of life can begin.

Why is a blood test used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

Testosterone testing through taking a blood sampling is the best way to test for several different conditions in both men and women. However, when it comes to HRT, endocrinologists may use it to assess the cause of:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • infertility
  • decreased sexual drive
  • loss of energy and severe fatigue
  • loss of endurance and stamina
  • loss of muscle mass
  • weight gain
  • high cholesterol levels
  • heart conditions
  • lack of ability to sleep
  • depression
  • irritability
  • anxiety
  • severe mood swings
  • agitation
  • high triglyceride levels
  • diabetes
  • lose, sagging skin
  • wrinkles
  • crow’s feet
  • a weak immunity
  • difficulty with healing
  • slow metabolism
  • poor eye sight
  • loss of hair (thinning hair)
  • low bone mineral density
  • osteoporosis

These symptoms could be triggered by several different reasons, but a blood test for testosterone levels in Long Beach CA will be able to tell if it is because of low T. If so, this kind of therapy can help a person to feel stronger and healthier by eliminating these problems simply and quickly.

So, why is testing done? Testing is required by reputable clinics in order to make a diagnosis. Doctors will test for free and total testosterone levels and this will allow them to make the best treatment plan possible for each client.

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What Does A Blood Testosterone Level Test Measure?

Typically the test is used to measure for low T. It is able to detect if this chemical compound is bound to proteins in the blood. This includes albumin and what is called SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin. In addition, a blood test for testosterone levels in Long Beach CA can determine what is not bound. Testing determines if free or bioavailable testosterone levels in the blood are abnormal.

When is this kind of test required by physicians?

The test is necessary any time a person wishes to partake in replacement therapy. We talked about many of the symptoms of low T above, so when a man, for instance, approaches a clinic complaining of low sexual drive, erectile dysfunction or they are suspecting that they may be infertile, a blood test can confirm or deny if this is caused by a deficiency in the hormone. Many times, men complain of:

  • Not being able to grow a beard
  • Having a lack of body hair
  • Low amount of muscle mass or inability to increase their muscles
  • Some men have a development of breast tissue; which is called gynecomastia
  • A great presence of abdominal fat that is difficult to get rid of

Many of these issues are completely treatable if they are due to low T; however, the doctor must conduct a blood test for testosterone levels in Long Beach CA in order to find out. Injectable medications have saved the self esteem of many men (and women) complaining of common symptoms of low T.

How Does Low T Affect Females? Do They Need Testing, Too?

Although they need a much lower amount of testosterone in their bodies than men do, women do need a certain amount to look and feel their best. This should not be mistaken. Women must take a blood test for testosterone levels in Long Beach CA also if they are suspected to have low T.

What symptoms would make a doctor suspicious that a woman could benefit from medications of this kind?/

  • Irregular or no menstrual cycle at all which is called amenorrhea
  • Hot flashes that diminish quality of life
  • Inability to get pregnant
  • Excessive body hair
  • The presence of noticeable amounts of facial hair
  • Male pattern balding
  • A very low voice

Women may not be prescribed injections because they will need must less of the hormone than men who will almost always be given injections. A woman will take the medication in another form as prescribed by her doctor. The blood test for testosterone levels in Long Beach CA will be able to accurately determine the amount of medication a woman will need to balance her levels and hence; balance her life.

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