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Feel Great with Hormone Replacement Therapy in Long Beach CA

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Long Beach CA

People may have many questions about the different therapies offered on the market to help make them look and feel younger and healthier in several different ways:

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Sexually

Hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA, often known as HRT, is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life, and it can be safe, effective, legal and extremely rewarding. The injectable medications used can add great quality of life to a person who is suffering due to the depletion of growth hormone (GH) levels. It happens to just about all humans inevitable as time passes.

There are, of course other options, such as over the counter pills, sprays, drops and powders, but these are usually ineffective. Why? The answer is simple. When HGH is taken orally, it never reaches the blood stream. It goes directly to the stomach, is metabolized, and the body eliminates it. Hence, it never has the chance to work. In addition, these kinds of products usually do not contain the same ingredients which doctor prescribed injections do:

  • One hundred percent pure bio-identical medication
  • A formula that is made as a 191 amino acid sequence
  • A chemical compound that mimics what the body already produces
  • A formula that does not contain any bad ingredients and no bacterial residue

Hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA has proven positive time and again for patients who work with reputable clinics such as Kingsberg Medical. It has changed lives in the most fulfilling and remarkable ways. It has given quality back to people who lost it due to the ailments that are so common when the most important chemical in the body naturally depletes with age.

What Are The Benefits From Real Hormone Replacement Therapy

We talked about how rewarding a therapeutic experience can be with HRT, but what exactly are the benefits that can be obtained with hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA? Clinical research has proven that changes can occur when the correct diagnosis and prescription are given to a patient by a licensed physician.

Here are some physical positive results from HRT:

  • increased bone mineral density
  • less risk for osteoporosis
  • increased energy
  • soaring stamina
  • in upsurge in endurance level
  • better ability to recover after physical activity
  • increase metabolism
  • ability to lose weight
  • increased muscle
  • a stronger immune system
  • faster healing time from injury or wounds
  • a reduction in hot flashes
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • less risk for heart related issues
  • lower triglyceride levels
  • less chance of diabetes
  • help with the management of diabetes
  • stronger vision
  • less disturbed sleeping patterns
  • stronger skin elasticity
  • less wrinkles
  • the growing hair
  • growing organs (all organs shrink with age, including the brain)

Here are some mental positive results from HRT:

  • better memory
  • stronger ability to concentrate
  • less forgetfulness
  • better focus

Here are some emotional positive results from HRT:

  • less irritability
  • less moodiness
  • control of mood swings
  • a decrease or elimination of depression
  • a decrease or elimination of anxiety
  • higher self esteem
  • higher self worth

Hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA has proven to give the following sexual benefits:

  • elimination of erectile dysfunction
  • in increase in sexual libido
  • a more stabilized menstrual cycle
  • better capacity to gain and maintain an erection

Your individualized treatment plan is backed up by clinically proven research studies. Continue reading about individual studies that make HRT something worth investigating further.

Research Proves That Prescribed HGH Injections Work

Some highly reputable medical institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, clearly point out that hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA should only be used under the specific circumstances allowed by law. For instance, HRT is not a weight loss program and should not be used to gain muscle or physical endurance by athletes.

The Mayo Clinic continues to share that HRT can be used safely when medically supervised by a licensed endocrinologist (or a doctor in a related field). They are adamant that therapy should only be used in otherwise healthy adults who are dealing with a demonstrated low growth hormone level. This is the reason why testing is absolutely imperative – to make sure a person has a deficiency before this kind of treatment is considered.

The experts point out that if a person is healthy, but has moderate to severe menopausal symptoms due to low growth hormone levels (such as relentless hot flashes), then HRT can be a great choice of treatment. In addition, it can help stop premature menopause and malfunctioning ovaries before 40.

Hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA can help with lessening the risk of depression and anxiety according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Not Only About Using Injections

HRT consists of much more than simply taking the correct injections, although that is vital. It is most important to also follow some specific instructions that are clear for all participants when partaking in any hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA:

  • make sure the program being followed provides complete medical supervision
  • make healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating well, sleeping properly, getting enough exercise and minimizing stress (advisors can educate on this)
  • keep away from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • work with doctors who will choose the best top quality medications and delivery methods
  • immediately bring up any issues to clinical advisors if they occur
  • learn how to properly self administer injections in a sterile environment on a religious basis
  • ask questions, bring up concerns and be completely open and honest with advisors and doctors when it comes to your health

There is no unintelligent question when it comes to HRT, except for the one that is not asked. Hormone replacement therapy in Long Beach CA can be extremely and remarkably successful when done correctly with the right professionals and centers. The opposite holds true as well, and unknown or sketchy clinics should never be used under any circumstances.