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Meet Your Testosterone Doctors in Long Beach CA

Testosterone Doctors in Long Beach CA

Mainstream medicine has come a long way in regards to accepting hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and in seeing testosterone doctors in Long Beach CA as good, viable options to overcome hormone deficiency symptoms.

Is there a quick fix to eliminating what ails an aging person?

Not necessarily, but low T therapy certainly is one way of fighting the problems that strike when age creeps in and stops hormones from being produced as they did when you were younger. Thirty years old is that magical age when most people start to lose these vital chemical compounds and may need a little help to get them back into balance for quality of life to continue.

Harvard Medical School has done a lot of research in this area. They claim most men start losing their male hormone in their 30’s and 40’s, ending up with only half of what they need by 80. Their experts hold arguments for and against low T therapy for men and for women. However, it all comes down to whether or not a person gets tested and is deemed to have low levels of this hormone causing negative symptoms.

They will then get diagnosed and prescribed the right medication and dosage of top quality injections. Lastly, but not least importantly, they will be medically supervised on an individualized program that has been created with only licensed testosterone doctors in Long Beach CA. These specialists practice endocrinology or a field of medicine very closely related.

There is no way around these factors for an HRT program and anything less would be putting a person at risk. Kingsberg Medical follows all the protocol listed above and is known as one of the best HGH and low T clinics in the country.

Testosterone Injections Should Be Paired With Healthy Habits

Yes, injections have been proven throughout many studies and years of research to be effective and safe when done under a physician’s care. They should not stand alone, and all reputable testosterone doctors in Long Beach CA will advocate for healthy lifestyle habits to be learned along with the correct daily prescribed shots.

What are these healthy habits that should be followed?

Experts have published information in many very well known sources that say the following should be regularly practiced when on any HRT program, not to mention in daily life for all:

  • Set realistic expectations for happiness and good health
  • Practice stress relieving strategies
  • Pace yourself
  • Take time out for quiet moments and reflection
  • Spread activities out throughout the day
  • Leave enough time for tasks
  • Leave plenty of time for driving time to and from places you must go
  • Eat smart – plan out good meals and snacks packed with nutrition such as proteins and lean fats, but void of refined sugars and bad fats
  • Exercise on a daily basis to keep the heart flowing and the bones and muscles in the body active
  • Get plenty of good rest nightly (at least 8 hours is advised)

Testosterone doctors in Long Beach CA understand the dangers of smoking in all ways on every part of the body and should always condemn it. They will also teach about moderate alcoholic consumption. All of these factors with shots go into making an all around great HRT program.

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Testosterone Therapy Can Help To Improve One’s Sex Life

How many billboards can one pass on a highway claiming that low T is the cause of a poor libido and lack of sexual desire or erectile dysfunction? There are so many. Well, this claim could be true in many circumstances, but they must be the right ones. Honest testosterone doctors in Long Beach CA will always have your blood tested before prescribing low T treatment – a therapeutic approach that has been proven positive by many sources.

A very popular source shared that cardiovascular issues could also lead to low sexual desire and inability to function properly. If heart problems are caused from low T, then this kind of therapy may be the answer. Of course, when diagnosing a person with anything, many things must be ruled out first.

Could psychological, emotional or relationship issues be contributing to sexual problems? Could it be stress? There are so many possible culprits and the only way to know if a lack of the right hormones is causing the issues is through blood testing. Any HRT clinic will have their patients get tested in a laboratory near them first and their testosterone doctors in Long Beach CA will analyze the results. They will use the information gathered from blood, but also from a medical history and a physical exam.

This will all help our experts to diagnose low T as the problem and then be able to prescribe a remedy correctly. Getting an accurate assessment of the issues is the key and Kingsberg Medical sets out to do this right away with its clients.