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Why Begin Human Growth Hormone Therapy in Los Angeles CA

Human Growth Hormone Therapy In Los Angeles CA

Adult growth hormone deficiency, known as AGHD, could be a reason for those who can’t get  a good night’s sleep, can’t lose weight even with diet and exercise, and who lack the energy to do anything productive. For those who fit this description, we say why not get tested for growth hormone deficiency in Los Angeles CA? Throughout our lives, a symphony of hormones controls the many functions that take place within our bodies. Like an orchestra, each hormone plays an important role. When they all work together, the body makes beautiful music, but if one or several of the hormones isn’t pulling its fair share, the body’s operations can degrade to suboptimal levels. There are lots of identified hormones in the body: amino acid hormones, peptide hormones, and naturally-occurring steroid hormones are a few of the distinct categories. One specific hormone that is getting time in the spotlight these days is called growth hormone, or simply GH. Turns out that humans need this hormone in the proper quantities practically from conception onward … but what if the body doesn’t make enough? Only a blood test can tell you conclusively if this is a problem, and thankfully they are quick and easy to schedule with Kingsberg Medical.

Get Tested and Treated by Local Doctors Who Prescribe Human Growth Hormone Therapy in Los Angeles CA

It can happen that the organ that creates the body’s GH doesn’t make enough of it. This organ is called the pituitary gland. It has a big role to play, secreting and synthesizing the gamut of hormones, and controlling things such as thyroid gland function, temperature regulation and even sex organ function. Operations of the pituitary gland can be damaged from birth due to genetic problems or for reasons unknown. Head trauma or tumors can damage the gland. Also, the pituitary can stop releasing sufficient amounts of growth hormone as the body ages and the pituitary begins to atrophy, or shrink down in size. This can happen in relative youth, such as age 30 and beyond. Human growth hormone therapy in Los Angeles CA can restore GH production regardless of why it has slowed considerably or even come to a halt. If the status of your hormone levels has been on your mind, and you are wondering whether you can reap the rewards of treatment, Kingsberg Medical will get you tested and start you on a program of GH shots in short order—and at prices that won’t leave your wallet slim. Addressing diminished growth hormone isn’t just about losing weight, feeling increasingly energized or having better muscle and skin tone. Some studies suggest that it might improve cardiovascular health, preventing adverse heart events, which will be discussed further along on this page.

Why Find Local Physicians Specializing in Human Growth Hormone Therapy Los Angeles CA?

As of September 2014, there were nearly nine hundred thousand professionally active U.S. physicians. The practice of medicine has become highly specialized. Indeed, of this number about half were in general practice or family doctors and about half were specialists. If you have reservations about asking your run of the mill family doc questions about getting growth hormone shots, or even the roughly four hundred thousand specialist doctors, your concerns are well founded. Many of these doctors know little about such therapy and they won’t consider prescribing it if asked to do so by their patients. Only a handful of doctors call themselves experts in this area to the point where they are comfortable writing scripts for their patients. For this reason, those who want this treatment need to find local physicians specializing in human growth hormone therapy Los Angeles CA. These doctors, like those who are part of the Kingsberg Medical team, are professionals who understand the requirements involved in offering these shots to their patients. For example, they cannot be given for the purpose of bodybuilding, sports enhancement or just because someone has heard about them on T.V. or from a friend and demands a prescription. These shots should and can only be given to people with a true deficiency and, perhaps most importantly, the dosages have to be adjusted so as to minimize unwanted side effects.

Visit Human Growth Hormone Therapy Clinics and Doctors in Los Angeles CA for Potential Heart Disease Prevention

A 2003 study published in Treatments in Endocrinology looked how growth hormone influences cardiovascular health. The study’s authors postulated that GH deficient adults may have all sorts of heart problems, ranging from the structure of the heart itself to hardening of the arteries. All the more reason for people to ask, where can I buy treatment for GH deficiency in Los Angeles CA? According to a study published in Acta Endocrinologica, based in Copenhagen, there are numerous cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) risks in growth hormone low adults. The 1993 study pointed out that cardiovascular disease led to increased deaths and lowered life expectancies in adults with growth hormone deficiency. The Copenhagen study went on to find that such individuals had higher body mass—presumably from fat stores—as well as altered lipoprotein metabolism and high blood pressure. This was not the only investigation of its kind. Yet despite calls for more extensive studies and investigations into somatropin treatment for adults who lack growth hormone, many insurance companies still won’t pay for such treatments, and many conventional doctors have closed their ears to the therapy for a broad base of the aging population. Could it be that the medical establishment just isn’t all that interested in therapies that might actually prevent disease? Or perhaps established medicine is so risk averse that it is loathe to even consider that which presents as new under the sun. Not so the doctors of Kingsberg Medical who can help you evaluate the pluses and minuses of replacing your deficient GH—if, in fact, you’re deficient at all. Why not find out now?

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Should I Get HGH prescription from Human Growth Hormone Therapy Center in Los Angeles CA to Normalize My Cholesterol?

Cholesterol has been a buzzword in medicine for the past several decades. High, low, good, bad—but what does it all mean? First let’s take a look at what cholesterol is and how it works in the body. It may come as a surprise that cholesterol isn’t inherently bad. In fact, it is a waxy, fat-like molecule that all animals need. It plays a vital role in the development of cell membranes and in making various hormones. Every cell in the body makes cholesterol from smaller molecules. However, humans only need a small amount of it in their systems. Today some people are seeking out human growth hormone therapy clinics and doctors in Los Angeles CA because of their concerns about cholesterol. Cholesterol doesn’t dissolve in the bloodstream, so it needs a way to get transported around, in and out of cells. High and low density lipoproteins transport cholesterol around. When the body’s cholesterol levels go up, this means more lipoproteins are needed to transport the increased amounts. LDL has been dubbed bad cholesterol because having too much of it can result in clogged and hardened arteries, which can lead to stroke and heart disease. HDL on the other hand has been dubbed good cholesterol, because it helps get rid of excess cholesterol from the body, via the liver.

Why Do Cholesterol Concerns Lead Some to Get Tested for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Los Angeles CA?

Adult growth hormone deficiency, also known as AGHD, can result in metabolic changes that include having higher ranges of cholesterol, especially the LDL type. AGHD is also associated with brittle bones, decreased muscle mass and increased fat around the waistline. Doctors often suggest to take a pill to reduce bad cholesterol, but these medications have side effects. A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that roughly two-thirds of people who have side effects from taking the class of cholesterol lowering agents called statins actually stop taking them! Muscle pain, nausea, liver and neurologic problems were included in the list of side effects. Local doctors who prescribe human growth hormone therapy in Los Angeles CA might be able to give their patients an alternative to taking these side-effect laden pills. Of course, the first line of defense when it comes to normalizing cholesterol is to change the diet. Foods that are high fiber, oatmeal and oat bran have been shown to lower bad cholesterol, carrying it out of the body. Omega-3 fatty acids, fish, flaxseed and canola oil are also good because they reduce blood pressure, which puts a strain on the cardiovascular system. Nuts, like almonds and walnuts, have lots of polyunsaturated fats and are high in calories and are also good to eat in modest amounts. This heart health eating advice is good whether you are on or off a growth hormone shots regimen.

Where Can I Buy Treatment for GH Deficiency in Los Angeles CA?

Kingsberg Medical, of course! You can’t get any of the great benefits of GH therapy—including fat loss and lowered cholesterol, unless you take the first step and get tested. No one is going to show up at your doorstep and take you hand by the hand to the medical lab, but Kingsberg Medical will make the process of getting yourself blood tested and getting prescription GH shots smooth and simple. All you have to do is reach out to us, either by phone or on this site. Our doctors believe in the power of human growth hormone when adult levels are too low, but they will never offer a treatment without substantiating it medically with blood tests. This is one reason Kingsberg Medical is a trusted name when it comes to finding local doctors who prescribe human growth hormone therapy in Los Angeles CA. There are different methods of determining GH levels and all of them involve blood testing. Your Kingsberg doctor will determine which method to use in your case. For most people, the process is quick and relatively painless. While having blood drawn may make some people feel a bit uncomfortable, this process needs to be done to definitively ascertain the natural output. Giving GH shots when there isn’t an established deficiency can cause the pituitary gland to stop producing biologic GH, as well as heighten the risk of unwanted side effects. Most importantly, if a deficiency can’t be established, medication will not be prescribed.

How to Get Human Growth Hormone Therapy Prescribed in Los Angeles CA for Women

Because HGH shots are sometimes linked with professional sports and bodybuilding—uses for which this treatment is not indicated and should never be used—it’s possible to get the impression that this therapy is just for men or is being primarily used by men. In actuality, many women take growth hormone shots with great benefit. It’s an interesting fact that premenopausal women produce more natural growth hormone than do men of the same age. Intuitively one would assume it would be just the opposite, since men grow taller than women do and they tend to have more muscle mass. Kingsberg Medical understands the unique needs of women and will help women get HGH prescription from human growth hormone therapy center in Los Angeles CA. The patterns of secreting growth hormone are quite different in women than men, for example. Men tend to secrete it in larger spurts at night whereas women secrete it during the day. Estrogen is linked to growth hormone secretion as well. When estrogen peaks during the menstrual cycle, growth hormone secretion peaks as well. Also if women are taking estrogen, such as is contained in birth control pills, this can also boost GH. What does this mean from a practical perspective? One thing is that when estrogen plummets during menopause, growth hormone plummets also. Many women consider taking estrogen and progesterone replacement for menopausal symptoms without considering the beneficial role that GH replacement may have as well.

What is the Cost of HGH Therapy in Los Angeles CA?

To understand growth hormone shots pricing, it’s necessary to know something about the process by which this treatment is created in the laboratory. Years ago, in the 1980s, GH was extracted from cadavers. This made it very rare and precious. It was also dangerous because this particular human-generated hormone could also transmit disease. Thankfully scientists eventually developed new ways of synthesizing the hormone in a lab, without the need for human donors. In one method, bacteria were used to essentially grow the hormone, which then needed to be purified. This represented a major improvement but did little to impact how to get prescription for Human Growth Hormone therapy in Los Angeles California affordably. For the past few years the technology used to make GH in the lab has been improved. This is a DNA-based science where the hormone is created in cells as opposed to in bacteria. The result is an initially cleaner and purer product and it allows for the creation of GH that is structurally identical to the hormone generated by the human pituitary. This is referred to as bio-identical. Those who are surprised to learn that a script for this product is expensive should realize it’s this lab process that is the reason. This is a built-in expense.

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How to Get Prescription for Human Growth Hormone Therapy in Los Angeles California Affordably

Taking into consideration the built-in costs of doctor ordered HGH shots, and knowing this treatment isn’t going to be for the cost of a cup of coffee a day, consumers still want to get the best prices and not be gouged. Kingsberg Medical did not get its great reputation from overcharging our clients and we have not been around for so many years by providing evaluations and care that is less than top-notch. By doing the research, and looking at the level of service and what’s provided, and asking others who are under such treatment, it should become evident that what is the cost of HGH therapy in Los Angeles CA is quite a bit lower with us as opposed to many of the other freestanding wellness salons and clinics that offer such services. What you won’t find is a lot of profit margin for us. We don’t need it because of the high volume of business that we do. Don’t just listen to us—ask around—and our reputation in the community will speak for itself. When it comes to quality, speed, client services, privacy and pricing you can feel comfortable in placing your growth hormone prescription orders with Kingsberg, getting tested and speaking to top notch staff and doctors. How to get human growth hormone therapy prescribed in Los Angeles CA? Get in touch with a Kingsberg advisor now to find out!