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Los Angeles Testosterone Therapy

Like many adults over thirty, you may find yourself feeling run down or depressed, gaining weight, not sleeping well, or suffering from low libido. Getting older is not always fun, especially when the stress of daily life or the demands of work and family seems too much.

If you do not have the energy or focus to accomplish your daily tasks, or your body does not seem to be holding up to the test of time, you may want to consider Los Angeles testosterone therapy.

Testosterone is a crucial hormone, not just for men, but also for women. The older you get, the more you need to protect your vital testosterone levels because testosterone helps support your muscles, bones, brain functions, and heart health. That is why many of the people you know are probably already using TRT – testosterone replacement therapy.

Los Angeles residents understand the importance of aging gracefully. They take it a step further and desire the ability to age with vitality. That is what we provide here at Kingsberg Medical.

Our Los Angeles testosterone clinic offers a better way for adults to get the hormone replacement therapies they need. We utilize telemedicine – and have been providing those services to our clients nationwide for many years, long before it was popular.

Isn’t it time you learned what Los Angeles testosterone therapy can offer you?

Los Angeles testosterone therapy helps men and women improve their energy, mood, sleep, and sex lives.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

TRT is the pharmaceutically produced, bioidentical hormone that supplies the body with increased testosterone. Hormone replacement allows doctors to replenish declining hormones in the body when production does not keep up with demand. With testosterone deficiency treatment, Los Angeles men and women receive a supplemental dosage of testosterone to boost their hormone levels.

By doing so, their androgen receptor (AR) cells receive what they need to stimulate their actions. Without enough testosterone, the AR remain dormant, unable to carry out their functions.

What can getting testosterone replacement therapy near me do for my body?

Upon beginning testosterone hormone therapy, Los Angeles residents typically discover that they start sleeping better within a few weeks. Since testosterone helps stimulate proper metabolic functions, it improves food conversion into usable fuel.

Between improved sleep and metabolism, most people report more energy by the end of two to three weeks of Los Angeles testosterone therapy.

Over the next few months, benefits will become noticeable throughout the body.

Los Angeles testosterone therapy is a medical treatment that increases the amount of testosterone in the body when a deficiency is present.

How Do I Know If I Have Low Testosterone?

To find out if you can benefit from testosterone therapy, Los Angeles residents will need to undergo diagnostic testing consisting of a blood test and physical examination. However, before you even get to that stage, the first step is to determine if you have symptoms that align with those of testosterone deficiency.
Through a complimentary telephone consultation with a medical advisor at our testosterone clinic, Los Angeles men and women can freely discuss their symptoms and any health concerns from the privacy of their home or office. We offer our unique telemedicine services to adults because there is no reason to spend time or money visiting a specialist if hormonal imbalance is not an issue.

What are the symptoms that would require testosterone testing in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Testosterone Therapy
The chart below shows the most common symptoms of low testosterone for men and women:

Lack of stamina Fatigue Lethargy
Low libido Erectile dysfunction (males) Vaginal Dryness (females)
Decreased muscle mass Reduced strength Joint pains
Muscle stiffness or weakness Height shrinkage Low sperm count
Hair thinning or balding Increased body fat Poor sleep
Depression Irritability Increased stress or anxiety
Social isolation Low self-esteem Lack of drive and motivation
Reduced productivity Poor concentration Forgetfulness
Impaired cognitive functions High cholesterol Elevated blood pressure
High triglycerides Anemia Insulin resistance

The more items you can check off that list as being present in your life, the more important it becomes to contact a qualified and experienced testosterone doctor. Los Angeles men and women benefit greatly from speaking with the medical advisors and receiving treatment from the hormone doctors here at Kingsberg Medical.
Our Los Angeles testosterone therapy clinic provides free consultations by phone to adults over age thirty who are concerned about changes in their hormone levels.

You may qualify for Los Angeles testosterone therapy if you have at least a few of the symptoms of low testosterone.

The Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Your Health

Many people think the benefits of testosterone therapy extend only to things like bigger muscles and better sex. That is about as far from the truth as you can get. While you will see an improvement in muscle mass and tone, strength, body composition, and your sex life, there are many other ways that getting the best treatment for low testosterone in Los Angeles can help improve your health, including reducing the risk of the following conditions:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • Dementia
  • Type 2 diabetes

Through the use of Los Angeles testosterone therapy, residents of Southern California can once again enjoy each day of their lives to the fullest.

Los Angeles testosterone therapy provides benefits to overall health and daily life.

How Do I Get Los Angeles Testosterone Therapy?

To get testosterone treatment, Los Angeles adults should turn to a board-certified, experienced hormone specialist. The field of endocrinology requires specialized training, as the balancing of hormone levels is complicated. You want to ensure the clinic that you contact specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

When you want the best testosterone therapy doctor in Los Angeles to prescribe your personalized treatment, contact Kingsberg Medical. We have been helping men and women restore balance to their hormone levels for many years. With extensive results, we know the best types of treatment for all adults with low testosterone.

Along with receiving an affordable testosterone therapy cost, Los Angeles residents get the convenience of our confidential telemedicine services. Beginning with a free phone consultation, we take care of you every step of the way. From low-cost blood testing at nearby labs to expert guidance and supervision, we are right here ensuring you get the desired results from your treatment.

To learn more about Los Angeles testosterone therapy, or for your free consultation, please contact Kingsberg Medical today.