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Medical Low Testosterone Treatment in Oakland CA

Low Testosterone Treatment in Oakland CA

Fatigue is a common symptom of many different medical conditions, but when you add in low libido, loss of lean muscle, decreasing memory, poor sleep, difficulty with focus, weight gain, and other issues, the problem may be Low T, a potentially serious condition that requires bioidentical testosterone supplementation. It can lead to obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more.

Kingsberg Medical is a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic that provides all diagnostic testing in a confidential setting. We offer safe, legal hormone replacement for women and men.

When the time comes to get medical low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA, it is essential to ensure that a doctor who specializes in HRT is contacted. These physicians are experienced in this field in ways other health care providers are not.

Testosterone therapy is a medical treatment that should not be confused with steroids. It is not meant to be used by athletes or bodybuilders and is, in fact, illegal in such capacities. It has one purpose, and that is to increase the amount of this chemical in the body for it to use to fulfill all the functions that it can benefit.

In order to qualify for low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA, blood testing must be done that will show if this decline is present.

Sexual Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment

Low T does more than rob a man of his virility; it also destroys a woman’s amorous feelings. Two of the issues that interfere with the ability to engage in passionate intimacy are:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginal dryness

These concerns take away the physical enjoyment and pleasure involved in making love. Sex becomes uncomfortable, and often painful for women. Men may not be able to perform at all if testosterone levels drop to such an extreme that these changes are present.

Loss of intimacy can have serious ramifications in a relationship. Low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA can help save a couple from facing doom and divorce. Many are the women and men who have falsely accused their partners of cheating when sex has become non-existent. This is a natural thought process when a once robust sexual life suddenly disappears. It may slow down at first, before ending altogether. Discussing these issues are often hard for the person involved.

As a result of treatment with testosterone therapy, the following benefits can be seen:

  • Restored vaginal lubrication for women
  • Increased feelings of desire and arousal
  • Return of the morning erection
  • Stiffer erections that last longer than in recent history
  • Increased pleasure and more powerful orgasms

These are excellent reasons to seek out low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA. Kingsberg Medical is proud to be the stimulator of renewed desire and passion in a relationship.

Low Testosterone Treatment Provides Many Health Benefits

There are many health benefits that people with Low T will discover as a result of beginning treatment with testosterone therapy. These go beyond the endorphins that are released during sex.

Positive aspects of Low T therapy include:

  • Reduced risk of developing osteoporosis and future fractures as a result of stronger bones
  • Decreased fear of heart disease resulting from improved cardiac capacity, lower cholesterol, and increased left ventricular wall mass
  • Lower chance of dementia due to sharper cognitive functions and memory
  • Loss of excess fat reducing the chance of obesity thanks to improved metabolic functions

These are just some of the health benefits of low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA. Other positive changes include increased red blood cell production and improved ability to engage in physical exertion and exercise.

What type of future do you desire? That is the question that needs to be asked when changes associated with testosterone decline become a part of life. Are the risks that can come following years of this deficiency worth taking a chance on happening when there is something that can be done to put these concerns at bay?

Most people who become aware that there is an actual medical issue going on opt for taking action as soon as they can, especially when help is so readily available. The ability to get low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA is changing lives, one person at a time. That is the message that Kingsberg Medical is here to provide.

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Low Testosterone Treatment Improves the Future

Hormone replacement therapy is turning the future into a positive place to be. Adults no longer have to fear the unknown since they now have the ability to control their destinies in one more meaningful way. Bioidentical testosterone has been around for decades, helping men and women in many different ways.

Knowing that any cognitive decline and memory loss can be reversed by increasing the signals sent to the brain when a deficiency has gotten in the way of proper functioning is often reason enough for many people to take action.

Others seek out low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA because they are not yet ready to give up on passion and intimacy in their lives.

Whatever the reason you desire our help, please know that the entire professional staff at Kingsberg Medical is devoted to your positive results. We do not stop in our efforts until all realistic goals are met as requested.

What does realistic mean? One example is an individual who looks forward to losing weight, but expects treatment for Low T to take off 50 pounds in the course of a single month or two. This will not happen, and our advisors discuss what can truthfully be expected from testosterone therapy with each person before this medication is provided.

Each person has plans for the future that he or she would like to see occur. Many of these dreams fall by the wayside when the body starts to break down. Low testosterone treatment in Oakland CA can breathe life back into these goals and bring them to fruition.

If you are ready to get back to the desires you have for the future, contact us today.