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HGH Therapy in Orange County CA Keeps Your Body Strong

HGH Therapy in Orange County CA

The older a person gets, the more crucial it is to maintain healthy bones and muscles. Protecting the structural integrity of the body is imperative in order to retain one’s independence in later years. Fractures can limit mobility, and the connection between growth hormone (GH) and a strong foundation is immeasurable. HGH injections can help where GH leaves off when an actual deficiency is present.

You can feel confident in the fact that HGH therapy in Orange County CA keeps your body strong when its own productivity of this essential chemical can no longer meet all of its needs.

The best place to start is with a short anatomy refresher:

  1. Somatotropin (growth hormone) has receptor cells throughout the body. Each of these receptor targets requires a supply of GH to stimulate its actions. When the pituitary gland does not secrete enough of this compound, a deficiency occurs, and the required signals do not arrive.
  2. One such receptor is the liver. In response to its supply of somatotropin, it secretes another chemical known as Insulin Growth Factor 1. Then, IGF-1 (shortened version) and growth hormone stimulate cellular regeneration.
  3. The body is made up of living tissues that require new cells to replace those that continually die off. If the IGF-1/GH connection is not providing the expected signal for new cells to be produced, all parts of one’s anatomy will suffer.

HGH therapy fills in the missing gap between what is being produced by the pituitary gland and what the physical structure of a being needs to thrive.

Our hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialists prescribe HGH therapy in Orange County CA to men and women who can benefit from this treatment. Blood testing is the diagnostic tool that measures the level of this chemical in order to determine who is deficient and in need of treatment.

Protect Your Bones with HGH Injections

The best place to get started is with the skeletal structure of the body. HGH injections can help protect your bones by ensuring that there are enough new cells being regenerated to meet the needs of this unique living tissue that stores the majority of the required calcium, protects the internal organs, and supports the muscles.

How does HGH therapy in Orange County CA help with this process?

Let’s explore the bone remodeling process here:

  1. The skeletal structure of the body is made up of calcium phosphate crystals and tough, elastic protein fibers called collagen that harden to make bones both flexible and strong.
  2. Osteoblasts are cells used in the formation process.
  3. Osteoclasts are cells used to remove old bone in the resorption phase.
  4. During midlife, women and men begin to experience an age-related decline in the skeletal integrity of the body. Lifestyle factors including physical activity and diet can contribute to how this process proceeds, to a certain extent.

HGH injections are used to boost the amount of this essential chemical in the body so that all functioning signals are continuously received. Those who are facing a rapid decline will find that they are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis in later years. This can lead to fractures that can inhibit a person’s ability to live independently.

Being able to get HGH therapy in Orange County CA can help protect against these risks by providing enough human growth hormone to ensure that the cellular regeneration process is maintained at its optimum level.

Rebuild and Strengthen Your Muscles with HGH Therapy

The skeletal system is not the only one that protects the structural integrity of the body. Cellular regeneration is just as crucial to the maintenance of lean muscle mass. HGH therapy helps to rebuild and strengthen muscles that will then protect the bones and internal organs from injury.

There is a condition known as Sarcopenia that can occur when muscle cell growth affects the protein filaments. This decline can reduce mass and function, and create a gradual failure in the satellite cells whose function is to regenerate the skeletal muscle fibers.

When our doctors prescribe HGH therapy in Orange County CA, they know the importance of helping individuals maintain healthy bodies throughout their lives. It is this structural support that can keep a person enjoying all of the activities and pastimes that bring happiness and pleasure to one’s life.

Serious problems can arise when a person has been dealing with growth hormone deficiency for many years. The atrophy that can occur can limit flexibility, making one feel stiff. Joint pains can inhibit one’s golf or tennis swing, swimming, lifting a child or grandchild up in the air, or even interfere with the simple act of walking. HGH injections can help reverse these issues so that freedom of movement can resume.

While it is always ideal to begin treatment as soon as possible, a person in his or her eighties who is just now learning about growth hormone deficiency can contact Kingsberg Medical to ask about receiving HGH therapy in Orange County CA.

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HGH Injections Help Metabolic Functions and Weight Control

There is more to keeping the body strong than just protecting one’s structural integrity. Proper metabolic functions are required for helping to maintain an ideal weight and optimum energy levels. HGH injections can help with all of that, as well.

Obesity rates in the US have nearly doubled in the last fifty years. Growth hormone is a prime stimulator for the metabolism of carbohydrates which assists in the breakdown of glucose into a form of energy that the body can use.

HGH therapy in Orange County CA helps with strengthening that process when GH levels have declined. It also increases the rate of lipid (fat) mobilization and protein synthesis. It prevents fat cells from taking in sugar and stimulates the breakdown of those very same fat cells that surround the internal organs.

As food is converted to fuel in a more efficient manner, a person will feel this influx of energy coursing through his or her body. The breakdown of fat cells will also contribute to this increase, improving overall endurance in all areas of one’s life. These are very real benefits provided by HGH injections.

Protecting the structural integrity of the body is essential for a future filled with vitality and well-being. Our lives are lasting longer than ever before, and HGH therapy in Orange County CA can help improve the outlook for tomorrow. Kingsberg Medical is here to help that process along.