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Help Stop Growth Hormone Deficiency in Orange County CA

Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Orange County CA

If there was something going around that would make people tired, reduce their muscle size and strength, interfere with enjoyable sexual relations, and diminish their drive and motivation, wouldn’t you want it stopped?

The obvious answer is yes; this type of condition would not be good to have around. Yet people throughout Southern California and across the US are dealing with this all the time. That is why it’s up to you to help stop growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA by getting a blood level lab test if you have any symptoms related to this condition.

Most people think that adult growth hormone deficiency is a singular situation, meaning it only affects the person dealing with this particular type of chemical decline. That is not so. Everyone the individual comes into contact with is also affected by the changes that are occurring.

GH decline also robs a person of his or her vitality, enthusiasm, drive, and passion for life and everything worthwhile. Are you starting to understand the bigger picture here?

The doctors working at Kingsberg Medical offer a simple lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA that can provide the necessary answers as to who is presently dealing with this physical change. Only then can a plan of action for treatment with prescription HGH injections be formulated.

It is vital to put an end to this condition once a person realizes that something is going wrong in his or her body or life that can be tied to these changes. If left to continue untreated, this chemical decline will only continue to worsen with the passing of time.

Being able to receive a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA locally saves a lot of time that can certainly be put to better use elsewhere.

Reasons for a Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Test

There are a myriad of reasons why a person would ask to have a lab test for growth hormone deficiency. They can vary considerably from one individual to another making it difficult for the inexperienced physician to recognize this condition. That makes it crucial to turn to a doctor who specializes in HRT – hormone replacement therapy – for help.

Any woman or man who is over the age of thirty will qualify for a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA if she or he exhibits at least a few of the symptoms listed below.

Reasons for an HGH blood analysis include:

  • Loss of interest or ability regarding sexual relations
  • Decreased lean muscle size and strength
  • Reduced bone density
  • Increased fat around the mid-section
  • Loss or thinning of hair
  • Joint pains and muscle stiffness
  • Decreased energy and endurance
  • Memory decline and other forms of cognitive impairment including lack of focus

This is often enough to send a person running to a doctor for help, yet there are still other reasons to get a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA, including:

  • High cholesterol levels
  • Difficulty with night vision and other eyesight changes
  • Increased appearance of cellulite, wrinkles, and sagging skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes or extremes
  • Social isolation
  • Negative outlook, mood changes, or depression

If at least some of the growth hormone deficiency symptoms listed in this section applies to you, it is time to contact Kingsberg Medical for help.

Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Tests Bring Answers

The positive thing about getting a growth hormone deficiency lab test is that it will bring answers that are viable and tangible. There is no way to receive legal HGH treatment without these results. No legitimate doctor would even think of prescribing this medication to a person unless he or she actually needed it.

Once you get a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA, the doctor will be able to determine if GH decline is interfering with your life. Just look again at the list of symptoms above and a deeper understanding of the impact this condition can have on a person’s life will become increasingly apparent.

When energy levels fall, and focus is lacking, a person can begin to lose drive and motivation. Now, add in impaired cognitive functions and memory loss, and mistakes can easily happen. What does all of this mean for a person who is still working? Growth hormone deficiency can prevent promotions, cause work-related accidents, and even result in the termination of employment. At the very least, other colleagues may have to pick up the slack left behind.

Are you beginning to see how others are affected by one person dealing with this condition?

Now think about why you should get a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA if you are in a relationship. That is what we will explore in the next section.

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Learn How a Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Test Can Improve Your Relationships

As we have stated previously, a decline in the production of this essential chemical can do more than just affect the person dealing with this change. It can interfere with everyone else around him or her. Growth hormone deficiency can quickly ruin relationships, making it all the more crucial to get a lab test to improve the interaction experienced between people.

In a personal relationship with someone you love, the decline that occurs in regards to sexual desire, performance, and pleasure can lead to strife. A lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA can provide answers as to why arousal is not occurring, or why a man cannot get an erection, or a woman is dealing with vaginal dryness. These are issues that many people do not like to discuss, and lack of intercourse can lead to suspicions of infidelity.

Now, when you add in the grumpy attitude, mood changes, short temper, lethargy, fatigue, and depression that accompany growth hormone deficiency, home life can become exceedingly unpleasant for anyone living under the same roof as the one dealing with these changes.

By getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orange County CA, a person is taking back control of his or her life from what is occurring deep inside the body.

Friends who may have lost their tennis partner, golf foursome mate, or comrade in any other fun activity or pastime will be pleased to see that you have returned to the land of the living once again.

These are the reasons to contact Kingsberg Medical.