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Testosterone Doctors Provide Hope in Orange County CA

Testosterone Doctors in Orange County CA

It is time to stop suffering with the many effects that Low T – reduced testosterone production – can bring. From fatigue to lack of sexual desire, weight gain to muscle loss, memory decline to thinning hair, these are all part of the signs of this hormonal imbalance. We can help.

Who are we?

Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone doctors in Orange County CA are hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialists that work with adults over thirty who are dealing with a decline in the production of essential chemicals in their bodies.

These changes can affect a person on many levels, including:

  • Physiologically – internal organs, cholesterol, heart health, metabolism, blood cell production, cellular regeneration, brain health, sexual performance
  • Physically – bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails, eyes
  • Mentally – cognitive functions
  • Emotionally – mood, outlook, feelings

Each different hormone affects a person in a unique way, and our testosterone doctors provide hope in Orange County CA to adults who are dealing with any of these changes.

In order to determine which type of deficiency a person is dealing with, a blood test will be ordered that will measure a variety of different levels to help the doctor understand the changes that are taking place. This will allow for the proper medication to be prescribed.

The biologically identical therapy that will be provided replicates the natural chemical that is secreted in the body. This allows for quick assimilation and usage. Benefits can begin as soon as administration takes place.

By contacting experienced testosterone doctors in Orange County CA, a person will have a new hope for what the future will look like. Restored vitality, passion, energy, and enthusiasm can go a long way towards a brighter future.

Our Testosterone Doctors Help to Revitalize Your Life

What would the future hold if your life could be revitalized to the activity, energy, and passion levels that were present years ago? It would be pretty exciting, right? How often do we wish that we could have the knowledge and experience that are present today but with the energy we had in our teens or twenties? Yes, youth may truly be wasted on the young, but that does not have to be the case. Our testosterone doctors have a better answer.

What actually happens when Low T occurs?

The following symptoms are often present with this condition:

  • Loss of sexual desire, difficulty becoming aroused, erectile dysfunction in men, vaginal dryness in women, reduced pleasure
  • Slow metabolic functions resulting in weight gain
  • Fatigue, lack of stamina
  • Loss or thinning of hair
  • Decrease in bone density and lean muscle mass often resulting in joint pains and stiffness

These are only some of the reasons why it is essential to contact testosterone doctors in Orange County CA for help when Low T becomes an issue.

Other possible symptoms of this condition include:

  • High cholesterol
  • Reduced signals to the brain, resulting in impaired cognitive function, memory concerns, poor focus
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Depression, mood swings, social isolation, poor outlook for the future
  • Decreased red blood cell production

These are the changes that can take vitality away from a person’s life. Testosterone deficiency is a serious condition that will only continue to worsen each year. This decline continues at a pace of about 1% – 2% annually.

The sooner a person contacts our testosterone doctors in Orange County CA the quicker we can spring into action and begin the simple testing and diagnostic process.

How Do Testosterone Doctors Determine Low T?

The process by which testosterone doctors determine if an individual has Low T is an easy one. There are only a few simple steps that provide all of the necessary information that the hormone specialist requires for diagnosing this condition.

These easy to complete steps are:

  1. Fill out the medical history questionnaire available on this website.
  2. Have a sample of blood drawn at a local laboratory. Our clinical advisors will arrange for this in advance and provide the lab with the required orders.
  3. Visit your family physician or other doctor for a physical exam. This report will be sent to our clinic for review.

Once all of the above steps have been completed, our testosterone doctors in Orange County CA will then be able to go over all of the results and reports to determine if Low T is an issue requiring treatment with bioidentical hormone supplementation.

Once a diagnosis is made, the HRT specialist with then begin the process of determining the proper form and dosage of testosterone to prescribe. A person’s age, height, gender, health, weight, level of deficiency, and severity of symptoms will all be taken into account during this calculation.

It is crucial for these calculations to be on target in order to provide the best possible results for the individual requiring treatment. We want to avoid any risk of undesirable side effects that could occur if too much medication is ordered. That is why working with a specialist in this field is always the best choice to make.

Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone doctors in Orange County CA have the experience and knowledge to provide safe and effective treatment to men and women dealing with Low T.

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A Brighter Future is Waiting for You Thanks to the Testosterone Doctors

A brighter future can be waiting for you when you contact our testosterone doctors. Southern California is an exciting place to call home. There are so many activities to engage in year round that missing out on them due to fatigue, muscle stiffness and decline, joint pains, and decreased motivation is really a shame.

We want to help you experience the revitalization that can come from combatting Low T. Our testosterone doctors in Orange County CA have the treatment that can make this happen.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling refreshed from a great night’s sleep. The simple act of stretching is wonderful without any joint pains or stiffness. Increased flexibility will certainly help on the tennis court, golf course, or even surfing the waves off of Huntington Beach. These are some of the benefits achievable thanks to testosterone therapy.

Looking in the mirror and seeing increased definition in one’s muscles and a decrease in belly fat are two more signs that this treatment is working. Thicker hair, improved mood and outlook, and an increased desire for sexual intimacy will also be present.

Yes, a brighter future is ahead, thanks to Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone doctors in Orange County CA. Isn’t it time for you to call?