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Anti-aging HGH Replacement Therapy Clinics in Sacramento CA

Anti-aging HGH Replacement Therapy Clinics in Sacramento CA

The benefits HGH therapy provides combat the symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Disorder (AGHD), which have been traditionally known as the symptoms of aging. In this one fact, this powerful drug is mislabeled as an anti-aging medication, and people who seek treatment look for anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA.

The benefits treatment provides are very real. Human growth hormone replacement therapy results in:

  • Enhanced immune function
  • Regulated cholesterol levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less fatigue
  • Sharper concentration, focus and mental acuity
  • Better memory
  • Improved joint flexibility
  • Increased capacity for working out
  • Speedier healing
  • Alleviation of depression and anxiety
  • More energy
  • Stronger libido
  • Healthier skin tone, texture and elasticity
  • Stronger nails
  • Improved hearing and vision
  • Stronger hair with actual re-growth
  • Leaner, toner muscles
  • Weight loss
  • Stronger bones.

While these are the expected signs of age, they can be caused by the lack of production of growth hormone. Treating this condition does not prevent anyone from aging; it prevents them from getting older before their time. AGHD prevents normal regeneration of the cells, preventing the body from being able to take care of itself. What follows is a slow decline full of unwelcome symptoms that can lead to more dire medical conditions. Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more can have their start in a growth hormone disorder.

Whether you are looking up specific facilities or anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA, as long as you choose a medical company that does not prescribe based on symptoms alone, and instead measures the patient’s blood first for accurate diagnosis.

Anti-aging is not a valid reason for a prescription, and it is illegal to be prescribed for that purpose. The benefits achieved with use of these injections only occur if the user is deficient, as they are part of a therapy program that restores what the body has lost from deficiency. Taking injectable HGH when it is not needed puts the user at risk for the complications that arise when there is too much growth hormone in the system.

HGH Provides More Benefits than Anti-aging Alone

We have Hollywood to thank for the consideration of human growth hormone as a beauty treatment that can make a person look younger. There is so much more to it than that; it is an overall health treatment program. Keep in mind, too, that a person’s outward appearance is largely dictated by their inner health. Healthier people will always give off an aura of youth, not just in their looks but in their energy levels and an enthusiasm for life that hasn’t gone stale.

Looking up anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA will bring up a long list of establishments that promise anti-aging possibilities, but not all of them will be legitimate hormone replacement therapy centers, and those are the places where you want to get be treated for AGHD with genuine HGH medicine.

Real HGH is not available as a pill, topical cream, nasal spray or sublingual drop. A real treatment center would not include any of these types of products on their list of treatment options – even if they provided a prescription. A company selling fraudulent product is not above fraudulent prescriptions.

A blood-test validated prescription is needed before anyone can embark on a hormone replacement therapeutic program. The blood test taken must be given by medical personnel in a doctor’s office, and not taken at home with a mailed-out testing kit.

Anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA treat patients with real hormone deficiencies through a 6-12 month treatment program that includes specializing doctor care, individual dosing, real medicine, and supervised use of the medicine to make sure that no problems arise during the cycle of treatment.

The Best Brands Of HGH Injections

 The only authorized medicines are manufactured by major pharmaceutical companies. There are no generic HGH brands; the medications labeled by the colors of their vial tops (red tops, blue tops, etc) are made in China and are illegal here in the U.S. The brand named Somatrem is an illegal counterfeit, known to cause serious side effects.

When you call and speak to a representative at anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA and ask about the medications they use, pay attention to their answers.

Legitimate human growth hormone is a 191 amino acid, polypeptide chain. The counterfeit Somatrem is a 192 amino acid chain; while that one difference in the amino acid count may seem negligible, it’s not. Any change at all in the makeup and sequence of HGH negates it from being real human growth hormone.

Ask them where there medications are from. If you don’t recognize the name or the answer they give you is vague, there’s a good chance they are not prescribing an authentic medication.

Some of the legally-allowed brands and their parent manufacturers are:

  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
  • Omnitrope by Sandoz
  • Genotropin by Pfizer
  • Humatrope by Eli Lilly
  • Saizen by Merck Serono.

All of these medications have federal approval and are of the highest purity, and all of them are prescribed by Kingsberg Medical specialists. We offer a selection that gives choices in price points and administration device. Each brand has their own patented self-injection devices to make the administration process easier.

Reputable anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA will be up front with all of their information, and their clients should be able to feel comfortable with everything about the establishment and the treatment provided.

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How To Administer Self-Injections

As mentioned, the only genuine type of HGH available is as an injection medicine. It’s molecular makeup prevents it from being effectively administered by any other means. The best anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA will not prescribe a pill, sub-lingual or nasal spray, or lotion.

Each injectable medicine brand of HGH is offered in the traditional vial and syringe kit, or a special device may be selected by the patient, depending on which device would be most convenient for his lifestyle or comfort in self-injection. Some devices provide easy portability with no mixing, some are prefilled and disposable, one is auto-mechanical and inserts the needle and injects the medication all at one. There are devices that hide the needle for those that are phobic, and one device is even needle-less. Whatever your preference or comfort level, there is a device that will suit you.

Once the device is chosen, the patient will receive written and oral instructions on the use, care and storage of the device and medicine. If extra assistance is needed, Kingsberg Medical offers video tutorial on all aspects of self-injection. There are two basic rules of thumb regarding daily injections: choose a fatty area of skin (the belly and thigh areas are usually good), and always rotate the injection site (choose a different area every day) to prevent hardening of the skin at the site.

It is easy to choose Kingsberg Medical as the best anti-aging HGH replacement therapy clinics in Sacramento CA for your hormone replacement therapy. Knowledgeable and caring staff, legal and above-board prescribing practices, high quality medication, and the comfort of knowing that your treatment is watched to track your personal progress and to manage any issues that might come up.