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Get a Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in Sacramento CA

Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in Sacramento CA

Before anyone can receive any type of medicinal hormone supplementation like testosterone replacement, they have to submit to a blood examination. Why is this? Hormonal balance or body chemistry, like DNA or a fingerprint, is unique to each person.

The mixed bag of our ancestors from generations before us all contributed to our genetic differences. Environment and geographical location can also affect chemistry, like weather conditions (air quality) and nutrition (because each location has their own staple foods), adding to the differences of individuals.

These variations from person to person make it impossible to use a generic standard in dosage hormones. Get a blood test for Testosterone Levels in Sacramento CA in a person so that the doctor will be able to assess a testosterone dosage regimen that will elevate that patient’s levels up to whatever he has evaluated that person’s normal levels to be.

These are the federal regulations regarding the use of hormone replacement therapy; without precise diagnostic testing, this controlled medication cannot be prescribed to anyone. Hormone replacement therapy is about balance, and balance cannot be achieved without prior knowledge of the specific details that a blood test for testosterone levels in Sacramento CA will reveal. One can’t make up the difference of anything without knowing the facts.

What Can You Expect From Testosterone Therapy?

Every person is different, from their body chemical makeup to their symptomology and severity of symptoms; this creates the demand for the blood test for testosterone levels in Sacramento CA. Because of this, it is impossible to say exactly what everyone can expect from testosterone treatment; it all depends on what symptoms the condition caused. Therapy can help increase muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell count, and even insulin sensitivity.

Most people report having added energy, better moods and motivation, and an increased sex drive. Men have shown significant improvement from sexual dysfunction including better quality of erections and longer endurance. Women can experience relief from vaginal dryness and symptoms of irregular menstruation.

After the doctor has read the results of the patient’s blood test for testosterone levels in Sacramento CA, he can assess what is needed in a dosage amount for full replenishment. When a person’s levels are back at his or her own normal levels, he or she will begin to notice a feeling of the body bouncing back as if recovering from an illness.

Energy levels are most commonly the first results of treatment noticed. Testosterone regulates the production of the necessary red blood cells that oxygenate the body through the blood. Low T deficiency slows down the red blood cell production, causing less oxygen to circulate. This results in a constant feeling of tiredness which can affect performance on the job, familial and spousal relationships, and overall attitude.

We all know what we get like when we are overtired from a bad night’s sleep; this type of fatigue and low energy from poor oxygenation is much more pervasive, and can lead to constant feelings of a need for isolation from everything and everyone. Other results from treatment vary by individual, depending on what their deficiency symptoms were.

Which Type of Testosterone Therapy is Best?

Depending on where you look you will find a few different forms of treatment, but not all of them are safe or effective. There are pills, pellets, injections, cream and gels.

Testosterone cannot be delivered orally; that type of administration forces it to go through the liver which could cause damage. Pellet therapy is not recommended by hormone specialists because 6 months’ worth of medication is implanted into the body at one time, but there is no time-release property in the pellets; all pellets dissolve at the same rate, and that 6-month dose will be released within 3 or 4 months.

What that will cause is soaring testosterone levels for a month that drop rapidly over the next 3 months, causing side effect on both ends of an imbalance, first when levels are too high and then when they are too low.

Kingsberg Medical only supplies testosterone in injectable, gel and cream forms, and only after the patient has had a blood test for testosterone levels in Sacramento CA. We feel that the injectable therapy is the most effective, although the other two are highly effective as well. Most of the time, the cream and gel methods are prescribed when a dosage strength needs to be on the low end.

As long as the patient follows the doctor’s instructions, the chance of side effects are low. In some cases a rash may develop on the area of skin where the topical medication is applied, particularly with the gel remedy which has a high alcohol content.

All of our patients are monitored by their prescribing physicians during treatment to watch out for any undue side effects and to make sure they are responding well to treatment. If the physician feels it is necessary, he will re-order a blood test for testosterone levels in Sacramento CA for the patient to confirm that the dosage is correct.

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Is Testosterone Therapy Right For You?

Every many will experience a gradual drop in testosterone levels as he gets older. This does not mean every man should immediately begin therapy. Only the men who are experiencing symptoms of Low-T like chronic fatigue, a weakened body, irritability or depression and sexual problems (loss of drive and impaired performance) and have had a blood test that confirms clinically low levels are candidates for treatment.

The blood test for testosterone levels in Sacramento CA is especially important in the diagnosing of Low T, because the symptoms of it are shared by other medical conditions, and the physician needs to ensure the right treatment for the right condition. Sometimes the symptoms can be caused by deficiency, but sometimes it can be the thyroid or something completely unrelated to hormones.

Testosterone treatment will not cure other conditions, and if a person’s levels get to be too high because of unnecessary medication, other problems will arise. Blood levels that are too high can result in baldness, acne, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement), sociopathic aggressive behavior, polycythemia (blood clots caused by an unnaturally high red blood cell count), and cardiovascular disease, among others.

Kingsberg Medical will not supply treatment to someone who does not have clinically low levels as determined by a blood test for testosterone levels in Sacramento CA. Professional athletes and body builders will not be prescribed any type of hormone replenishment therapy; it is banned from professional sports and their type of recreational use is not legal.