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How to Consult HGH Therapy Specialists in Sacramento CA

HGH Therapy in Sacramento CA

Getting older can be a hardship for many. The feeling of everything in the body working slower, or aches and pains occurring during movement that used to be done without a second thought; constant feelings of agitation and stress, and an inability to get a decent night’s sleep; it becomes as if you can feel your body wasting away. Learning how to consult HGH therapy specialists in Sacramento CA can be the first step to putting a halt to this rapid deterioration.

These signs of age, the physical and mental slowness that gradually gets worse with each passing day can be signs of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, or AGHD, a recognized medical condition that affects many adults over the age of 40.

While no one wants to hear that there may be something wrong with their health, there is good news: AGHD can be corrected and the symptoms reversed with HGH therapy in Sacramento CA.

HGH therapy is the practice of replenishing the body’s supply of natural growth hormone that has diminished during aging with a natural, bio-identical growth hormone. Because it is bio identical (an exact duplicate of naturally produced growth hormone), the body cannot tell the difference between what it created on its own and what was added by injection.

The supply the body needed for optimal function will be restored, thus rejuvenating the cellular metabolism that relies on growth hormone, and the body will begin to work as it used to during the younger years when GH was secreted at its highest amounts. Even though human growth hormone therapy is a natural drug, care must be taken in its use. Too much of it can cause a whole other set of health problems.

With HGH therapy in Sacramento CA provided by licensed physicians, only the individuals who are proven to be deficient (by a hormone blood measurement) will be authorized treatment, and the dosage amount will be matched to that individual’s own body chemistry.

How to Guarantee Successful HGH Therapy

There are two main aspects of HGH treatment which require the most attention to guarantee safety and efficacy: the proper dosage amount and the use of authentic medication. Prescriptions must be evaluated uniquely for each patient, according to their level of deficiency (by what levels are considered to be normal for each individual).

The doctors who prescribe HGH therapy in Sacramento CA carefully review the levels of growth hormone present in the patient’s blood and then review all of the personal information about the patient: his or her current physical status, age, weight, gender, and genetic and medical history.

All of this information combined gives the physician the data for the formula he uses to ascertain what dosage strength and amount would be the most beneficial by providing what would be full hormonal replenishment and balancing for that patient without providing too much. It is only in this proper balancing that restoration and rejuvenation can occur; a dosage amount that is too high will result in another set of health problems.

The second biggest concern in achieving effective results from HGH therapy in Sacramento CA is the use of the right medication. All products labeled human growth hormone are not created equal, nor are they all genuine.

Authentic HGH is found in injectable form only. There are no other forms of legitimate human growth hormone, not pills, topical creams, nasal sprays or sublingual drops. The molecular structure of the growth hormone dictates that the only effective method of administration is by subcutaneous injection. The molecule is made up of proteins which the stomach would digest if swallowed, and its large size and fragile nature prevent it from being compounded into pill form or absorbed through mucous membranes. No reputable medical establishment would prescribe any of these other treatment options to their patients.

Proper Handling and Storage of HGH Medicine

HGH medication is a delicate solution when mixed. The molecule’s fragility calls for specific instructions in how to handle and store the solution. The safe handling, storage, and injection of the medication is of high priority to ensure potency. Before a patient receives his or her medication shipment, they will be directed through each step of the handling and injection process.

The Kingsberg Medical physician who prescribes the HGH therapy in Sacramento CA will first discuss with the patient the options available for self-injection. The basic vial and syringe method of administration is available with all brands of the medications we supply – this option requires the physical mixing of the medication in the form of a lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder that must be reconstituted (mixed) with bacteriostatic water – however each brand has a few different administration devices designed to make the mixing and injecting process easy and convenient for the patients, depending on their lifestyles.

A patient using the traditional syringe and vial method will receive the vial of medication powder and the bacteriostatic water in a separate vial. The water is to be injected into the vial of powder with the syringe, the needle carefully aimed at the inside of the vial to allow the water to pour slowly into the powder. When enough water is put into the vial, the vial is to be rolled between the fingers – never shaken. Shaking the mixture will do harm to the molecular structure of HGH and damage its potency. When the solution appears clear, with no visible powder floating around, it is ready for injection. The medication solution should always appear clear and colorless; if it does not, it should not be used.

Whether in the dry form or in the reconstituted form, human growth hormone should never be exposed to extreme heat. Most of the devices use medication that requires refrigeration after mixing, with a shelf life of up to three weeks. There is one device’s medication that is handy for the business traveler who uses HGH therapy in Sacramento CA that does not require constant refrigeration (it does have a shorter shelf life).

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Which Injection Device is Best for Administering HGH?

All of the federally approved HGH medications are processed by well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers with longstanding records of quality medicines. Some of the high quality brands prescribed by the physicians at Kingsberg Medical are Humatrope by Eli Lilly, Saizen by Merck Serono, Omnitrope by Sandoz, Genotropin by Pfizer and Norditropin by Novo Nordisk. Each one of these brands of HGH therapy in Sacramento CA can be administered by the syringe/vial method or with a specially patented device offered by each company.

Patients are given the option to get devices that are prefilled with HGH (no mixing required) and disposable, or devices that have premeasured amounts of medication powder and bacteriostatic water separated into cartridges that mix when inserted into the reusable device. Some of the devices are battery-operated, giving audio or visual signals when the injection is finished.

For whichever method of administration of the medication for HGH therapy in Sacramento CA, full instructions for use and care will be disclosed by the physician. For the patient that may need more to be able to feel comfortable with the self-injection process, written instructions and access to video tutorials – that show real people demonstrating the injection process – can be provided.