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Low Testosterone Treatment in Sacramento CA Requirements

Low Testosterone Treatment in Sacramento CA

A hormone imbalance such as low testosterone (Low T) affects millions of Americans. Low T used to be considered a largely undiagnosed common condition because many people did not understand that what they took to be the expected signs of aging were actually part of a real (and treatable) medical condition.

Times have changed and there is a newer awareness on the part of both the general public and the medical community about the challenges of maintaining hormonal balance for older adults. The best way to achieve that balance is with low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA from a clinic like Kingsberg Medical.

Even with the new awareness about Low T, there is still confusion about the therapy programs themselves. Any time something becomes well-known or popular there is always someone trying to take advantage of it. Because more people are looking into testosterone treatment, there are more companies popping up with promises to treat it; unfortunately, they are not all legitimate.

Any company that offers a medication treatment for low T that does not measure the person’s blood first and metes out a statically dosed medicine is not operating above board. Low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA Requirements vary by individual because of chemical differences; standardized dosage is ineffective and can be unsafe. Legitimate physicians only give prescriptions to individuals whose blood levels are low, and in an amount prescribed just for them.

How Much Testosterone Do I Need?

Just as symptoms will be different from person to person, the dosage amount will be different as well. There are too many minute differences in the body chemistry of each person to be able to offer a generic recommendation of dose for low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA.

After the physician determines that a patient is indeed deficient in testosterone, he will evaluate what type of dosage strength and frequency of doses that person will need based not only on the results of the lab work but on symptoms as well. The measure of the results and specific benefits each person receives also varies from individual to individual. There are too many differences between people, and that requires treatment to be customized.

For any questions regarding hormone therapy and low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA, always speak to a medical expert such as the clinicians and doctors at Kingsberg Medical. Hormone balance is not something anyone should attempt to do on their own, with fraudulent products sold over the counter and information from product marketing. Legitimate hormone medication should always be taken only with medical supervision and under the physician’s exact instructions. Self-medicating of any kind could very well cause side effects that are much worse than the problems you are trying to fix.

A testosterone deficiency is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. It is not a reflection of virility; and it happens to everyone. How fast the decline occurs or how deficient a body gets is a reflection of body chemistry and nothing else.

Testosterone Deficiency is an Issue for Men and Women

The issue of declining hormone levels is a natural occurrence for everyone, as all adult bodies reduce production of it with age. The condition of clinically Low T (or hypogonadism) occurs when the hormone level drops significantly in a way that affects certain body functions. An adult with low-T may experience an inexplicable lack of motivation or enthusiasm, depression, low levels of energy, constant fatigue, a loss of interest in sex or negative changes in sexual endurance or performance, and may notice muscular weakness. He or she may suddenly become prone to bone fractures, or become anemic. Low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA can reverse the problems that are caused by Low-T.

Women, too, can experience these same symptoms from Low T. Their bodies produce testosterone, too, although not in the same amounts. It is being more and more understood that this hormone, while being produced in predominantly larger amounts in men, is also a concern for women.

The women who still believe that it is just a male hormone should understand that medical science has been aware for a long time that women’s bodies produce the hormone as well. Another fact is that any woman who has taken a birth control pill may have already benefitted from a small amount of added testosterone; some birth control pills have a progesterone base, and progesterone is a derivative of this hormone. Birth control pills and shots have been given to women as a means of regulating their menstrual cycle as opposed to the reason of strictly preventing pregnancy.

Progesterone-based birth control has been very effective in that aim. Whether or not the method includes progesterone is also what accounts for why different birth control medications don’t have the same effect on every woman, or why women react differently on different forms of birth control. Body chemistry is different for all, and everyone has minutely different needs.

For women especially, the blood tested diagnosis must be carefully assessed. A woman can benefit greatly from low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA, but since a woman’s needs are considerably less the administration of it must be in much smaller doses. Kingsberg Medical supplies topical therapies like gels or creams if the amount of the dose needed is very low.

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Psychological Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is widely considered to be a male hormone that mostly affects sex drive and muscles. It does, but it also works on so much more than that. It even affects mental stability.

As just mentioned low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA can improve a person’s sex drive. The condition of Low T untreated can interfere with a person’s desire for sex or sexual interest, and it can also impair performance. For some, this can be a blow to the psyche, and lessen a person’s confidence. The whole macho male idea is not as prevalent as it used to be, but it is not completely gone, either.

Low T can also contribute to anxiety that is severe enough to cause panic attacks. It can encourage feelings of social isolation, mood swings and stress. Another symptom of low testosterone is fatigue. Physical, body-tired fatigue and problems moving around can add to stress. Low T can also cause mental fatigue and unclear thinking.

All of these symptoms combined can really impair psychological wellbeing. Low testosterone treatment in Sacramento CA can impact blood oxygenation, providing more energy and mental clarity that will automatically improve a person’s mood and mental alertness. A low quality of physical health can hurt a person’s mental attitude.

Testosterone injections can restore healthy sexual function, which can increase self-confidence and enhance the quality of a relationship.