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Sacramento CA Testosterone Clinics Offer Therapy For Low T

Testosterone Clinics in Sacramento CA

What exactly is Low-T? Low T is another term for low testosterone, or hypogonadism, a condition of abnormally low levels of the natural hormone that can negatively impact how well the body functions in many areas. When a person’s levels drop below the point that their body needs to function normally, he or she may require medical attention. Sacramento CA testosterone clinics offer therapy for Low T which is safe and effective.

The drop in these levels are normal; it is produced in the largest amounts during puberty, especially for the development and growth of the sexual organs, and secretion of it starts to decline on a yearly basis around the age of 30.

Aside from sexual benefits, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) helps in many other areas, as well. Through the testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA, you will learn that it is a direct influence on the building of new muscle cells, keeping muscles lean and strong. It affects hair growth, a person’s continuous level of energy, motivation and cognition, and keeps the blood oxygenated by sustaining proper red blood cell production.

Natural decline of this necessary hormone is compounded by other factors. Poor lifestyle health choices like not getting enough sleep, exercise or nutrition can cause a slow and steady decline to speed up. With the help of doctors from testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA, a person will be able to restore balance to hormone levels and enjoy the rejuvenation of their normal body function.

Is the Rise in Testosterone Use Just a Media-hyped Fad?

The decline in testosterone production as a person ages is normal. It usually starts around the age of 30 and increases a little bit more each year.  There has been a rise in public interest about TRT, and some people want to blame the media for turning it into a trend. The symptoms of Low-T mirror the symptoms of other medical problems like diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

It wasn’t until the past 20 years or so that the medical community began to take a better look at the hormone and recognize that Low-T may be at the base cause for a number of complaints. This has created the need for more specialists and testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA

Testosterone’s negative publicity has arisen from the sensationalized use it by sports figures and celebrities for athletic or physical enhancement. It needs to be made clear that this type of use is non-medicinal and illegal, but this is not the first (nor will it be the last) medication misappropriated by certain groups.

The rise in advertising and publicity has not caused a rise in its use. It is, in fact, the other way around. The increase in public use has made it more popular, resulting in more publicity. When the medical community became aware of the full impact of treatment for deficiency, they began to consider it a possible condition along with the other conditions it shares symptomology with. This did result in an increase in cases of Low-T, but it also lessened immediate diagnoses of the other ailments.

Another impetus to the rise in popularity of this treatment has been the lessening of the stigma attached to it of its connection to sexual dysfunction. Women have understood for generations the issues imbalanced hormones can cause, and any type of hormone condition was almost solely confined to the female population. The generality about testosterone used to be that it was only used for sexual dysfunction, and that the man who might need it was not a ‘real’ man.

The rise in TRT is legitimate and not part of some type of mass marketing ploy to satisfy a trend. With the baby boomers reaching retirement age there is now a significantly larger older population, and there is less stigma for men to discuss hormonal imbalances now that the physicians are more aware of the impact of low levels; this is what accounts for the rise in Low-T diagnoses. Testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA offer a safe alternative to living a life of declining health. The condition has always been around; it was just never diagnosed correctly until recently.

Testosterone Deficiency and Women

Women can suffer Low T like men can, and their symptoms will be the same. Exhaustion, fatigue and sleep disturbances, progressive weight gain, lack of interest in sex (with vaginal dryness for women), depression or a generally low mood, anxiety (enough to cause panic attacks), difficulty concentrating, and even hair loss (women would notice thinning patches of hair on the head and even less of a need to shave their legs or underarms).

A woman will only receive TRT from testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA after taking a blood test to measure her levels and the results prove that she is deficient. Women’s bodies do not need nearly as much testosterone as a man, so dosage for a woman is generally low.

Some women may have already experienced the benefit of added testosterone; some birth control pills and injections have a base of its derivative progesterone, which has been found to be very helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle for some women.

If you are experiencing any of the above common symptoms, it might be time to consult with a hormone replacement therapy specialist from one of the reputable testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA. He or she will test the blood to determine if TRT is needed.

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How Can a Person Know if Their Testosterone is Low?

The symptoms of a deficient individual can mimic the symptoms of a thyroid problem, diabetes, and other non-hormone related conditions. Even certain medications can cause some of the same symptoms like depression, weight gain and sleeping problems.

A person can find out if he or she has low T definitively only by submitting to a blood test. A doctor at one of the testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA will need to fully assess the patient’s state of health, symptoms and actual total testosterone serum levels before being able to make a diagnosis of deficiency.

TRT is a powerful treatment, and can be harmful if the wrong amount is taken. The benefits provided by this treatment will only be realized by a person if he or she is deficient enough to need supplementation. Giving a person medication when it is not needed, or administering an amount that is too high could cause more health problems than the actual deficiency had caused.

For this reason, testosterone clinics in Sacramento CA like Kingsberg Medical will never dispense a prescription without a qualifying blood test. Treatment is never effective if it is unsafe.