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Ask Testosterone Doctors in Sacramento CA About Low-T

Testosterone Doctors in Sacramento CA

During childhood growth and puberty, it is testosterone that builds muscles, contributes to the growth of sexual organs, and deepens the voice. When a man gets older, it is needed to keep the bones and muscles strong, promote hair growth, maintain his sexual interest and drive, help stabilize his moods, and maintain the production of red blood cells.

The natural decline of hormones as a man ages is normal, but in some cases may require medical treatment to relieve the symptoms that arise when levels have dropped too low. A man concerned about his levels need to ask testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA about Low-T. Medical need can only be confirmed by a blood test. The symptoms alone cannot, because there are other conditions they could be indicative of including Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, depression, a thyroid problem, or a number of other conditions. Even some medications can cause the same set of symptoms.

The most important rule of thumb behind any type of hormone replacement therapy is that a blood test has verified the condition of deficiency and that the dose of hormones being administered matches the need displayed in the blood. Remember, it is the upsetting of the chemical balance that caused certain problems in the first place; upsetting that balance even further by adding the wrong hormones will only make things worse.

Testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA will always be certain there is a clinical deficiency and need for treatment before prescribing hormone replacement therapy to anyone. Our clinics and staff are dedicated to helping improve the health and continued good health of all of our patients.

We do not provide testosterone injections to anyone under the age of 30, whose bodies would more than likely be producing enough testosterone and symptomology would be indicative of another medical condition. For children with low levels, we recommend pediatric endocrinologists. Kingsberg Medical will also not supply hormone injections for non-medicinal reasons such as body building or any type of athletic performance enhancement. This type of use is both dangerous and illegal.

Women and Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone is not just about men and male sexuality. It is also produced in a woman’s body (in the ovaries and adrenal glands) and just as necessary to regulate the same functions as a man’s including energy levels, moods, hair growth, sleep problems and sex drive.

For women, healthy levels help maintain the libido, keep bones strong, keep the mind clear, help maintain a positive mood, and help manage pain levels (which is why some forms of birth control have progesterone – a testosterone derivative – in them). Testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA can help a woman regulate her levels.

A woman who needs testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) will only need the medicine in very small doses and will benefit from them if it is medically appropriate for it to be prescribed. As with TRT for men, the dose amount is not necessarily titrated to a specific number on a hormone level scale, and instead dosed individually to each patient according to the symptoms.

If a woman begins to see side effects, the doctor will either lower the amount of medication or stop treatment. This is the biggest benefit of physician monitoring for hormone replacement therapy: timely intervention in the handling of any possible signs of side effects.

Kingsberg Medical testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA maintain continuous contact with patients on a hormone replacement therapy program to avoid the possibility of the experience of side effects and to make sure that the symptoms of deficiency are being managed as expected.

Testosterone Therapy Can Restore Confidence

There are both physiological and psychological symptoms of Low T; testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA can see the many ways testosterone deficiency can harm a person’s mental attitude first directly, and as an indirect result of correlating symptoms. Self-confidence is a must-have, especially in these times where forward thinking and putting oneself ‘out there’ is praised.

We are no longer a factory nation, and there is no longer a set way to live a life; we don’t just go to school and afterwards start a menial assembly-line job that requires conformity and sameness. The forward thinkers are the ones starting new business ventures, creating jobs for others and keeping themselves gainfully employed. Self-confidence is one of the first qualities a person needs to succeed.

Low-T can run rip shod over an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. It has direct effect on emotional stability, leaving a person open to mood swings; the physiological changes Low T causes that prevent a person from being and doing who and what he wants hurts self-esteem; and finally, it causes sexual dysfunction that can cause insecurity in both parties of a relationship or marriage.

An individualized therapy program from testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA can restore hormonal balance, alleviating depression and anxiety, help a person maintain healthy weight and a pleasing body composition, and can restore sexual interest and improve performance. All of this will add up to a person who is comfortable in his own shoes and not afraid of stepping into the light.

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How Can You Get A Prescription For Testosterone Injections?

Despite much newer publicity and awareness, there are still many, many people who do not understand that Low T is a medical condition requiring the assistance of testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA.

Even with the barrage of late-night commercials, television doctors and celebrity endorsements for TRT, there are still many people who suffer with Low-T, simply because they don’t realize that the signs they accept to be part of aging can be corrected with therapy from testosterone doctors in Sacramento CA.

Testosterone is not an anti-aging, body-building, sexual enhancement drug; it is a medicine to treat a real medical condition that just happens to improve signs of aging, muscular growth and sex drive, among many other things. TRT improves red blood cell production, mental clarity and frame of mind.

Without a prescription, testosterone cannot be administered to anyone. If you have any more questions about treatment or medications, please call the number we’ve provided on this page. Kingsberg Medical reps are standing by, waiting to answer your questions. We will also schedule you for the qualifying blood test that is required before you can get a prescription.

We will only treat legitimate candidates for therapy. We do not offer hormone medication for recreational or off-label use, and we only treat adults over the age of 30. Children with hormonal imbalances are suggested to see pediatric endocrinologists.