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In Sacramento CA, Get Testosterone Therapy for Low-T

Testosterone Therapy in Sacramento CA

Testosterone hormone levels diminish in the adult body after childhood growth and development is finished. This is a natural occurrence that happens to every adult, man or woman. Problems arise when the levels drop too low to provide the full maintenance the hormones provide. Environmental factors, lifestyle habits, and a person’s basic genetic makeup can increase the speed of the decline, causing problems such as low energy levels (this includes mental energy), a decreased interest in or ability to have sex, hair loss, extreme mood changes, and weaker muscles and bones. This is where testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA can help.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is the procedure of replacing the natural hormone that is missing with a lab-created medication to bring the patient’s hormone levels back up to where they were when physiological and psychological function was normal.

A diagnosis of low-T can only be made after the patient’s blood levels of the hormone have been measured and found to be too low for normal systemic operation. If this is the case, the physician will design a treatment program for testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA specifically for that patient, according to his or her levels and symptoms.

Without a blood test, prescribing TRT is illegal. This controlled medication is only indicated for treatment of a specific condition and cannot be used for any other purposes. If you live in Sacramento CA, get testosterone therapy for Low-T from our doctors at Kingsberg Medical to regain control of your motivation and drive!

Are There Natural Ways of Boosting Testosterone Production?

Some people may not be comfortable with the idea of hormone replacement therapy and may inquire about natural methods. There are natural ways of boosting levels without testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA:

  • Getting proper amounts of sleep. There is researchable documentation proving that a lack of sleep can reduce hormone levels. The Journal of the American Medical Association published that even one week of reduced sleep can impact hormone levels.
  • Manage healthy weight. Middle aged men who are overweight and signs of prediabetes are likely to have Low-T. There has been found to be a direct correlation between diabetes and Low T.
  • Eating a diet healthy in zinc and less sugar. Zinc plays an important part in regulating testosterone levels, and too much sugar can decrease testosterone.
  • Exercise regularly. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Total testosterone levels increase after exercising.

This is sound advice, but once the body is in a state of deficiency, this hormonal boost may not be enough. And because hormone decline is a natural occurrence that happens to everyone, those that already have healthy habits in sleep, exercise and diet can still become deficient enough to require testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA from a hormone specialist.

Are Women Affected By Testosterone Deficiency?

Low T is not just a man’s issue, as is most commonly thought. This component is considered to be the primary male sex hormone, but it is also produced in women’s bodies, in the ovaries and adrenal glands. They also need it to help maintain motivation and a positive mood, energy (physical and mental), and libido. Like men, women will suffer the effects of Low T if their levels drop too low and may need the help of testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA. A woman with Low-T may even be affected with thinning hair and bald patches.

Treatment with TRT as supplementation for natural testosterone can be just as helpful to a woman. For women, TRT even helps in their pain management abilities. Any woman who has taken a birth control shot or pill that has the derivative of this hormone in it called progesterone can attest to that. Progesterone based birth control has proven to be very effective in helping women alleviate the pain that is, for many, associated with menstruation.

Women do not need as much testosterone as men do; if they are deficient, their dose strength and amount will be considerably lower in general than a man’s, except in special cases. The physician will determine the exact amount a woman needs, and if the dosage amounts of the injections are too high, Kingsberg Medical physicians will prescribe a gel or cream.

As long as proper dosage is managed, side effects of testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA are slim. There may be some skin irritation on the skin at the site where the medication is applied. In most cases the occurrence of side effects happens with too high a dose or improper use.

For women, the side effects of too much of this hormone can include acne, male pattern hair growth (facial and body hair) or male pattern baldness, abnormal menstrual cycles, a broadening of the shoulders and deepening of the voice. There is an increased risk of heart disease for women who have too much in their systems, because their lipid profiles could develop similarly to a man’s.

A doctor who is assessing a dose of testosterone for a woman will only do so in small amounts and only if it is medically appropriate.

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Who Can Benefit From Testosterone Therapy?

You may have heard of famous athletes getting into trouble in their respective sports for their illegal use of steroids, HGH or testosterone. This unfortunate abuse and widespread media coverage of it can prevent people from understanding that this medication is legal and can help people overcome the symptoms of Low-T. With testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA, symptoms like chronic fatigue and overall body weariness and lack of strength can be turned around.

TRT can also help alleviate the depression and extreme mood changes that often accompany low-T. Sleeping problems, inability to focus or concentrate, loss of muscle tone, weaker bones and sexual dysfunction are all unhappy symptoms of imbalanced hormones.

Kingsberg Medical provides quality testosterone therapy in Sacramento CA that can make amazing changes to a person’s life and outlook. Our doctors prescribe therapeutic programs on a patient by patient basis, fitting their medication to their individual body chemistry. When testosterone amounts are at the level that is considered normal for a patient, he or she will experience a restoration of physical and mental energy and strength, healthier sexual function, and more motivation and enthusiasm within a few short months.

The key to effective hormonal balance is the proper dosage strength and dose frequency of the treatment and a high-quality medication. The doctors at Kingsberg Medical are specialists in hormone rejuvenation therapies, with full understanding and knowledge of the benefits of properly balanced hormone levels. They can help you regain an improved physical and mental state of health.