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HGH Clinics in San Diego CA

How will you know if you have a hormone deficiency or imbalance?

You contact specially trained doctors that are experts in this medical field for accurate diagnostic blood testing and qualified bioidentical treatment.

Kingsberg Medical offers this testing to women and men throughout Southern California, and at our extended locations across the US. We believe that each person has an inherent right to live every day with gusto, healthfulness, and passion. These are ways of being that are often lacking in people dealing with these forms of chemical decline.

You can get hormone replacement therapy at HGH clinics in San Diego CA from our doctors who provide legal HGH injections for adults with GH – growth hormone deficiency.

What are the warning signs that can tip you off that this decline is occurring?

Take this simple quiz to determine your risk factor at this time:

  • Do you ever fall asleep at work, after lunch, in the car, or before the evening is officially through?
  • Has your libido – male or female – decreased, or is intimacy becoming a distant memory?
  • Are there more wrinkles on your face and fewer hairs on your head?
  • Are your muscles shrinking in size and is your abdomen growing?
  • Have you noticed a pattern of getting sick more frequently than in the past?
  • Does it take longer to heal from injuries, cuts, illness, and even exercise?
  • Have there been any noticeable changes in your eyesight or night vision?
  • Have you been diagnosed with or warned about high cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, or heart disease?
  • Does your mind seem to be slipping? Are you forgetting things, experiencing difficulty with mental calculations or learning new tasks, and/or is focus becoming shorter?
  • Are you depressed, moody, angry, frustrated, or do you avoid social engagements?

If you answered yes to at least two or three of these questions, it is time to contact our HGH clinics in San Diego CA to approach the subject of growth hormone deficiency blood testing. These problems will not go away without treatment, and that is where we can be of assistance. For those who are wondering if  more yes answers raise the possibility of this condition being present, the response to that question is also yes!

How Do Doctors at HGH Clinics Diagnose Growth Hormone Deficiency?

The diagnostic process for low GH levels is a very simple one. Unlike other medical conditions that require invasive procedures, exploratory surgeries, expensive MRI’s or CT Scans, or other forms of testing, growth hormone deficiency requires only a blood analysis to determine if it is present.

Why do HGH doctors at Kingsberg Medical, and all other HRT – hormone replacement therapy – centers also require a physical examination?

There are a few reasons why an exam is needed:

  1. To rule out any other possible medical conditions that could also be causing the symptoms.
  2. To ensure that there are no health issues that could stand in the way of a person receiving HGH injections.
  3. To provide basic information that will be used by the specialist in the calculation of dosing amounts for the medication.

Both our HGH clinics in San Diego CA, as well as other legitimate HRT centers will always require both of these steps (blood analysis and examination) to be performed before any diagnosis can be derived.

The last thing that will also be needed is an easy one, and can be completed from the solitude of one’s home or office – a medical history report. We have placed this questionnaire right here on this website so that everyone can access it freely and confidentially. Simply fill it out and click send. It will come through our secure server directly to our clinic.

How Do HGH Clinics Determine the Treatment to Prescribe?

The diagnostic process relies on the completion of all three steps listed in the previous section.

  • Physical Examination
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Blood Test

Once these have been finalized, all results are sent directly to our clinic for the doctor to review. This process not only determines if a person is dealing with low growth hormone production, but it also enables the specialists to ascertain the correct dosage and frequency of treatment.

At Kingsberg Medical’s HGH clinics in San Diego CA, we take this process very seriously. Our doctors use careful calculations to come up with a customized plan of therapy that will help fill in the gap between how much GH the body needs for its daily functions and what is actually being secreted by the tiny pituitary gland on a regular basis.

By using the level of deficiency as shown in the blood analysis, along with information that comes from the exam, such as age, gender, weight, and height, a proper calculation for HGH injections can be made. The specialist here at our clinic will also take into consideration the level of severity of symptoms, as that is sometimes a large part of the equation. How a person’s body is reacting to this chemical decline is equally as important as numbers on a report.

Getting Treatment from Our HGH Clinics

Although no one ever wants to hear that something is wrong with them, most people are actually excited when they find out that all of the changes they have been dealing with are easily corrected with HGH therapy.

Once the doctor has determined the dosing requirements, that information will be discussed with the clinical advisor, and then suggestions of brands of human growth hormones will be compiled. During the initial consultation with the advisor, the individual will have already discussed any special requirements, such as in the case of a person who travels frequently and might be best served by an injectable that does not require constant refrigeration.

The entire staff at our HGH clinics in San Diego CA is committed to bringing the finest service, care, and treatment to our clients at all times. That is why we provide a list of options for human growth hormone therapy to each person.

The brands of bioidentical medication that are specialists have chosen to prescribe include:

  • Novo Nordisk Norditropin
  • Pfizer Genotropin
  • Sandoz Omnitrope
  • Eli Lilly Genotropin
  • EMD Serono Saizen

Each of these superior pharmaceutical products is available in a variety of injector styles to help meet the needs of the widest selection of people. Your personal advisor will present you with a list of the ones that meets your own dosing, lifestyle, and budgetary requirements. We help each person make that best decision about HGH therapy for their needs.

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Get the Benefits that Only HGH Clinics can Provide

When people who are over forty go to see their physicians for their yearly check-ups, and complain about fatigue, weight gain, sagging skin, achy joints, and lagging sex lives, they are often told to increase exercise, pop some vitamins, and get used to the joys of aging.

Unless the doctor is an HRT specialist, there is a strong chance that the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency will be overlooked.

That is not the case at our HGH clinics in San Diego CA. we can recognize the symptoms of GH decline right away, and know when a person needs to be sent for blood analysis.

You cannot get the benefits of treatment if you are not first diagnosed with accuracy. That is what we can provide. All it will take is a quick visit to a local blood lab, and if you have had a recent physical exam, we will give you the information to have the results sent to us. Otherwise, just schedule your examination with whatever doctor you would like, and once we receive the results, we can proceed with your personalized treatment plan.

The ability to feel energized, to look your best, and live each day with passion, vitality, and excitement is as close as your telephone. HGH therapy will probably transform your life in ways you have not even imagined.