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Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Diego CA

What is hormone replacement therapy?

HRT is a treatment that is customized for each person based on declining levels of chemicals being produced in the body. Most people have heard of estrogen for use during menopause, but did you know that this is typically a synthetic substance, and, therefore, can cause a lot of problems and risks.

That is not the case with some of today’s most promising treatments. Kingsberg Medical is proud to be a provider of bioidentical hormones – molecularly identical in structure to the chemicals that are produced in the body.

For those individuals who are starting a search for where to get personalized hormone replacement therapy in San Diego CA, we are pleased to present this information that will undoubtedly help you understand what is occurring in your body, and how to correct it.

Prescription bioidentical testosterone (injectable and cream) and HGH injections are two types of treatments provided to men and women who notice age-related symptoms beginning in their lives that are interfering with daily functions or enjoyment.

The doctors that routinely prescribe these medications are called HRT specialists and have a higher degree of knowledge and training in this field than general or family practitioners. These physicians can readily interpret the symptoms a person is dealing with and categorize them into the possible deficiency that they can be associated with, whereas other doctors might just view these changes as natural signs of aging.

Instead of feeling resolved that life will never be what it once was, hormone replacement therapy in San Diego CA can restore the vitality and passion that seems to have gone missing in action.

Three things are needed before a diagnosis can be made:

  • Blood analysis will be used to determine the type of therapy that is needed.
  • Physical examination will rule out other possible conditions and provide information used in calculating the dosage of medication to prescribe.
  • A medical questionnaire must be answered providing information about previous and current medical concerns.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

The needs of a male are certainly different from those of a female. Although both genders do have the chemicals estrogen and testosterone in their bodies, men produce testosterone at a much higher level than women and require a lower supply of estrogen. In addition, there is a natural conversion process that takes place inside the body, where excess testosterone is turned into a usable form of estrogen.

Men are also susceptible to growth hormone (GH) deficiency just as much women. The question here is which type of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in San Diego CA does a man need when he notices adverse signs beginning to appear?

There is no way that you can determine this on your own. Our doctors will run blood tests that will measure the levels of various chemicals in the body to see which ones, if any, are in decline. This is the only verifiable method of determining who is a candidate for HRT. If the blood levels come back showing in the normal range, then the doctor might suggest alternative approaches to dealing with the symptoms that are present.

It is natural for these vital substances to begin their decline during the years between thirty and forty. While not everyone will feel the effects of these reductions in secretion, those who do will certainly begin to feel tired, lose muscle tone, gain weight, and experience possible other symptoms.

Discussing the changes in the body in complete detail with one of our clinical advisors over the telephone is vital. We know it is difficult for a man to speak about erectile dysfunction and low libido. Perhaps that is the reason why so many people prefer our method of telephone consultations over in-office visits. There is a certain anonymity that makes it easier to discuss these issues when you are not face to face with someone.

Whether hormone replacement therapy is needed to correct Low T or GH decline, the doctors at Kingsberg Medical can provide the treatment that is required to help put things right once again.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

We often find that women are more accepting of the concept of HRT because it is something that is discussed in a freer manner. The monthly hormone cycle is a natural occurrence, and discussions about the effects of menopause are well understood.

The biggest difference here is that we prefer the use of biologically identical hormone replacement therapy in San Diego CA over the synthetic treatments prescribed by many gynecologists. They have their area of expertise, and our HRT doctors have a different scope of practice.

During menopause, many women actually test positive for Low T – a decline in testosterone production. Now, if you read the section above for men, you would understand that there is a natural testosterone to estrogen conversion that takes place in the body. The only women who would not benefit from this are those who are at risk for or who have already had cancer. In those instances, our specialists would provide an estrogen blocker along with the treatment for Low T.

Bioidentical hormone replacement is extremely safe and exceptionally effective at restoring balance to a body that has been thrown out of sorts. Females who test positive for GH deficiency will be able to administer these HGH injections in the comfort of their own home.

There are many benefits to be achieved once HRT treatment begins. We will discuss these promising results in the coming section.

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The Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The whole purpose of hormone replacement therapy is to facilitate positive changes in the body. When any chemical level in the system subsides, whatever functions it plays a role in will more than likely begin to suffer or breakdown. The correct treatment will restore balance to that level, enabling that part of the body to function at a higher rate of efficiency.

For the most part, these changes often begin in one’s early thirties, but many people do not notice anything happening until in their forties, or even later in life. The benefits from one treatment to another will vary, based on the symptoms that each causes. There is a lot of overlapping, however, and that is why blood testing is a must for everyone seeking hormone replacement therapy in San Diego CA.

As an overview of HRT benefits, in general, the following can easily be expected:

  • An end to fatigue and an increase in available energy
  • Weight loss resulting from improved metabolism
  • Increased lean muscle and bone density
  • Happier mood and outlook
  • Restored libido – reversal of any erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness, increased performance and pleasure
  • Improved quality of hair
  • Better sleep
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improved heart functions
  • Sharper brain functions

These are among the most common of the benefits of HRT that adults can expect to receive. GH treatment also provides firmer skin, stronger immunity, sharpened eyesight, and a host of other possible changes.

Kingsberg Medical is a national clinic with many years of experience helping thousands of people get on with their lives in an energetic and happier way. Our commitment is to each person that contacts us for help with the restoration of vital chemical levels. We provide a high degree of confidentiality, exceptional service, and affordable prices.