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Combat Low T by Calling Testosterone Doctors in San Diego CA

Testosterone Doctors in San Diego CA

Are you a man or woman over the age of thirty?

If so, please heed these words – do not let hormone deficiency get the better of you!

It will try to take away your good looks, energy, passion, drive, memory, and more, but you can stop it with one simple phone call.

Combat Low T by calling testosterone doctors in San Diego CA. It is here that you can find the appropriate type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to reverse your symptoms and be in charge of your own destiny once again.

HRT specialists are doctors that have received advanced training in the way in which a variety of different endocrine messengers work in the body. Many of these hormones have interactions with one another, influencing secretion, functions, and levels that can interfere with a person’s health, well-being, and vitality.

It is a member of this group of professionals that a person should turn to when a condition such as Low T begins to create problems in daily life. A decline in the production of testosterone can interfere with how an individual performs at work, in the bedroom, at the gym, on the golf course or tennis court, and anywhere else where energy, focus, and motivation could be required.

Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone doctors in San Diego CA have extensive experience working with men and women throughout the region who are in need of restoring balance to their lives. If you believe that something is not right, but you have yet to receive an answer that makes sense or corrects the problem, call us to discuss the subject. We can schedule a blood test at one of a number of area labs for added convenience.

Get the Benefit of Working with Testosterone Doctors

Hormonal imbalance is a tricky area of medicine. Raising these delicate levels requires a great deal of expertise. Too much of any bioidentical supplementation and a person could find him or herself on the receiving end of unwanted side effects in addition to any symptoms of the deficiency that are already present. That is where the benefit of working with a doctor who specializes in Low T therapy can make the biggest difference.

There is more to diagnosing and treating Low T than looking at blood test results. In fact, that really cannot be the only method of assessing the situation as the variances in testosterone levels in the bloodstream are extremely broad.

The specialist must also take into account results from a physical examination, answers to a health questionnaire, past medical issues, and the scope and severity of the symptoms that are pertaining to this condition.

Only then can testosterone doctors in San Diego CA determine if a person can benefit from this treatment, not to mention how much medication can be prescribed. The goal of any type of HRT program is to get results while minimizing the chance of unwanted side effects occurring.

Know What to Avoid When Looking for Testosterone Doctors

Just as there are reasons for finding the right hormone replacement specialist to prescribe treatment to combat Low T, there are also things for people to avoid when looking for testosterone doctors.

It is common to come across a website listed in a search engine that is advertising a price for testosterone injections. This flat monthly fee is part of a one cost fits all approach to therapy.

Steer clear of these types of medical centers!!!

Hormone levels, as we said before, must be carefully calculated and compared to how they are affecting a person’s health and well-being. The dosage of any medication prescribed must be ascertained for that individual’s sole benefit. This will affect the ultimate cost of treatment.

Only work with experienced testosterone doctors in San Diego CA that focus their practices in the area of HRT. Some medical centers also provide other options for care, including plastic surgery, vitamin and exercise regimens, liposuction, skin care rejuvenation treatments, and many other options that can muddy the waters of what can be accomplished through proper Low T therapy.

At Kingsberg Medical, we always recommend letting hormone therapy run its course before deciding to undergo any other adjunct options that might not be needed a few months down the road, once results have been achieved.

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Testosterone Doctors Get Results!

The purpose of finding the best possible testosterone specialist is to get results. Low T can take away too many of the things we hold dear – passion, excitement, vitality, and mental stimulation.

Here are the benefits that can be expected with testosterone therapy:

  • Increased feeling of well-being and improved outlook for future endeavors
  • Sharper mental focus, memory, and cognitive skills
  • Stronger bones and muscles, increased muscular definition, and improved strength
  • Better sleep at night
  • Thicker, fuller hair
  • Restored libido – better erectile functioning in men, increased vaginal lubrication in women, improved performance, and pleasure
  • Lower LDL and triglyceride levels
  • Restored drive and motivation
  • Better red blood cell production

Other benefits that make contacting our testosterone doctors in San Diego CA worthwhile include reducing future risks associated with osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and dementia. These are all issues that could occur if Low T levels are not provided with the proper doctor-prescribed treatment.

Kingsberg Medical offers a complete package of services, including complimentary phone consultations, blood testing, medical review, diagnosis, and the highest-quality bioidentical medications for each individual’s personal needs. Call us directly to learn how we can help you.