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Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in San Francisco CA

Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in San Francisco CA

It may not seem fair that just when a man is beginning to get into the swing of life and adulthood, his testosterone levels begin to decline. This essential chemical begins its slow decline about the time that early adulthood comes to an end – during the early thirties. This is the time that the middle-aged years begin, and although they last longer today than in the past, based on our lengthened life expectancies; it can also be a time of great change.

Hormone replacement doctors diagnose and treat Low T levels and other hormone deficiencies. Get a blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA to determine if you have Low T. Do not let unwanted symptoms get in the way of a spectacular future.

Most men in their thirties do not even notice any change as they are busy with their careers, raising families, social lives, and engaging in outside pursuits such as exercise and sports. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can contribute to keeping some of the symptoms of low testosterone production at bay until much later on.

By the time he enters his forties, a man’s T count may be 10 to 20 percent lower than it was a decade earlier. This is when a blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA may become necessary if certain symptoms begin to appear.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Most changes come on gradually, which is why many men do not even notice them until they have started to get in the way of daily activities. As testosterone levels decline, a man may see that his once firm and toned physique is getting a tiny bit flabby. There may be a few extra pounds covering up his six-pack abs. Muscle mass often does not react as well to exercise as it did in the past.

These are possible warning signs that it is time to get a blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA. Unfortunately, these are not the only variances in his body and health that he will become aware of at this time.

Other signs of low testosterone production include:

  • Weak bones, joint pains, and stiffness
  • Fatigue and poor endurance
  • Decline in the growth of facial, head, and body hair
  • Lower sperm production
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of focus and memory
  • Sleep issues
  • Changes in mood or behavior, depression, and a negative future outlook
  • Decreased red blood cell production

Each man dealing with Low T will respond to this condition in his own unique way, so do not expect to have the same combination and severity of symptoms as anyone else. A blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA is necessary if at least three of these changes are part of your everyday life.

How Do You Diagnose Low Testosterone?

There are some things to be mindful of when making a decision to secure a diagnosis of low testosterone. These are:

  • This is not a condition that can be self-diagnosed
  • A hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialist is the best person to engage for this purpose
  • The doctor must be advised of any and all past and current medical issues

Up first is locating a specialist that can provide the required testing. At Kingsberg Medical, we arrange for the blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA at one of a many different laboratory locations in and around the city. Early morning is the optimal time for the blood sample to be collected since fasting is a necessity.

A physical examination is also a requirement as this will help rule out other possible reasons for any symptoms, as well as providing some information that the specialist will need in the pursuit of diagnosing and treating low testosterone.

Finally, in order to fulfill the third item on the list above, the completion of a comprehensive medical history questionnaire is required. We have placed this on our website to make it as easy to access as the blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA. How to fulfill each of these steps will be discussed in further detail during the complimentary phone consultation with one of our clinical advisors.

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How to Get Treatment for Low Testosterone Levels

Once all of the required steps listed in the past section have been completed, it will then be time for the hormone specialist to review the medical file in order to make a determination of low testosterone levels. If this condition is verified, the individual can now relax and know that there is nothing more serious going on that is causing the changes in the body.

Information gathered from the physical exam and the blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA will be used to determine the treatment method and dosage. Most men will be prescribed this medication in an injectable form for the best possible results.

There are some warnings that we want to issue at this time:

  • Never purchase medications from an online source or from other countries – this can result in the receipt of possibly dangerous products
  • Ensure that all medications are coming from a licensed and regulated US pharmacy
  • Do not purchase pharmaceutical products of any kind, including testosterone without a prescription from a licensed doctor – preferably one who specializes in hormone replacement
  • Use only the dosage prescribed – never any more or less without the doctor’s authorization
  • Report any adverse reactions at once to the hormone replacement clinic

Getting a blood test for testosterone levels in San Francisco CA is only the start of wonderful changes that are in store once treatment for Low T begins.

At Kingsberg Medical, we are committed to providing only the best possible care, service, treatment, and prices for those who are ready to change their futures.

Are you ready? If so, then take the next step and contact us now. Complete the form on this page or call by telephone today.