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How to Get Prescribed Human Growth Hormone Therapy in San Francisco CA

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to fatigue, low libido, excess fat, joint pains, forgetfulness, and muscle decline? It may seem unfathomable to some people that there are individuals who go through every day of their lives in this manner, but in reality these issues are more common than many know.

Adult growth hormone deficiency – AGHD – is a condition that affects adults over thirty when the amount of a chemical known as somatotropin (GH) is secreted in a lesser amount than what is needed by the body in order to thrive. We help those with this condition get human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA to reverse the symptoms that are plaguing their lives.

AGHD is possibly even more widespread than many doctors believe. This is, in part, due to the high number of Baby Boomers going through andropause and menopause. Decreasing chemical levels in the body contribute to the physical, mental, and emotional decline that people can go face.

It is not until blood testing is ordered that a real reason for these changes and problems becomes apparent.

We do not want people suffering from symptoms that can be corrected by asking how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA. The fact that we do have treatment options available that can reverse these changes is what makes HGH injection therapy so exciting for those ready to restart their lives.

In essence, that is precisely what most people feel once their treatment with HGH injections finally begins. There is a revitalization that occurs from the cellular level on outward to the entire body. Contacting Kingsberg Medical is an excellent way of beginning the process that can put this testing into motion.

Discovering firsthand how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA is going to make an enormous difference for anyone dealing with this condition, as we will show in this report.

Expect Incredible Results from Human Growth Hormone Therapy

AGHD is not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination. Growth hormone deficiency can cause numerous changes in the body, including the following:

  • Muscle size can shrink, reducing a person’s overall physical strength
  • Bone density can be reduced, putting one at risk of developing osteoporosis
  • The brain will receive reduced signals to perform, affecting memory, learning, and focus
  • Metabolic functions will be compromised, increasing weight and reducing energy

If those are not reasons enough to ask how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA, how about these concerns:

  • The immune system will not perform at its peak, leaving a person susceptible to catching colds and viruses, along with taking longer to recuperate from illness and injury
  • Lower libido can interfere with pleasurable intimacy and performance
  • Decreased cellular regeneration can contribute to hair thinning and loss, sagging skin, wrinkles, and increased cellulite
  • All these changes can lead to a person losing a positive outlook for the future, which can also affect mood and turn into depression

It should come as no surprise to anyone that people who have been dealing with low growth hormone levels for quite some time often tend to turn down social invites and external activities.

Learning how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA can provide incredible results that can restore vitality for a happier life, as all of the aforementioned symptoms will be reversed and often eliminated entirely.

Get Human Growth Hormone Therapy Direct from a Doctor

One essential focal point, that we want everyone reading this report to take away, is that HGH human growth hormone therapy must come direct from a doctor. Only a blood test can show who requires this treatment, and even then, there need to be careful calculations to assess the level of medication required to put the body back into proper balance.

Although any doctor can write a prescription for this medication, it by no means dictates that this practitioner should authorize this treatment. In fact, most general physicians will prefer to send patients to a specialist to find out how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA. They know that they do not have the scope of knowledge needed in this field to make a proper diagnosis and plan of action.

A hormone replacement specialist is the expert to see for this type of treatment. Prescribing HGH human growth hormone injections takes a higher level of expertise than what general practitioners have, and we want to ensure that each and every person receives only the amount of medication needed for his or her chemical imbalance or shortage.

Our clinical advisors will walk each person through the blood testing, examination, and health questionnaire steps that are required. We are not only available, but also happy to answer any inquiries about how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA, the treatment protocol, or the results that will be achieved.

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Human Growth Hormone Therapy Helps to Avoid Other Serious Health Issues

While it is true that maintaining a healthy body can go quite a distance in avoiding other serious health issues that can come along, human growth hormone therapy will also proceed to do its part in this process.

Some of the possible conditions that HGH injections can aid in are:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Dementia
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease

Our goal is to give the body what it needs to help ward off these problems whenever possible. Although nothing is foolproof, when the body is given all the best tools to work with, it has a fighting chance, and that is what you have in your favor by learning how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA.

We also recommend getting eight hours of sleep each night, eating wholesome and nutritious foods, engaging in daily exercise, and reducing or eliminating stress whenever possible. This helps to raise growth hormone levels in the body. While this may all seem like common sense, it should not be surprising by the obesity rate and prescription medication referrals in this country that many people do not follow these suggestions.

As the numbers on the scale go up, so do blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Kingsberg Medical wants to make it possible for everyone to get the help needed to combat GH deficiency. That is the driving force of why we make it easy to find out how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in San Francisco CA.

Let us help you start a healthier tomorrow.