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Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Test in San Francisco CA

Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency in San Francisco CA

In order to be prescribed HGH injections, a person must undergo blood analysis that will be ordered by a hormone replacement therapy specialist. This type of doctor is best suited to provide the proper testing, diagnosis, and treatment needed by adults who are getting older and noticing changes taking place in their bodies that are not acceptable.

The method of diagnosis is an HGH human growth hormone deficiency lab test in San Francisco CA that measures blood levels of various chemicals that could be the reason for any symptoms that the person has stated to be present.

There is nothing scary about this type of diagnostic test. A person will not have to be placed into a confining tube that makes banging noises as with an MRI. There are no awful tasting beverages to drink that will cause you to light up for an X-ray machine. Finally, no electric wires will be attached to your head or chest to run any type of scan.

The lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA consists of one needle prick to withdraw some blood in a few colored tubes. It takes only a few minutes of time to get this procedure accomplished.

Most people breathe a sigh of relief when they hear how simple this entire process is. The only thing to keep in mind is that there is a requirement to be fasting when you arrive at the lab. That means nothing to eat or drink from midnight on the night before the sample is to be drawn until after it is completed. For this reason, we schedule these appointments in the morning hours.

Kingsberg Medical arranges the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA at one of the many convenient locations throughout the area. This can put a person’s life back on track is rapid time.

Who Should Get a Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Test?

In case you are wondering who should consider getting a growth hormone deficiency lab test, the answer might surprise you.

The first defining feature consists of the following:

  • Men over thirty
  • Women over thirty

It is after this point in life that certain types of chemicals in the body begin to decline in production. That is when changes may commence, and symptoms may first start to appear. The majority of people do not see any form of change until they reach their forties or fifties, but thirty is the beginning age to be aware of what could be forthcoming.

Next up on our list of things that will determine the need for a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA is the arrival of particular symptoms. For the most part, these signs will be the same in members of both genders.

Some of the things to be aware of that signal growth hormone deficiency include:

  • Fatigue
  • Memory decline
  • Hair loss
  • Joint pains
  • Reduction in muscle size
  • Weight gain
  • Wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Frequent illness
  • Mood changes
  • Sexual disinterest or decline
  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep deprivation

Although there are still other symptoms that are typically present, these are some of the most common things that will occur when GH levels are below what the body needs in order to thrive. Getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA will confirm if this condition is causing concern.

How Do You Get a Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency?

We have already mentioned the simplicity of the diagnostic process for this form of chemical imbalance. So, how do you go about getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency? This is not something that can happen by merely walking into a blood laboratory and asking for it to be done. The process is almost that simple to carry out, however.

What must happen is a consultation with an advisor at a clinic that specializes in this type of treatment. Kingsberg Medical is one such clinic, and we can arrange for the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA. In fact, we even provide complimentary telephone consultations between an advisor and the individual who desires this analysis.

If it is believed that there is a chance that some form of chemical decline or growth hormone deficiency is present, we will arrange for an appointment at a location near to where you live or work. Options will be provided for you to choose from for your convenience.

Once the appointment is set, the person merely stops eating and drinking at midnight before the arranged time and then shows up for the blood specimen to be taken. That is all there is to getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA. Nothing could be easier or quicker to carry out. The results will be sent to us within a few days.

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Who to Call for a Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Test

Perhaps the biggest confusion lies in whom to call for a lab test to determine growth hormone deficiency. It is natural that most people would contact their own family physician to discuss any changes that have occurred in their health. While this is a paramount step to carry out, and can provide us with the required physical examination report that we will need, it will most likely not result in the blood analysis that our doctors will order.

Please note that general practitioners are not well-versed in hormone replacement therapy. That is why a specialist must be contacted for the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA. Besides, don’t you want to be prescribed the best possible treatment in order to receive the proper benefits?

Why should you choose Kingsberg Medical as your provider of HGH therapy? Our experience speaks for itself. We have been helping men and women across the US rediscover the passion, energy, well-being, and vitality that have been lying dormant in their bodies for years. Now it is our turn to help you discover that, as well.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of service, support, and treatment options at affordable prices has made us a leader in this medical field.

Let us arrange your lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Francisco CA so that the proper diagnosis and individualized treatment plan can be provided.