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Get Your Low Testosterone Treatment in San Francisco CA

Low Testosterone Treatment in San Francisco CA

Low T – it affects men and women from middle age onwards with no care at all about any type of demographics. The unwanted effects can interfere with productivity at work, passion in a relationship, and enjoyment in one’s life. Also known as testosterone deficiency, this condition can transform a jovial person into one who is perpetually depressed.

You can get your low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doctors who have experience in this area of medicine. These specialists can recognize the signs that certain types of chemical messengers in the body are in decline, and they can offer the required blood testing that will aid in the determination of a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

Kingsberg Medical has long been the clinic of choice for men and women dealing with this hormonal decline. We have aided thousands of people across the country in rediscovering the inner passion, vitality, and desires they had for their lives and futures. Testosterone deficiency does not have to stand in the way or interfere with one’s goals for the rest of his or her life.

Diagnosing this shortcoming does not require a lot of expensive or invasive tests. What is needed is a quick visit to a local lab for a sample of blood to be drawn and analyzed. If Low T is determined to be the cause of any unacceptable changes the person is dealing with, low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA will be authorized and provided.

The only other steps that are needed before this can occur is to get a physical exam with any local doctor, and then complete our questionnaire outlining all current and past health-related concerns. All of this information will be used by the HRT specialist to make a final determination as to what type of treatment is required.

What is Low Testosterone Treatment?

If this is the first time you are gathering information on this subject, you may be wondering, what is the treatment for low testosterone. That is a question that certainly makes a lot of sense. There are many different options that can be used, but not all are going to be recommended or advisable.

Based on results, ease of use, and affordability, our doctors typically prescribe the following types of low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA:

There have been times when other forms are used, or the methods are reversed, but these are the most frequently prescribed ways of reversing the symptoms of Low T.

There are a number of different “sex” hormones that people have in their bodies. Testosterone, long considered to be the “male” version, can be found in a much higher concentration in men. That does not mean that women do not require an adequate supply of this chemical, as well. This is in the same manner as men also require a certain amount of estrogen in their bodies.

Because the needs are different, the method of administration of the medication is also such. This differs from another important chemical – growth hormone – where everybody basically needs an abundance of this substance, and it is only available as an injectable.

Women’s requirements for low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA are much smaller than a man’s, making the cream an excellent option, especially since it requires only a tiny area of application, as opposed to estrogen which typically needs the entire arm.

Men will often be prescribed injections as that is the safest, most effective, and affordable method or reversing Low T.

Testosterone Treatment for Women with Low T

Most women are familiar with the standard use of estrogen or a combined estrogen/progestin course of therapy for dealing with the unwanted effects of menopause. Many shy away from these options because there are certain risks involved that can be worse than putting up with hot flashes and weight gain. Testosterone treatment is another option that few know about.

Around the same time that estrogen levels are declining, so are some other chemicals in the body. One of the benefits of getting low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA is that there is a natural conversion process that occurs that will change some of this hormone into a usable form of estrogen, eliminating the need for that supplementation.

There are women who are not able to receive external estrogen due to certain types of cancer, or risks thereof, and they can safely receive testosterone along with an estrogen blocker to halt the conversion process from occurring.

These are reasons why it is best to work with an HRT specialist to diagnose this deficiency and provide the appropriate treatment.

Once this therapy does begin, a woman can look forward to:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Restored vaginal lubrication and greater pleasure from intimacy
  • Weight loss
  • Sharper memory
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Cessation of menopausal symptoms

These are but a few of the many benefits of low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA for women. With the exception of those that are gender-specific to men with regards to erectile dysfunction, a female can expect all of the same results.

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Testosterone Treatment for Men with Low T

This is the type of hormone replacement that most men are familiar with in some way. Perhaps they have a friend who is using testosterone injections to overcome Low T and its effects, or they may have heard about it on the television, or read about it in a magazine.

While we believe that a certain level of decline in the production of this essential chemical is usual, a severe drop that causes serious symptoms is not to be mistaken for a natural occurrence. Getting low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA can turn this around in a short period of time.

The biggest concerns that most men have are:

  • Loss of the morning erection
  • Decreased semen volume
  • Inability to achieve or maintain a powerful erection
  • Reduced desire and arousal sensations
  • Difficulty reaching climax and decreased pleasure
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Diminished strength
  • Hair loss

Although the other symptoms of testosterone deficiency are also disconcerting, these are the ones that tend to come up with the most frequency.

At Kingsberg Medical, we understand how these changes can affect a man’s morale. Self-image can take a pretty severe hit, paving the way for depression to enter the scene. That is why we provide low testosterone treatment in San Francisco CA to those who need it.

Let us help you get back in the swing of all that life has to offer. You will be glad you did.