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San Francisco CA Testosterone Clinics for Men and Women

Testosterone Clinics in San Francisco CA

There is a definite uncertainty that can occur when physical and mental changes start to affect a person’s emotional well-being and health. It is entirely possible that some type of hormone deficiency could be to blame.

San Francisco CA testosterone clinics for men and women offer treatment to counteract the symptoms often associated with andropause and menopause. The various changes that occur when hormone production begins to subside are often happening during this transitional time of life. This is typically the reason for the symptoms that so many people find themselves facing on a daily basis.

Kingsberg Medical offers hope to men and women who find that a sense of helplessness has taken over their lives. There is no reason to feel this way as many different treatment options are available when hormone deficiency occurs.

The first thing that must happen when a person seeks treatment from our testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA is the arranging of a blood test at a local laboratory. Since this is the only method of accurately assessing the level of various chemicals produced in the body, there is no way of knowing what medication or supplementation a person needs until this step has been completed.

Testosterone decline, also known as Low T, can affect women or men in their thirties or beyond. This is when a slight decrease begins to occur, and it will continue to see a reduction of about 1 to 2 percent each year thereafter. The problem can be especially bad for men who naturally have a much higher level of this chemical in their bodies.

Testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA offer the testing and diagnostic tools to determine who can benefit from this therapy.

Who Should Call Testosterone Clinics for Help?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the uncertainty that can occur when a person is facing physical and mental changes that are affecting emotional well-being and healthfulness. Male and female alike are subject to this unpleasant transformation that can turn a happy-go-lucky individual who feels on top of the world to someone who seeks out isolation to avoid facing a depressing reality.

Unfortunately, this is what can occur when testosterone decline has gone years without treatment.

Before you get even more depressed than you might already be, please realize that there is a way to reverse this downward spiral of events. By contacting our testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA, you are now one step closer to receiving the proper Low T therapy that can restore balance to the body and overall vitality and well-being to your life.

The people who can benefit from calling our testosterone clinics in California often find themselves dealing with problems such as weight gain, memory loss, muscle mass decline, low libido, thinning hair, and fatigue. Each of these issues on its own can create havoc in a person’s life, but when a few of them are grouped together, internal chaos can ensue.

Kingsberg Medical’s doctors and clinical advisors do not want to see anyone settling for a state of hopelessness over this chain of events. Our testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA provide the proper treatment to reverse the symptoms typically associated with Low T so that each individual can lead the life that he or she was meant to live.

Testosterone Clinics Combat Unwanted Symptoms

A person who is dealing with Low T often feels as though there is some type of internal war going on inside his or her body. The mind wants one thing, but the body often responds in a completely different way.

For example, a person with low testosterone levels may experience any of these scenarios:

  • There is an emotional desire to meet one’s friends for a round of golf, but bodily stiffness and joint pains are preventing this from occurring.
  • A deadline for a big project at work is looming, but concentration levels and cognitive skills are not up to meeting the challenge.
  • The prospect of looking for a new relationship later in life sounds exciting, but bedroom performance is not what it used to be, and fear is holding one back from taking a chance.

Each of these scenarios can be helped by contacting our testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA. Although each one was very different, they are all situations that can occur when Low T is present in someone’s life.

Here is a list of symptoms associated with declining testosterone levels:

  • Decreased bone density contributing to joint pains, possible osteoporosis, and stiffness
  • Reduced lean muscle mass resulting in less strength and loss of flexibility
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Weight gain and sluggish metabolism
  • Fatigue and lack of endurance
  • Loss or thinning of hair
  • Low libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginal dryness and decreased sexual desire
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Cognitive impairment, poor focus, and memory loss
  • Depression, negative outlook, and mood swings
  • Reduced red blood cell production

It is a good thing that testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA exist to offer treatment that can reverse these issues and provide for a better and happier life.

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Contact Testosterone Clinics for a Brighter Future

Every person deserves to have the best future possible. We know that dealing with Low T makes it seem like that is not very exciting or productive, but please realize that this is the condition  talking and not what is really meant to be. Testosterone treatment can change the outlook from negative to positive in a short amount of time.

Think about the possibilities that increased energy will bring. Imagine how stronger bones and muscles will make it easier to exercise and engage in other physical activities. These are positive benefits that will be received by contacting our testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA for help. The prospects for the future do not stop there.

How does losing weight without dieting or increased exercise sound? Is better sleep something that can provide added benefits? Will sharper memory and improved focus help to accomplish more each day, especially with the added energy we previously mentioned? These are all benefits of testosterone therapy.

Finally, the question you have been waiting eagerly to see – are you ready for a reinvigorated love life? It is time to feel the flames of passion burning bright, and that is where we can help.

Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone clinics in San Francisco CA can provide all of the above, and more, to men and women dealing with the effects of andropause and menopause. Don’t let life get you down – we have better options that will help improve how you feel and provide for a brighter future.