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Testosterone Therapy in San Francisco CA Improves Health

Testosterone Therapy in San Francisco CA

Hormone replacement therapy changes lives for many adults who previously had no idea what was causing them so much grief in a variety of different areas. The majority of middle-aged women are told that a drop in estrogen may be the cause of their concerns during menopause when actually testosterone decline may be the real culprit.

What most people don’t know is that testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA improves health for men and women suffering from Low T. Although the treatment method may be slightly different given the variations in the amount of this essential hormone that each gender requires, the goal of therapy is still the same – a reversal of any associated symptoms.

It is natural to equate testosterone with sexuality. This is, after all, the male sex hormone. That does not mean that it doesn’t have other functions. In fact, a person with a decline in this chemical will often complain of fatigue, mental fog, a reduction in physical strength, and a general feeling of malaise (discomfort or uneasiness).

The natural first step is to contact one’s own primary care physician to schedule an appointment for a physical examination. This is ideal because these results can be sent to our clinic, eliminating the need to arrange for that exam to take place before testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA can be prescribed by our doctor.

Do not expect for most general practitioners to feel comfortable testing, diagnosing, or treating hormonal imbalances or deficiencies. This is an area of medicine best handled by a specialist who can order the appropriate blood tests and prescribe the proper treatment.

What Parts of the Body Benefit from Testosterone Therapy?

We briefly touched on the fact that people with a need for testosterone therapy will often have unexplained feelings of fatigue and discomfort. It is one thing to be tired in the morning if an individual stayed up late watching their favorite sports team go into overtime. It is entirely another thing when this happens day after day, and is caused by lack of adequate sleep or any other reason.

When a person receives testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA, he or she is essentially increasing the amount of this hormone that is available for the body to use through the administration of a biologically identical form of supplementation.

What this does is provide the stimulus needed for all areas of the body that rely on this vital chemical on a daily basis.

These areas that benefit from testosterone production include:

  • The brain
  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Blood cells
  • Hair
  • Emotional health
  • Libido and sexual organs
  • Metabolism
  • Sleep

In the case of a person dealing with a decline in this chemical’s production, each of the above areas could feel the effect, which will subsequently worsen as the years pass and the gap between what the body is making and what it needs continues to widen.

Testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA is used to fill in that missing gap, providing the body with the level of this hormone that it needs through safe bioidentical supplementation. This helps to improve overall well-being and healthfulness.

How Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Health?

Now that we know the parts of the body that rely on testosterone for the maintenance of proper functions let’s take a look at how this therapy can actually improve a person’s health.

The benefits of treatment for Low T are:

  • The brain – studies have shown that people with lower levels of testosterone in their bodies often have trouble concentrating, feel as though they are in a mental fog, suffer from memory loss, and have difficulty completing cognitive tasks. Treatment with doctor prescribed therapy for Low T reverses these concerns and helps to sharpen memory and other mental abilities.
  • Muscles – treatment will help to improve muscle protein synthesis for an increase in lean muscle mass and strength.
  • Bones – testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA stimulates bone mineralization to increase density while decreasing resorption. Helps to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Blood Cells – increases the production of red blood cells which will also help to strengthen the heart and circulatory system.
  • Hair – helps to increase hair thickness and growth.
  • Emotional health – although we do not yet know if it is Low T that leads to depression or the other way around, we have found that men and women who receive this treatment report improvements in mood and outlook.
  • Libido and sexual organs- menopause and andropause are times of significant change for many people, especially in this area. Women will notice an increase in vaginal lubrication and men will experience stronger erections that can last for longer periods of time. Both genders report greater levels of arousal and pleasure as a result of receiving testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA.
  • Metabolism – this essential chemical plays a significant role in the regulation of glucose, insulin, and fat metabolism. The proper supplementation can lead to weight loss.
  • Sleep – most people report that they are sleeping better at night and feeling increasingly energized during the day.

These are all benefits worth receiving no matter who you are or what your age might be.

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Get the Restorative Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Anyone dealing with the effects of Low T deserves to experience the restorative benefits that can be derived from testosterone therapy that is prescribed by an expert in the field of hormone replacement. That is precisely what our doctors are here to provide.

Life goes by too quickly to let a health concern that can be easily corrected stand in the way of making the most of each day. Receiving testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA is what can make each day meaningful again.

Kingsberg Medical has long been the go-to hormone replacement clinic of women and men who want convenience, confidentiality, superior service, affordability, and a variety of treatment options all in one place. That is why so many of our clients continue to refer their relatives, friends, and colleagues to us long after they no longer need our services.

Each person will receive the best possible care and a customized testosterone treatment program based on his or her own body’s needs. We do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to an area of medicine that requires individualization such as this.

Please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation to learn if you might qualify for testosterone therapy in San Francisco CA.