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Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in San Jose CA

Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in San Jose CA

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) of any kind is a means of restoring hormonal balance when levels have dropped because of illness, injury, disease, or age-related decline. Because balance is the desired end goal, prescription dosages are based on the results of the amounts of the hormone measured in the blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA. This is how deficiency is confirmed.

A secondary confirmation of the diagnosis comes during treatment when symptoms begin to disappear.

Common symptoms of testosterone deficiency (TD) are:

  • Sexual problems (lack of desire, impaired performance)
  • Loss of muscular strength and lean muscle mass
  • Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Lack of motivation
  • Depression
  • Low red blood cell count
  • Fatigue
  • Low mental and physical energy.

Causes of TD can be attributed to injury to, trauma to or dysfunction of the secreting glands, disease, and the natural hormonal decline that occurs with aging. There are also conditions that have association with TD including Type II diabetes, arterial disease, erectile dysfunction and metabolic syndrome (a cluster of conditions that include high blood sugar, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, and increased fat around the waist that together can increase cardiovascular risk).

It is because of the lack of conditionally unique symptoms and associations with other comorbidities that a blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA is necessary to establish (or rule out) deficiency as the cause of the symptoms.

Guidelines of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Regarding testosterone therapy, the Endocrine Society published a clinical practice guideline that outlines acceptable evaluation and treatment of testosterone deficiency in adult men stating that:

  • Diagnosis needs to be based on unequivocally low serum levels and symptomology.
  • Low serum levels are determined by the blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy is recommended only for symptomatic adults with verified TD to improve muscle mass, strength, sexual function, bone mineral density, and sense of wellbeing.
  • The aim should be to raise the hormone levels to normal ranges and not more.
  • Confirmation of diagnosis can be achieved with re-testing of the blood or in the monitored improvements.
  • Only approved formulations of medication be used.
  • Patients of TRT should be carefully supervised.

These are the protocols followed by Kingsberg Medical.  In summation, we only provide therapy programs after deficiency is verified by the blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA and if the patient is symptomatic. Our physicians devise therapeutic regimens customized to each patient’s condition with the sole purpose of balancing hormone levels. We use only the highest quality formulations of medication, and all of our treatment programs are monitored by the prescribing doctor.

Common Formulations of Testosterone Medications

The most common and most effective form of testosterone replacement medication is bio-identical testosterone cypionate injections. These hormones are identical on a molecular level with natural hormones.

Transdermal creams and gels are also very effective methods of administering the hormone for replacement therapy. The obvious benefit to this administration formulation is the lack of necessity for needles, however the user must be cautious in avoiding contact of medicated skin with another person.

Another benefit is the ability to provide a much smaller dosage than with the injectable form.

Both of these formulations are offered by prescription only, and after the blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA has verified that the patient’s hormone levels are too low.

This hormone cannot be taken in pill form because it can damage the liver.

After the diagnosis is made, the Kingsberg Medical physician will help determine which administration is best, based on patient preference and dosage needs.

At the first sign of any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is wise to speak to a hormone specialist and find out about getting a blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA to avoid further deterioration of sexual, mental and physical well-being.

Low Testosterone is a Problem for Women, Too.

It is a commonly held belief that TD is only a man’s problem. Even though it is classified as a male hormone, it is needed by men and women alike. Both genders produce the androgen, and the levels of both genders decline with age.

Male or female, the blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA is still a necessity for diagnosis and treatment authorization.

One particular problem that women with TD suffer with is a leaky bladder. Testosterone contributes to overall muscle tone, and pelvic muscles in particular are dependent on it. Transdermal medicated cream has been shown to help strengthen those muscles.

Deficient women will also experience problems with sexual drive and response, osteoporosis, and an increased risk of cardiovascular problems associated with metabolic syndrome.

If the blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA reveals levels that are lower than normal and the female is displaying symptoms, she may be treated with a TRT regimen with a dosage that is calculated on her biochemical measurements.

Those who are affected by TD, man or woman, can safely benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to restore a more youthful condition of health.

Kingsberg Medical physicians are committed to improving the state of their patient’s health and will not jeopardize it with unnecessary medication. Side effects from authorized medications are generally dose-related; the physician’s careful method of ascertaining dosage needs combined with keeping a close watch on the patient help sidestep the potential of side effects.

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Side Effects of Too Much Testosterone

In women, the main side effect of too much testosterone is virilization, or the development of male characteristics such as a deeper voice, facial hair and male pattern baldness. Other side effects of too much testosterone include acne, hair loss, and an easy susceptibility to injury or addictive behavior like smoking or drinking too much. Excessive testosterone can also lead to intense aggression and involvement in antisocial behavior.

The blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA is what lets the physician know how far below normal the patient is in hormone levels and gives them a clear indication of the dosage that is needed to get the patient back in the normal range.

Legitimate physicians are not willing to prescribe any medication for any purpose that would involve overuse. Kingsberg Medical does not authorize TRT for professional athletes, body builders, or anyone who wishes to use the medicine for any recreational purpose.

Call and speak to a representative at (213) 340-7900 for more information regarding our prescribing policies and requirements, as well as information on the specific brands of medication we prescribe. The first item of business we will help you with is to schedule a blood test for testosterone levels in San Jose CA to see if you are a candidate for one of our treatment programs.

If you are an adult man or woman over the age of 35 and have been displaying any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned here, they could be the result of a testosterone deficiency – a recognized and treatable medical condition.