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Buy Testosterone Injections in San Jose CA to Treat Low T

Buy Testosterone Injections in San Jose CA

The androgen hormone testosterone is important to overall good health. It has influences on the body processes involving sexual health and performance (including fertility), the growth of muscle and bones, certain aspects of mental ability, energy, and moods.

Androgen deficiency, or low testosterone (low T) occurs when the body cannot make enough of the hormone to allow for normal body function. While this is not a life-threatening condition, it does impair the quality of a person’s daily life by limiting how well or for how long a person is able to accomplish even some of the smallest routine tasks, and by affecting a person’s mood and overall outlook.

Low T is now considered to be a fairly common problem in adults, especially men, although exact numbers are not known. Symptoms are largely nonspecific, and in most cases when medical attention is sought, treatment has been localized to the symptoms individually without consideration to the collective symptomology being part of one medical condition. For example, an adult will be treated for depression, or sleeping problems, or sexual dysfunction as their medical issue instead of each symptom being looked at as part of a bigger problem, especially if all symptoms are not mentioned. This causes low T to be underdiagnosed.

An adult cannot buy testosterone injections in San Jose CA to treat Low T unless a blood evaluation determines low levels and if that person is displaying symptoms.

After treatment, many men report increased energy, mood and sex drive.

Testosterone is vital for sexual function, as well as for memory, muscle health and energy levels. It has also been found to play a role in the reduction of heart disease.

Unfortunately, there is no general consensus as to what defines normal ranges of testosterone or what levels constitute deficiency between endocrinologists, clinical pathologists and urologist; without standardized definitions, patient evaluation and diagnosis needs to be made on an individual basis, using a combination of patient hormone levels combined with the presence of characteristic symptoms of Low T.

Even the range between federal and individual, specialized medical organizations, if averaged, is too wide. The rigid use of a standard cut-off value has a 50/50 chance of being effective in any way (and much less of a chance of being completely accurate). A patient medicated using this standard could lead either to unnecessary treatment or under-treatment.

For accurate deficiency diagnosing and precise dosage, one should only buy testosterone injections in San Jose CA as part of a full medical therapeutic program from licensed hormonal specialists.

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As with every regulated medication, an individual can experience side effect, even from the ones considered to be the most natural, like bio-identical testosterone injections.

The main way to avoid this potential is to buy testosterone injections in San Jose CA only from licensed physicians who prescribe legal medication.

Another way to keep the possibility of side effects at a minimum is to follow the doctor’s orders exactly. The physician prescribes dosages that are customized individually to each patient, to avoid the side effects that most often occur with doses that are too high.

Particularly with bio identical medicines, almost all cases of reported side effects have occurred under these circumstances and can include:

  • Acne and other skin rashes
  • Gynecomastia
  • Virilization (development of male characteristics in women, such as facial hair, male pattern baldness, and deepening of the voice)
  • Frequent awakenings from sleep
  • Mood swings (particularly intense aggression)
  • Infertility
  • Increased risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Unhealthy changes in cholesterol
  • Polycythemia (abnormal high red blood cell count).

The problem with side effects of testosterone over-use is that many of them are not reversible. Be safe; only buy testosterone injections in San Jose CA from hormone specialists who take special care in precise dosage amounts.

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Other Methods of Testosterone Administration

Testosterone injections are the superior form of administration, because the formulation is bio-identical (an exact copy of the naturally produced hormone) and therefore considered to be natural and safe.

A person who is looking to buy testosterone injections in San Jose CA may be attempted to be persuaded into using other formulations of the androgen.

The only other methods of administration medication supplied by Kingsberg Medical are the transdermal creams and gels, and only when injections are not an option.

Other methods include:

  • Transbuccal tablets – adhered inside the mouth for absorption through the cheek. These have a high possibility of accidental swallowing which can cause liver damage and be transferred through saliva to another person.
  • Oral tablets – Ingested testosterone has an extremely high rate of damaging the liver.
  • Implanted pellets – Painful surgical implants that are nearly impossible to reverse, eliminating the possibility of lowering dosage if side effects occur.

At Kingsberg Medical, our first priority is safety in treatment; for that reason we have limited our administrative modalities to the injections and transdermal methods. As stated above, we consider injectable medication to be the safest. You can buy testosterone injections in San Jose CA through our pharmacy with prescriptions from our physicians.