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HGH Clinics in San Jose CA Help Restore Youthful Health

HGH Clinics in San Jose CA

When the body ages, the pituitary gland cuts down on its production of GH causing degeneration of all the bodily functions associated with it. Basic cell metabolism slows down and physical and mental functionality does, as well. HGH clinics in San Jose CA help restore youthful health with replenishment programs designed to raise levels back to normal.

Hormones control a variety of biological processes by carrying instructions from over a dozen endocrine glands and tissues to cells throughout the body. There are more than 50 different types known, and they vary in their structure, action, and response. The doctors at HGH clinics in San Jose CA understand the interplay between the different varieties.

They travel in the blood or in the fluid around cells (interstitial fluid), regulating the cell’s activities by binding with protein receptors in or on the surface of the cells. The receptor influences the gene expression or alters the protein activity, depending on the message from the hormone, which will produce many different responses and/or long-term effects. The cells targeted for binding depend on the hormone; some are specific in their target areas, and others can bind with many cells throughout the body.

There are three known general structures of hormones:

  • Amino acid derivatives – water soluble and derived from amino acids; they bind protein receptors to the outside surface of the cell.
  • Steroid hormones – fat soluble; made from cholesterol. Estrogens, androgens and progesterones (the major sex hormones) are in this group. These hormones get into the nucleus of the cells and bind to specific receptors.
  • Polypeptide hormone – water soluble and consisting of long amino acid chains (up to 200 amino acids long). Prolactin, insulin and growth hormone belong to this group. They regulate lactation, growth, metabolism and reproduction.

These structures determine whether or not they circulate in the blood alone or if they bind to a protein, how they are broken down, and whether or not they bind to receptors inside or outside target cells (those that are water soluble usually bind on the outside of the cell, whereas those that are fat soluble can bind both inside and out).

When certain hormones are deficient, HGH clinics in San Jose CA can provide necessary treatment.

Growth hormone is the main hormone produced in the anterior pituitary gland. When it is secreted, it travels through the blood and circulates its message to many different target cells, stimulating the growth and regeneration of body cells.

Why is Hormone Replacement Therapy Necessary?

Growth hormone is considered to be the most essential hormone and is responsible for the metabolism and regeneration of cells. It is produced in its highest amounts during the formative years of the body to ensure proper growth and development of organs, bones, tissue and muscles, as well as maintaining their proper function.

After physical growth has peaked, it begins to slow down in its production as the body ages. The problem here is that should that decline happen too rapidly, normal functionality of certain body systems will begin to deteriorate. Internal organs will shrink, bones lose their density, the body’s immune function and ability to heal are compromised, cognition becomes impaired, moods become unstable, and a person’s general well-being suffers. HGH clinics in San Jose CA offer treatment programs that use natural bio identical hormones to replace what is missing.

When growth hormone levels are elevated back to their normal measures, maintenance and repair are restored. Conditions of ill health or wear and tear are corrected and the overall health of the individual is rejuvenated.

Kingsberg Medical has HGH clinics in San Jose CA that can help GH-deficient adults with prescribed therapeutic programs designed to improve health and vitality.

Results of HGH Studies and Clinical Trials

There have been many clinical trials and studies testing the benefits of HGH since 1989, when the first placebo-controlled trials of replenishment therapy were conducted on deficient adults. Studies were done on the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, how it is best diagnosed, which medicinal formulation was most effective, and how it is to be dosed.

Initial replacement therapy used injections cadaver-harvested growth hormone, which proved to be dangerous in later years. More studies and technological advances led to the creation of an injectable HGH created bio-identically to natural GH using recombinant DNA processing; this is the approved replacement medication used by HGH clinics in San Jose CA.

There is no set standard optimal dose of HGH; this medication dosage is based on full evaluation and assessment of the patient’s complete physical condition and personal history. The marked variability in individual biochemical and physical responses to subjects tested have prevented the setting of a standardized dose based on weight, age and gender.

One specific study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1996 showed different types of responses between men and women and between older and younger subjects. Another finding is that women have a higher secretion of GH than men of the same age.

These findings and more serve to underline the value of treating each patient individually.  HGH clinics in San Jose CA provide treatment for men and women with proven AGHD.

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Use and Abuse of HGH – What’s the Difference?

HGH is a molecularly identical copy of natural GH that duplicates all of the actions of the natural hormone. The body cannot differentiate between that which is created naturally and that which is injected. Too much or too little GH can cause specific symptoms, whether or not was produced endogenously or added exogenously.

An individual seeking treatment from HGH clinics in San Jose CA needs to have blood levels checked first, because no medication can be given out without medical need for it.

HGH has become an abused substance, not because of any addictive properties, but because of the side effect of abnormal muscle growth that occurs in overuse, making it a desired black-market commodity in the sporting industry with professional athletes and bodybuilders. The misconception here is that larger muscles mean more strength, which is not totally the case. Each and every person has a natural capacity of function; a GH deficiency limits that capacity and replacement therapy restores it to what it was – it does not increase the body’s full capability over what it could once do. The abnormal increase in muscle size is a side effect, the same as abnormal joint and bone growth when the hormone is present in excess. When the injections are abused and taken in large doses, these other side effects will occur as well, along with many others.

The doctors at HGH clinics in San Jose CA go out of their way to ensure that any dosage prescribed for a patient is in an amount specifically assessed to provide only what the patient needs for optimal replacement.