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HGH Therapy in San Jose CA Restores Low Levels Quickly

HGH Therapy in San Jose CA

Up until the age of about 35, most people live their lives with sufficiently balanced hormones. Age-related decline can start as early as puberty but not become symptomatic until later. All hormones decline with age, but the decline of GH in particular impairs the body’s ability to repair, heal, and rejuvenate itself adequately. As a result, disease and adverse health conditions become more prevalent.

It is thin that the body and mind begin to age. By that age of 35, levels are at only about 25% or more of childhood levels. With each decade passing, the decline can continue 15 to 20% more. HGH therapy in San Jose CA can help foster the body’s natural maintenance and reparative function which will slow down the progression of symptoms and can even reverse the damage accrued.

Is an unfortunate fact that hormonal decline begins slowly and imperceptibly, progressing stealthily until a certain threshold is crossed; symptoms seem to appear almost overnight. Without the instigation of another medical condition or reason to suspect deficiency, most adults are unaware of their condition until more than one symptom becomes apparent.

HGH therapy in San Jose CA restores low levels quickly for patients who are suffering the symptoms that accompany a GH imbalance by replenishing hormone levels to the measurements that were considered normal when the body was functioning optimally.

The beneficial changes that occur with replenishment therapy have been compared to a 10 to 20 year age reversal. Youth, energy and exuberance are commonly associated with good health; this is why the restored health and renewed vitality that is received from treatment is considered age-defying.

What qualifies a prospective patient for HGH therapy is a blood evaluation of hormonal deficiency. Without the legally required testing of the blood, no medication can be authorized.

What are the Benefits of HGH Therapy?

It is because the benefits of growth hormone replenishment and balancing are reminiscent of a youthful state of being that HGH injectable medication treatment has been compared to a fountain of youth. This is a slight misconception, however understandable.

HGH therapy in San Jose CA is sound, evidence-based medicine that is backed by numerous studies and clinical trials over the last half-century to combat the symptoms of hormone deficiency that were once considered to be merely the unfortunate symptoms of getting older.

Some of the many benefits of HGH replacement therapy include:

  • smoother, firmer skin
  • increase in muscle tone
  • improved growth of hair
  • loss of body fat
  • stronger bones
  • improved cognition and memory
  • enhanced sexual potency
  • stronger immune function
  • faster healing
  • improved mood and attitude
  • better cholesterol
  • improvements to the functions of the brain, heart, kidneys and lungs

The replenishment or supplementation of deficient levels of GH with HGH therapy in San Jose CA will restore optimal body function, slow down the aging process – which is actually deterioration related to hormonal decline – and improve quality of life.

Kingsberg Medical’s therapeutic regimens provide immediate and effective relief from symptomology. A six to twelve month treatment program is enough to reverse years of decline.

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What Causes Growth Hormone Deficiency?

By the time a person reaches the age of 40, his or her body may no longer produce enough GH to repair all of the damage a body can experience. This is a natural occurrence in everybody that happens after puberty, but how fast production of growth hormone diminishes is up to each patient and the chemical differences and environmental factors among them. HGH therapy in San Jose CA can restore lost and deficient GH to repair and restore the natural maintenance process and to reverse the process of age-related decline.

Any type of sickness or chronic condition will take away from a person’s quality of life; Adult Growth Hormone Disorder (AGHD) is no exception. Treatment for it prevents premature aging. Not every adult will suffer the same symptoms with the same severity. Some adults may not even be symptomatic until much later in life. This is because all of the minute differences that make up each individual’s unique chemical balance will affect hormone levels as well, since they are part of the body’s chemistry.

Environmental factors (even location), medications, other medical conditions, genetics, and lifestyle choices impact declining GH production.

HGH therapy in San Jose CA is clinically proven to have a positive impact on adverse health conditions caused by clinically low growth hormone levels.