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Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency in San Jose CA

Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency in San Jose CA

Millions of adults will suffer the effects of a growth hormone deficiency, yet many of them will not be treated because they do not recognize the symptoms as belonging to a medical condition. Having blood drawn to test for IGF-1 levels is the most effective way to diagnose this deficiency. Many people will not think to get a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA because they think it’s just a natural part of aging.

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) is recognized by the medical community as a treatable condition, but the symptoms are what most people would expect to occur when they get older, and therefore, they do not speak to their doctor about them.

Symptoms such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Central adiposity (added midsection weight)
  • Physical weakness, decreased exercise capacity
  • Reduced vitality
  • Thinning hair
  • Vision impairment
  • Sleep disorders
  • Flabby muscles and weaker bones
  • Low immunity
  • High LDL cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Lack of sexual interest
  • Slow healing

These symptoms are often passed off as normal, or attributed to family traits, genetics, career responsibilities and such. It is always best to take a personal assessment of symptoms and report all of them to your doctor. Even the symptoms that may be considered minor can be part of a cluster of symptoms indicative of something bigger.

Hormone specialists at Kingsberg Medical know the signs to look for that could indicate AGHD and will schedule a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA first, before making an official diagnosis.

Doctors Who Prescribe HGH Injections

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), hormone specialists are the best. General practitioners do not provide regular screening for these issues and will not unless it is requested. If the patient does not disclose all of his or her symptoms, the doctor will likely not look to the possible issues of hormone deficiency first.

A discerning physician can guess that certain symptoms point to a hormonal imbalance and can recommend a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA, but not if he is unaware of them. Another problem in the missed diagnosis of AGHD is the general practitioner’s focus. If an adult has many of these symptoms yet they are not all directly related, he may be inclined to treat symptoms individually.

For example, it is expected for a person with a high-pressure job who works long hours to have sleeping problems, stress and anxiety. The physician’s first diagnosis may involve directly treating the sleeping disorder or prescribing medication to stabilize moods. The problem here is that many medications for these problems are often addictive and have side effects, and they will not correct the main problem.

AGHD is a condition that attacks stealthily; symptoms begin small and increase over time. The worst thing about it is that the potential for further health issues like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and even Alzheimer’s disease and dementia develop and progress without largely noticeable signs. Early detection of this condition is key.

Call Kingsberg Medical today to arrange a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA at one of our local facilities.

How are Growth Hormone Levels Measured?

Growth hormone cannot be measured with just one blood sample; its secretion occurs in spurts in differing amounts. Physicians have a couple of options in their choice of a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA. The obvious would be to directly test GH levels with multiple blood draws over the period of a couple of days, but this isn’t very practical for most people.

One available test is a GH stimulation test that uses insulin or arginine injections to force a reaction from the pituitary gland. This procedure involves an IV and requires blood to be drawn before and after the substance is injected.

The easiest lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA is the IGF-1 measurement. Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 is a hormone produced in the liver when stimulated by the secretion of growth hormone. The amounts of IGF-1 secreted are equal to the amounts of GH produced and it stays in the bloodstream longer.

Measuring IGF-1 levels is not subject to the same considerations that the GH stimulation test is subject to, such as patient medications or illnesses that could interfere with the accuracy of the reading. St. John’s wort, a common herbal remedy for depression and tiredness – and one that many people do not report to a doctor about taking – can interfere with a GH stimulation test.

Kingsberg Medical physicians can get an accurate GH reading from an IGF-1 test if the patient is otherwise healthy. Once in a while they may recommend a stimulation test if there appears to be a reason, or to ensure the diagnosis of AGHD.

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What is the Cost of HGH Therapy?

Two main questions about HGH therapy involve the price of treatment and the question of insurance coverage. For insurance information, the patient needs to speak directly with his or her insurance agent; many insurers have specific boundaries or requirements regarding HRT.

Total cost of treatment cannot be assessed until after the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA has verified the condition and the doctor has prescribed the medication. There is no standard practice for the dosage of replenishment therapy. Each person’s biochemical makeup is unique to them, and prescriptions are dispensed individually.

No two individuals, even if they are the same gender, weight and age would be expected to have the same prescription. Body chemistry is individual, and that includes hormonal balance.

After the patient has submitted to the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in San Jose CA, after the physician has made his diagnosis and prescribed medication dosage and duration, and after the brand of medication is chosen during the consultation between the physician and the patient, the cost can be added up.

The patient has a say in the medication, or, more specifically, the administration device. All of our medicines are top quality, safe and highly effective, but each brand manufacturer has their own patented injection devices that the patient can select.