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Testosterone Clinics in San Jose CA Can Restore Vitality

Testosterone Clinics in San Jose CA

Testosterone deficiency (TD) affects five to eight million men in the United States. Onset of TD can begin at any time during a person’s life, and the problems caused by this deficiency vary depending on when it starts. During fetal development it can result in underdeveloped sex organs; during puberty it can affect growth of sex organs and development of typical male characteristics. Pediatric specialists, urologists and endocrinologists help treat early onset TD.

TD in adults can be treated by specialists at testosterone clinics in San Jose CA. It can happen in adults from primary and secondary sources. Primary being the failure of the testicles and ovaries in producing the hormone, Klinefelter’s syndrome (extra X chromosomes), testicular injury, side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, diabetes, and the body’s overproduction of iron. Secondary causes are failure that starts in the hypothalamus or pituitary glands, obesity, inflammatory diseases, HIV/AIDS, and certain medications.

Aging can also cause primary TD, with complications that include:

  • Bone and muscle weakness
  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Anemia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Decreased libido
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of motivation
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Sexual impairment
  • Infertility.

Adult onset deficiency that is caused by aging can be improved and reversed with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which replaces missing hormones with lab-created, molecularly duplicate substitutes.

Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone clinics in San Jose CA offer treatment to men and women with age-related testosterone deficiency.

Our doctors conduct a full medical evaluation on each patient, including a blood test, before making a diagnosis. Dosage of medication and duration of treatment is assessed on an individual analysis and not meted out according to any standard scale. TRT medication can only be provided if blood values are low in addition to the patient being symptomatic.

What is the Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Cost is a major issue for any endeavor, and medicinal treatment is no exception.

Not all medications have a standardized dosage and dose-duration. Unlike a common 10-day dose of amoxicillin that is often prescribed for ear infections based on the patient’s age and weight, hormone replacement therapy does not have that same structure.

Ethical testosterone clinics in San Jose CA are not at liberty to offer a direct price quote for TRT upon request, because prescriptions written for each individual are designed exclusively to that person.

Chemical makeup is a unique aspect to each individual. There are many factor that influence this infrastructure. Age, weight (including body mass index), gender, and genetics are the most obvious, but there are others that lend to even the tiniest difference in that balance. Current physical conditions, past medical history (personal and family), medications currently being taken, lifestyle habits (sleep, exercise, nutrition, smoking, drug and alcohol use), and even geographical location (environmental toxins differ by geography) add to the makeup of the body chemistry.

How Do I Know if I Need Testosterone?

There is a large assortment of symptoms that can display as a result of TD. None of them are so specific that they only point to that condition, and most of them are also symptoms of other medical issues.

Some of the symptoms are even so common that most people don’t consider them to be indicative of a medical problem until they are chronic or consistent, such as sleep problems, fatigue, or mood disturbances. Many times, these so-called minor aggravations are brushed aside with excuses that have to do with a stressful job, trying family situation, a bad night’s sleep and overindulgence in physical activity or alcohol.

The physicians at testosterone clinics in San Jose CA are trained to take into consideration even the smallest ‘nuisance’ conditions as part of a collective group.

For the most part, the main group of people who would first look into testosterone imbalances are men who are having sexual problems; that stands to reason, since testosterone is well-known to be a primary male sex hormone.

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How Can Testosterone Therapy Improve My Life?

Our bodies’ hormone production is at its highest during puberty. This is when we experience the highest levels energy, the most enthusiasm, the brightest outlook, the most consistent good health, and have a high amount of sexual energy.

Things change as we grow older. All of those youthful qualities that we had in abundance slow down. We are not as energetic or enthusiastic, our health conditions consist of good and bad days, and even our sexual vigor has calmed somewhat. This is a direct result of the natural decline in testosterone, one of the main hormones that maintained the higher vitality.

Medicinal therapy regimens from testosterone clinics in San Jose CA are designed to re-elevate those levels back to when our enjoyment and physical and mental capacity were at their highest.

Think about what that could do to your life. How would extra energy affect each day? How would added enthusiasm allow you to look ahead into the future? If you weren’t sick or suffering certain symptoms all of the time, how would your life be different – what more would you, could you do?

What would added sexual energy and stamina add to your romantic partnership?

Answer these questions and you will know just how replenishment therapy from testosterone clinics can be an incredible bonus.

These benefits are only gained if a testosterone deficiency is present; the only way to find out if this is your problem is to submit to a blood test and physical examination for a full assessment and diagnosis.