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Testosterone Therapy in San Jose CA Supports Good Health

Testosterone Therapy in San Jose CA

Low testosterone or testosterone deficiency (Low T or TD) is responsible for a decline in health in many adult men and women, because the hormone is required to support many mental and physical body functions. The only real treatment for this recognized medical condition is testosterone therapy in San Jose CA.

Without an adequate supply of testosterone, an adult may become depressed, lose motivation and enthusiasm, have difficulty concentrating, and notice a waning interest in sex. Thanks to late-night commercials, illegal sporting use, and general confusion about hormone replacement therapy, treatment for low T is controversial and misunderstood. Many don’t fully understand that since low T is a legitimate medical condition, doctor-prescribed testosterone therapy in San Jose CA is the only method of treating it effectively.

Adults suffering with the symptoms of TD may notice the following changes:

  • changes in cholesterol levels
  • an increased body fat
  • a decrease in muscle mass and loss of strength
  • thinning hair
  • weakened bones
  • mood disorders like depression and irritability
  • lack of focus; inability to concentrate
  • poor sleep quality
  • anemia
  • weaker bones prone to fracture
  • loss of sex drive and hampered sexual function

Many of these issues are real health concerns and can lead to more serious conditions such as diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and increased cardiovascular risk.

Kingsberg Medical has treated thousands of patients whose successful outcomes have proven that testosterone therapy in San Jose CA supports good health. With medically supervised programs, patients experience a cessation and reversal of the negative symptoms. This is what the balancing of chemical levels can accomplish.

The beneficial results of therapy are documented in trials and tests conducted on subjects in do-prescribed programs. One thing to note is that improper use of treatment medication – use without medical authorization – can result in side effects that are more serious than that of deficiency. Possible side effects of injections mostly due to overuse can include:

  • male breast enlargement
  • sleep apnea
  • fluid retention
  • nocturia (frequent night time urination)
  • acne
  • a decrease in testicular size
  • infertility
  • virilization in women

With proper use of the medication, these side effects are not common. Do not embark on any type of medicinal regimen without proper authorization and approval from a doctor.

Pros and Cons of Different Testosterone Replacement Methods

While there would appear to be quite a few methods of testosterone administration, for testosterone therapy in San Jose CA, Kingsberg Medical only provides the following to their patients:

  • Intramuscular injections – Pros include weekly or biweekly administration, easy home administration, and efficiency; the primary downside to these is the fact that some people have trepidation about needles – especially when self-administrating.
  • Topical gels and Creams – Pros of these are consistent levels with daily application, easy home administration, and needle avoidance; the downside is the potential for transference of the medicine to another person from direct contact with the skin or clothing/bed sheets.

Some establishments offer testosterone therapy in San Jose CA that uses pills or pellet formulations. Testosterone in pill form can cause chemical-driven liver damage (hepatotoxicity). Pellet treatment involves implanting pellets under the skin in the hip area, leaving them there to dissolve and release the medication slowly over a six-month period.

The problem with pellets is that there is no time-release mechanism that controls the rate of how fast the pellets dissolve and release; studies (through blood measurements during the course of the testing subject’s treatment) that the pellets can dissolve after two months, releasing a higher amount of medication at the beginning of the therapeutic regimen and less by the end. There is no way to regulate the rate so that the medicine is disbursed evenly for the duration of six months.

Another method is through tablets that adhere high on the inside of the inner cheek near the incisors, called transbuccal tablets. Although their administration route as is bypasses the liver, accidental swallowing can occur, with the same resulting liver damage. This can also put the medication in the saliva, resulting in transference to a romantic partner.

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How to Get Legal Testosterone Therapy

There are legal requirements in the prescribing and use of testosterone medication. Before making any purchase, it is wise to learn how to get legal testosterone therapy in San Jose CA.

Certain medications are regulated and controlled by the federal government; this includes all aspects of the medication, from the pharmaceutical manufacturer, to the provider, and to the user. Each has a clearly defined responsibility regarding the making, dispensation, and usage of these medicines.

For bio identical testosterone injections, the manufacturer must adhere to an exact manufacturing process; the licensed physician must conduct certain diagnostic testing to ensure that the patient qualifies for use; and the patient needs to go through the proper channels to obtain it and follow physician usage and dosage instructions to the letter.

The reason behind these strident regulations has everything to do with consumer safety. All of the safety tests conducted were under certain parameters of manufacture and use. Maintaining those parameters all the way through, from engineering to usage, ensures the same safe results as concluded by the clinical trials and testing.

Following all legal protocols is how Kingsberg Medical delivers testosterone therapy in San Jose CA. Our consistently effective results and patient satisfaction have to do with the care the physicians take for each patient; the patient’s safety in our programs is doubly backed by our adherence to legal regulations.